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Bleach Chapter 587: The Headless Star 6

Chapter 587: The Headless Star 6
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After a new color front where Inoue gets another turn showing of her cleavage. WE start back where we were before, only this time Ichigo yells out to Ishida, his Quincy friend seemingly ignoring his cries.

You can see the three Quincy blast up toward Soul Society. They still must need a tremendous amount of force to get there as a huge blast that blows a large part of Soul Society to rubble. Inoue and Chad block Ichigo from foolishly chasing Ishida to his death.


Inoue tries to be light-hearted to help Ichigo calm down a bit , but Chad has a better idea and picks up his friend and throws him into a building. And then he start his comforting speech to his Shinigami friend, and Ishida is getting a few compliments in that speech.

Anyway, Chad’s speech helps Ichigo calm down after which Urahara was his entry, and of course knows a way to get inside… But.. why don’t they run to Shiba Kuukaku with her cannon. But maybe with what the Quincy have done, they might not be able to get out.

And ofcourse, Urahara needs 60 minutes to get it prepared. Which should give the King, Haschwalt and Ishida and the Zero Squad some time to play with each other.

In the meantime however Rukia and Renji are still battling the 8 Quincy but still noticed Ishida’s presence. I love the little exchange between REnji and Bazz-B about hair and eyebrows before he fires uses four fingers for her next attack after Renji made fun of his majestic mohawk.


It looks pretty neat and judging by the blast, pretty goddang powerful.

Lastly though this week we see indeed only the King and the other two arrive on the landing platform in the King’s Palace immediately wrecking the scenery. I’m sure it’s just for dramatic effect.

I hope we get to see some proper battles between these three and the Zero Squad + the army of Zanpaktou Oetsu has. And maybe to lady can throw some big-ass rice balls at their faces.

3 Responses

  1. I know Ichigo has worlds to save and seeing Ishida with the enemy is kind of a shocker, but I refuse to believe he didn’t give even the slightest thought to orihime’s outfit.

  2. Going to be interesting watching the 3 top Quincey go up against the zero squad. Ichigo is probaby going to spend the hour he have waiting in soul society to lend a hand in helping the shiningami against the 8 Sterriter.

  3. @darthuchiha
    Well, he might have. Chad did throw him into a building, maybe a new way of avoiding Inoue seeing Ichigo’s growing boner.

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