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Naruto Chapter 685 : Everything i’ve got!

Go Sakura?

Click here to read the chapter

Enjoy this weeks Naruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section.

7 Responses

  1. Really awesome chapters this week from sakura stripping scene and at last getting sasuke to look at her to chad question’bout inoue boobies
    I think both kubo and kishi recently got their asses shot with cupid arrows or something,kubo must have O.D on cupid shots though cuz he’s recent chapters were officialy R-rated(not that its a bad thing)

  2. Obito’s unbelievable sometimes. He survived half his body being crushed at a young age. He constantly spammed kamui most of his life, he used the rebirth technique, survived the extraction of the tailed beasts (twice), resisted both Madara and Zetsu and now he’s using kamui to access other people’s dimension, and just now started bleeding. Kakashi wished he had his stamina.

  3. It seems like different rinnegan abilities varies from user to user.

  4. I’ve always found it so amazing how once you get some new eyes, you automatically know what your new power is. It’s like you get a new eye manual once you get an upgrade.

  5. I can see the infomercial now…..

    “So you got new Sharingan or Rinnegan eyes, and you wonder what new visual jutsu you have now? No worries because we have you covered with your very on personalized ‘Eye Manual’. You won’t even need to practice using your new technique(s) at all. Just wait until the enemy has you in the corner, you are trapped in an alternate, need access to an alternate dimension, or are surrounded by an uncountable amount of enemies. Then just randomly use your new jutsu to escape or save the day. There is only one requirement though, once you use your new jutsu, you must wait until everyone is standing there looking in awe at your harrowing heroics, and say this catchphrase ‘I have the power to do (insert details of new jutsu here). This is my ability. ‘ And there you have it. The upgrade will be complete. And all this is yours for the low price of causing all the manga readers to be shocked and confused at how you so effortlessly used that jutsu for the first time with such without ever practicing it, and after just receiving it only 20 minutes ago. Enjoy!”

  6. @UTI

    Shame that, unlike Madara, Sasuke didn’t take advantage of the buy ‘buy two, get one free’ special.

  7. @Darth

    In order to qualify for that special, you had to buy the Senju/Uzumaki dna addition kit. This gives you the quick swap eye ability.

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