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Bleach Chapter 592: Marching Out The Zombies 3

Chapter 592: Marching Out The Zombies 3
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So, Ikkaku and Yumichika are pretty shocked to see the zombified Toshiro. I am not so much, since the last time we saw Toshiro he was pretty much knocked out after his Bankai revival making him an easy target. The only thing bugging me a little is that apperently, he/she had the time to dress him up all nice and Quincy. Something she did not do for the random Shinigami or even Bambietta.

Anyway, the life- and emotionless Toshiro strikes down the two remaing 11th squad members with ease. Stabbing Ikkaku in the back to finish him off after taking out one of his legs. Yumicka doesn’t last much longer before he gets struck down.


Mayuri calmly observes the zombies movements noting that he moves exactly the same way as he did when he was alive. He quickly notes that Toshiro was made a zombie whilst being alive.

Giselle acknowledges Mayuri¬†assessment to which Mayuri calls out to him/her asking where the fun is in controlling a someone with no will or consciousness. Giselle does not find him/herself a sadist so she doesn’t have an answer.

One of the Arrancar jumps in underestimating Toshiro strength and gets struck down easily much to Mayuri anger. The captain does however keeps his Arrancar subject alive but decides to leave him there on the verge of death.


Mayuri goes on a bit of a chat toward Toshiro realizing the way Toshiro is he doesn’t really ‘hear’ him talk.

But short story short. Mayuri is very exited and eager to try about a myriad of drugs he wants to try out on dear Toshiro for the ‘sake’ of Sereitei.

3 Responses

  1. I don’t get it, why didn’t Bambietta just kill Toshiro first, and then zombified him?

  2. @Darth

    She said that he wouldn’t move the same way, and be as nimble. She said the dead ones are more stiff, and they actually keep part of their personalities. The living ones can be brought under total mental control. Which seems like it should be the other way around, but it’s not my story.

  3. You know maybe that he/she’s blood is like a virus. If so, all Mayuri has to do is find a “cure” which may bring Hitsugaya back. Just a theory. The way Mayuri fight’s I’m pretty sure this will be very entertaining and painful.

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