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Naruto Chapter 686: Those that remain and those that pass on

Go Obito?

Click here to read the chapter

Enjoy this weeks Naruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section.

6 Responses

  1. It’s been awhile since I last post. The reason being is simply because I had writers block. (Well in this case posters block). I didn’t really have anything to say but now I’m back to post again!!

    Naruto- Looks like this is it for Obito. Our never say die Uchiha has survive more near death encounters than a Goku from Dragon ball! Just like Kish had to do, Obito had to go out by sacrifice. It’s strange seeing a character go from cool Uchiha, to mysterious cool villain, to revealed not so cool villain, to now reformed back to original cool Uchiha. Very strange indeed.

    I don’t know about you all but the SOSP is kinda lame to me now. When he was all mysterious, he was awesome. Now he just seems weird and out of place. However I guess his appearance now was necessary for Naruto and Sasuke power up.

    One question, do you think Kakashi will get Obito’s sharingan? In my mind, I doubt it.

    One piece- So it would seem that Sai (from Naruto) is trying out for One piece ( Evening Rain Kanjuro) with that drawing ability of his. I’m still hoping Oda shows more of the fight between Sabo and Fujitora. Zoro is freaking epic eh? Showing off them sword skills. I wonder were are Sanji and Chopper?

  2. @Immortal

    I hope so, but I lean towards no. I think Kishi wants Obito’s body to be complete for a lack of better terms, before he goes.

  3. Obito seemingly dies again,for the hundredth time. I’m gonna jump of a cliff now, if obito survives his body being desiccated and crumbles into tiny pieces of nothing

    Bleach-kubo is awesomely mad..making bamby-chan say all those thing,Damn I nearly got nose bleeds. Now I really wanna know,fuck quincy king vs soul king,fuck ichigo’s new sword.is that zombie a dude chick or tranny.?.

  4. @gentle,

    The zombie master is an okama.

  5. And just last week I was complaining about how hard it was to kill obito off too lol

  6. Did Obito ever apologize to the Minato? If he didn’t, he may survive this somehow. LOL!

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