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Bleach Chapter 590 : March out The Zombies

Chapter 590: Marching Out the Zombies
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Sorry I missed out on last week. But I here for this one. OUr friendly benign Shinigami scientist has arrived and has set is eyes to the possibly male, female quincy Giselle(You still following me)

His is still donned in his sunshine suit and eventually turns down the light


The first interesting thing is that Zombie Bambietta can speak as she wants something from Giselle, not sure what though. Giselle slaps Bambietta but then promises to let Bambietta have what she wants after this is over.

Giselle is no charmed by Mayuri looking down on her and makes Bambietta attack. They dodge the first attack and then use pokeballs to contain the reishi turned the balls into timed charges actually blasting Bambietta to hell.

Giselle lets Bambietta take the explosion, and it seems the former sternritter is out for the time being, i am not sure if the zombies contain regenerative abilities as I don’t think that has been shown yet.


Giselle calls forth her army of Zombiefied Shinigami troopers, I reckon they are troops from the 11th squad seeing as Yumichika regonizes several of them. It may simply be a mismatch of random troopers though.

Mayuri, the compassionate and benevolent… (ooohhh…k?) says it would cause him too much duress to spill their blood. Instead he shows of his latest toys.

Revived, rebuilt, upgraded.. who knows what he did to them, but these are the four her ‘saved’ from Szayelaporro Granz back in Hueco Mundo


From left to right,

Charlotte Chuhlhourne – Defeated by Yumichika

Luppi Antenor – Killed by Grimmjow after the latter got his nr6 back.

Cirucci Sanderwicci – Former top 10 Espada, defeated by Ishida

Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio – Former top 10 Espada, defeated by Ichigo

I wonder if they are under direct control of Mayuri. It clear they have been worked on as you can see the scars on their bodies. Luppi seems as bored as ever and Charlotte still feels fabulous.

14 Responses

  1. Thanks for the review pretend3r!

    I like the way Mayuri fights. He makes things so interesting. I just wonder what sick way he will end Giselle? That arrancar that he fought in Hueco Mundo is still probably waiting to feel Mayuri’s blade pierce his heart!

    I wasn’t expecting the arrancar to be working for Mayuri! Like pretend3r said, I believe to that they have been upgraded to some degree. I’m surprised Mayuri was even capable of bringing arrancar back in the first place.

    A few comments:

    It was good to see Yoruichi. It will be fun seeing her fight at the SP.

    The way the story is going, it looks like Aizen may not be apart of this last arc. With Ichigo and company going to SP I don’t see how or why he would be apart of helping SS. (Unless my bankai theory is right!)

    Sword person in Hueco Mundo? TK shouldn’t have bought it up knowing people will be wondering who it is.

    It’s strange that Yhwach knows so much about SS and even knows about zero squad. Even though Yhwach knows the zero squad, it appears that the zero squad doesn’t know him in the same way. (Or so it would seem.)

    Will we ever get to see if TK made a mistake on the eyepatch of Shunsui the current commander? (Pointed out by pretend3r)

    Will we find Yachiru? Will Kenpachi fight again?

    Still have a lot of unanswered questions. Looking forward to the next chapter.

  2. @immortal

    I still think it was Grimmjaw in Hueco Mundo.

    I’m pretty sure Yachiru was a manifestation of Kenpachi’s imagination and latent power.

    Aizen still could show up. He and Ichigo would make an awesome tag team.

    I still think Yuwach may have been either the soul king, friend of the soul king, or guard of the soul king before this set of guards. They may have even been co-rulers that came to a disagreement on how things should have been run, thus how quincy and shinigami got created. May have been a hollow ruler as well.

  3. When I mentioned the hollow ruler, I meant a total of three. One shinigami, one hollow, and one quincy.

  4. UTI: Yeah I agree it is probably Grimmjow. I was just wondering when he will get to be apart of the battle? With the way the story is going, (Ichigo and company going to SP) how will Grimmjow have a relevant appearance in the current arc? Now that I think about it, maybe Kisuke will sneak Grimmjow into the SP in order to help out? Just trying to figure out how that would work.

    I also feel the same about Aizen. I’m just wondering how he would be apart of the story considering the direction it is going in.

    As far a Yachiru is concern, I’m up in the air on what happen. Apart of me is saying that she is dead alone with the 4th division lieutenant Isane. The problem I have with Yachiru being a manifestation of Kenny’s power (which would be cool by the way) is the fact that she has a separate ability from his. She has her on zanpaktou and her spiritual release color is pink. (In the anime.) Another thing is why did she leave her clothes? You would think if she was a manifestation of kenny, the clothes will go with her, similar to zangetsu. Maybe Yachiru was just so happy to see Kenny with his new power that she by extreme joy jump out of her clothes. LOL! That would be weird.

    Do you think Ichigo’s and Uryuu dads will join the fray?

    Note: I just looked at Bleach chapter 577 (pg14-15) when Kenny call the command for his zanpaktou and said the name. Yachiru was looking on remembering the day the met for the first time. Maybe after he said the name of his sword, she disappeared. That brings more credibility to Yachiru being a manifestation of Kenny’s power.

    Now the next question then, where is Isane?

    Thanks for the dialogue UTI.

  5. Whoops I made a few mistakes:

    “Apart of me is saying that she is dead alone with the 4th division lieutenant Isane.”

    It should read:

    PART of me is saying that she is dead ALONG with the 4th division lieutenant Isane


    Yachiru was looking on remembering the day THEY met for the first time.

  6. @immortal

    Anytime man.

    Also, I think Isane is in the rubble somewhere with the captains that were laying in the bed.

    I think the dad’s will get involved when the main battle with Yuwach starts.

  7. @pretender3r
    You don’t know what bambietta was asking for??
    You you… hypocritic liar!
    Well reverend,am sure all she wanted was a ‘lollipop’ from daddy
    Welcome back by the wuay missed your review

  8. with yumchika, zombie girl,gay looking arrancars
    This is an interestingly selected group,whats gonna be the title of next chapter anyway
    Tranny’s battle??
    Shemale rumble?

  9. WTF hitsugaya noooo

  10. Yeah I assumed Bambietta wanted like dicks or something, idk. It’s nice to see these arrancar in action again, but it’s kinda lame that nobody seems to actually die in this series.

  11. Damn, hitsugaya has been zombified. Chances are pretty high that he’s dead, or will be after this.

  12. Quincies are completely useless against hollows. A simple cero blast could kill them off.

  13. @Darth

    I think it was mentioned that only quincies had to die to become zombies. Hence him having to kill Bambietta. The rest just need the blood to touch them.

  14. Apparently, zombie Hitsuguya is better than normal Hitsuguya, lol.

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