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Naruto Chapter 684 : We Must Kill him

Good chapter, Naruto is very crafty.

Click here to read the chapter

Enjoy this weeks Naruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section.

12 Responses

  1. Kayuga should start switching over to basic form of attacking rather than constantly changing the environment. She’s being too reckless.

  2. I think Narutos clones are now real instead of just Shadow clones… thats why Naruto’s “real” body could be killed…

  3. @mattmaru…..that’s a good idea,maybe clones done in s06p mode are not just divisions of chakra but live flesh bones and soul. Scary!…but then again two so6p clones ran out of chakra and disappeared like the customary ones. Its either that or naruto is dead and if he manages to knowingly trick his way out of this one, that would have to put him on shikamaru level of intelligence,curious to see how things turn out next week

  4. @Mattmaru
    Kayuga probably killed a clone and accidentally thought that it was the real one. She only assume that the one that past through the portal was the real one and not a clone. It’s more realistic to believe that Kayuga and black Zetsu got duked by a Naruto clone.

  5. Similar to how Naruto duped Neji during the chunin exams. twice.

  6. @Everybody I have an idea of how Naruto pulled off his diversion. Before he made his move, Kurama told Naruto that he “refined” his chakra. Because Naruto was also making shadow clones at the time, Kurama’s work may naturally have transferred to all of the clones. Faced with that situation, even someone with advanced ocular jutsu, like Kaguya, might have trouble distinguishing Naruto’s “real body” from the clones. I understand what you all were saying about the SOSP, but I do not that how Naruto’s plan worked out had anything to do with the Sage’s chakra. Most of the credit goes to Naruto’s great skill at improvising plans and the incredible trust his teammates (e.g. the tailed beasts) put in him.

  7. There’s a better idea. Naruto can create new limbs and temporarily bring someone back to life. He could be using that same power to recreate a clone that temporary has the same living flesh as the real one. By doing so, he tricked Kayuga and black Zetsu in thinking that the clone was the real one.

  8. And this allowing obito to use kamui to enter her domain and get sasuke

  9. Very clever of Sasuke to use his technique to switch places with Sakura’s damaged jacket.

    No surprise Sakura survived the Acid trip. Tsuande still drew breath after being cut in half after all. For a second though I thought she was part Namieken lol

    I see what happened. The only reason that Naruto clone managed to stay instead of disappearing like some of the others that went through was because that clone came with Obito and Sakura which made it easier. The rest had to go through the hard way, hitching a ride with Kaguya, which was too much for them and disappeared. Kaguya assumed that since that Naruto clone didn’t disappear then it must be the real one. She also assumed that was one of the Naruto’s that to hitched a ride with her, instead of Obito and Sakura. She was mistaken on both counts. Naruto’s real body never went to the other dimension.

    What is this special announcement next week? Wonder if it has anything to do with it being Sasuke’s birthday next week lol

  10. Sasuke and Naruto just had birthdays. It was when Obito and BIG MAGNUM were riding on the juubi. Well it was Naruto’s birthday then, so that meant Sasuske’s was the day before.

  11. Sasuke’s birthday is on july 23. Naruto’s in October.

  12. @Darth, after doing some research. It seems you are right. It just seemed like the meeting between their mothers set it up like they would only be a few days apart.

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