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Bleach Chapter 588: The Headless Star 7

Chapter 588: The Headless Star 7
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We start this chapter with the view from the Zero squad as the three Quincy force their way onto the welcome platform. They don’t look too threatened by the unwanted entry.

It begs me to wonder a bit how the Jwach obtained all this knowledge about the workings of the Soul Palace and its inhabitants since it does seems like it’s the first ever visit of the king.

Haschwalt apologizes for showing a slight hint of emotion. Could it be that this man might have history here? This short scene leaves me wondering a bit.

Haschwalt opens a gate to the VanderReich dimension and a small squad of goons flood in ready to attack the palace grounds. However with a quick entry the first of the Zero squad arrives on the scene.


Kirinji Tenjirou slaps the goons upside down and makes a pretty flashy entry, the light bouncing of his greased up hair.

The King is indeed very well-informed and seems to get a bit exited to battle the Zero squad. Tenjirou calls forth a big volume of water, probably the same water he used to heal the Shinigami and it murders all the goons quite brutally, boiling them to death. Ofcourse the power King, Haschwalt and Ishida are probably too strong to be affected by it(seeing how ichigo and Renji weren’t either)

He unsheathed his Zankpaktou Kinpika (gilded Splendor) and goes straight for the attack. I like the fact that this guy doesn’t waste time on taking the fight onto the invaders.

In the meantime back down below it seems the Shinigami are doing well enough as Ikkaku and Yumichika can take their sweet time talking to the Zombie Queen Giselle Gewelle‎. They are wise to her taunting realizing she want them to cut her up, which of course is how she takes control of her subjects, her blood spraying on others.

Yumichika makes another observation about the supposed queen of the dead.


He’s a boy. THe dragqueen of the dead apparently reeks like semen(according to the mangastream translation). Either pissed off because he’s wrong (or right) he/she calls out her former ‘leader’ Bambietta now zombified.

Now Yumichika’s zanpaktou would be the ideal tool to take care of Giselle. Question is, will be actually do it since he doesn’t want to show it to ikkaku or his captain.

Bambietta but be fun to play with for Ikkaku.

5 Responses

  1. I believe the 2 Kings may have met somewhere in the past. They both have to had started out somewhere to build up their own seperate kingdoms. The shiningamis and quienceys have too much of a history from their constant battles. There has to be a point in time in which they both have came across one another.

  2. How come it takes 20 chapters for ichigo to come down from soul palace and it takes 2 pages for the king and crew to go up……@nss7 I don’t think the king goes as far back as soul king,the king is probably age mates with yamamoto

  3. @sannins
    The Quincy King used a strong means of transportation when there was a giant hole in the sky. That only took the King a chapter or two to reach the Soul Palace. Ichigo took 20+ chapters because he was ripping through a powerful barrier. That slowed his travel time quite a bit.

  4. What if Haschwalt was the former soul king?

  5. I could definitely see Haschwalt being a former Zero squad member, but not the soul king. Mainly because as far as we have been told the soul king has always existed to keep the balance, that of which the quincy’s seem to have a desire to destroy. I think The quncy king is looking to destroy the current universe and replace it with his own, and obviously with himself as god.

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