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Naruto Chapter 683 : I had the same dream as You

NAruto is out once more.

Click here to read the chapter

Enjoy this weeks Naruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section.

31 Responses

  1. Obito suddenly got both his eyes back even though the sage mother has the other one in her possession.

  2. I think when naruto saved obito he also replaced his original eyes, similar to what he did with kakashi’s eyes

  3. @Hellfire86
    Naruto healed Kakashi’s eye because it was damage. Obito shouldn’t have gotten his other eye back since it was missing and stolen from Madara and eventually ended up in the sage mother’s possession. The sage mother has Obito’s eye so Obito getting a new identical eye doesn’t add up.

  4. @nss
    I think Naruto has yin/yang release healing powers so can heal and create new things that originally were part of your DNA.

  5. @UchihaTheInfamos
    His healing powers are becoming more and more like the rinnegan regenerational powers of bringing the dead back to life. Naruto healing powers doesn’t consist of both Yin/Yang. Sasuke has the other half of the power.

  6. Chapter 676 shows Obito with his left eye and Chapter 665 shows him with his right eye… so in for Madara to come back from Obito space time jutsu he gave his eye to the black zestu as shown in 676… so Naruto never recovered his eye…

  7. Kakashi’s eye wasnt damaged and then Naruto just repaired it. Madara took the eye from him, he only had one eye at that point. Naruto somehow gave him a a new eye (not literally). And the new eye kakashi has isnt a sharingan because he wasnt born with one and the eye he lost wasnt his to begin with, it was obito’s.Kakashi was born with eyes incapable of ocular jutsu and thats the eye he was given back by naruto. Naruto’s power somehow allows him to restore life and parts of the body as we’ve seen on three occasions now with gai, kakashi and now obito.

  8. @fastninjaa
    Kakashi had two eyes in his right side. One was a sharingan and the other was his sliced/damaged original eye. Madara took his sharingan eye and left him with the damage eye which is the one he was originally born with before a kunai sliced through it. The one Naruto healed was his damaged eye. For Obito however, he does not have his original sharingan eye on one side. It was in Kakashi possession until Madara stole it. And then the sage mother took over Madara’s body along with Obito’s sharingan eye. Naruto healing Obito missing eye doesn’t make sense when there is nothing there to restore.

  9. @nss7….actually naruto101 said this before. So either you didn’t see it, understand it or ignored it. Anyway,all the ruckus about naruto restoring obito eyes or not isn’t there in the first place.ok it goes like this, Obito’s other eye isn’t in madara’s possesion. obito had the right eye in his possesion and kakashi had the left eye,then the left eye got snatched from kakashi by madara who put it in his eye socket to enter the dimension to get his rinnegan. When madara got the rinnegan from obito he removed kakashi’s left eye,screw in his rinnegan and then gave obito/zetsu kakashi’s left eye.so viola!!! Obito complete sharingan set

  10. @nss7

    what youre saying doesnt make any sense. youre saying kakashi had two left eyes? rin replaced kakashi’s left eye, which was sliced in half, with obito’s left eye. two different eyes. and who knows what happened to kakashi’s birth given left eye. we have no evidence of telling what could have happened to it, but i can guarantee you wont find anywhere in the story where it says he had it with him the whole time lol cmon. even IF he did, what youre saying would mean that he would have first gotten obito’s left eye snatched out of his left eye socket by madara, and then afterwards he wouldve somehow used medical ninjutsu, which he isnt capable of, to reinsert his original birth given left eye despite the fact of it having a gash across it and being unusable, and then naruto just healed/repaired it. its impossible for him to physically lose his borrowed sharingan left eye and then somehow get his original eye back.

    When madara took kakashi’s sharingan left eye(which was obito’s), he wouldve then been known as one-eyed kakashi had it not been for naruto’s restoration abilities. thats a new eye kakashi has in his left eye socket. and i agree with UchihaTheInfamous wherein his power can restore parts of the body based on your dna. so if someone with borrowed powers that came from the dna of others, like in the case of madara, obito, orochimaru, danzo and kabuto to name a few, if their body were to be destroyed and naruto were to use his ability to restore on them, they would most likely receive new flesh and limb according to their own dna.

  11. http://www.mangapanda.com/naruto/675/14

    Naruto states that its like he, “took a part of kakashi”. I think this basically means he took a part of him(his dna) to create a new left eye for him.

  12. @fastninjaa
    Shinobis can have two eyes in one socket. Madara, Itachi and Sasuke all have two MS eyes in each socket. Thus, giving them EMS. Kakashi has two eyes in his left socket. One was his original damaged eye and the other was Obito’s eye. Obito’s eye in Kakashi socket was taken by Madara an later the sage mother had it. Obito never got his other eye back Which makes zero sense how Naruto can heal an eye that isn’t there.

    The theory doesn’t make sense. Madara never have Obito other sharingan back. He used it to teleport back to the real world which would confirm that Madara never gave the sharingan back to Obito.

  13. ‘Madara had Obito’s sharingan eye’ He used it to teleport back to the real world. He never gave it back to Obito.

  14. @nss7

    LOL you logic is bugged out. It isnt possible for someone to have multiple eyes in one socket man. thats just… idk lol ridiculous.

    “Shinobis can have two eyes in one socket. Madara, Itachi and Sasuke all have two MS eyes in each socket. Thus, giving them EMS. Kakashi has two eyes in his left socket.”

    You dont see the ridiculousness in that? Human beings(aside from madara and kaguya who obviously obtained a third eye) can only have two eyes, one in each socket. thats simple biology. you dont even need any proof from the text to know this. An Uchiha’s eyes can awaken and unlock new powers as they experience extremely stressful events. They dont grow new eyes as they go. Their normal eye can turn into a normal sharingan, then that normal sharingan into a mangekyou sharingan. Then they need to completely and surgically replace their own mangekyou sharingan eyes with a relative’s mangekyou sharingan eyes to unlock the eternal mangeykyou sharingan, and even that can then transform into a rinnegan with the infusion of senju dna. What youre saying would mean that all that uchiha characters you listed would have 2-3 eyes in each socket which is not only impossible but funny lol and cant be proven with no text from the story.


    Tobirama even explains the process in the chapters above. When they experience despair special chakra in theirs brains spouts and awakens their sharingan. At no point does it ever say in the story that they acquire new eyes that are sharingan eyes different from the ones they were born with when they experince despair or lose a loved one. throughout the story it actually implies and tells the complete opposite of what youre saying is the case. their sharingan and mangekyou sharingan eyes are the same eyes from birth. And numerous times in the story we’ve seen characters rip eyes out of their eye socket and did another eye just pop out into into its place? no. they had to implant a totally new eye which wasnt their own. you cant have eyes behind your eyes. if you lose an eye, through it either being damaged or ripped out of your eye socket, you will be a one eyed shinobi, unless you implant a new eye or naruto uses his restoration powers on you.

    When shinobis have eye transplants, they dont push their original eye back into their head and just screw a new one in front of it. They completely replace the eye. So when rin gave kakashi that eye transplant in that cave, she had to first remove his own damaged left eye then implant obito’s. kakashi’s original damaged left eye is most likely long gone for all we know, but it definitely wasnt in his left eye socket behind obito’s sharingan eye the whole time because one, its physically impossible, and two, that eye was as you pointed out yourself sliced across with a kunai and unusable, which is why the transplant was neccessary and why obito gave kakashi his left eye in the first place.

    If your next response is in disagreement please provide me proof from the story to back up what you believe. And i mean this with all do respect, im not trying to come off as being a snob.

  15. http://www.mangapanda.com/naruto/676/4
    How about this?? obito/zetsu WITH the left eye..

  16. http://www.mangapanda.com/naruto/672/17

    These chapters show and prove naruto saving gai from the inevitable fate one suffers from opening the eigth gate of death, which is being cooked from the inside out and turning into ashes, by using his restoration power. the fact that gai is alive means that naruto’s power somehow restored gai’s inner organs and chakra.


    These chapters show naruto using his power to restore obito’s chakra and his left eye despite black zetsu having his left eye.

    This can only mean one thing. Naruto’s power granted obito a NEW left eye. Also, assuming black zetsu still has obito’s left eye which madara gave him, this means that there are 3 eyes belonging to obito that exist at this point in time in the story. Black zetsu has one, obito’s left eye he received from madara. and obito has the other two, his original right eye from birth and the new left eye he obtained thanks to naruto’s resto powers.

  17. @fastninjaa
    Seems kinda glitch that Naruto can create things out of thin air. He doesn’t have both yin/yang or the other half of Hagoromo powers but still could create things out of nothing. I agree with your points but Naruto abilities and importance continues to make all the other characters around him useless. He use little chakra and doesn’t need to sacrifice anything to revive someone back to life. His powers are becoming too OVer powering and hacked.

  18. It’s anti-climatic knowing that none of the good guys or main characters are going to die and that Naruto is turning into the only good guy that is important. Suddenly Naruto is like the Goku of the Naruto series and everything keeps going his way where his opinion, abilities, and morals cannot be question. Naruto obviously going to be the hero for saving everyone and bringing them back to life and he will most likely win the title of hokage by default. It’s as if Kishi wants us to believe that Naruto is a GOD of all Gods. What can’t naruto do wrong? He can fight an entire war on his own by giving out chakra or create an army of clones. Naruto can never run out of chakra as long as he absorb nature’s chakra. Naruto can recreate limbs, organs and bring ppl back to life. This manga has lost touch with ninjas. Naruto just keeps getting random new powers to SAVE EVERYONE from every possible disaster. He made everyone have a good positive attitude, connected everyone’s heart, transfer into people’s mind/memory, talk his way out of all situation, and he has the power over life/death. Naruto might as well solve world hunger and stop war and conflict for good because he is literally made into a silly rediculous GOD that has no fault.

  19. I thought naruto had control over life and death too until i noticed that he never brought anyone back to life. he just basically resuscitated gai and obito, neither of them died they were both on the brink of death. i believe its sasuke who really has control over life and death since he has the rinnegan which should give him access to the six paths, but thats just speculation until we see it

    At this point its the history thats keeping me going. idc much for the fighting aspect anymore(although i expect it to be at the very least nothing less than great considering the power levels we’re dealing with) . i want to see questions answered, loose ends tied, plotholes filled. i want to see how it all plays out and correlates to the story and so far, although kishi is rushing it, i like the way its playing out so far. the questions i need to see answered are:

    Where is kaguya from?

    Who is and what happened to the father of hagoromo and hamura?

    What happened to hamura after kaguya was sealed?

    What is, if any, the relationship between the death god and kaguya, hagoromo and hamura?

    If naruto and sasuke each have half of only hagoromo’s power, then what is hamura capable of? and how can they seal kaguya with only hagoromo’s power if it previously took the combined power of both hagoromo and hamura?

    What is the purpose for kaguya wanting to create an army of white zetsus out of all the narutoverse’s living inhabitants not just once, but twice? Is she preparing for a war of some sort?

  20. Obito was dead. He wasn’t alive. Obito died shortly after Madara took back his rinnegan and had black zetsu take complete control over Obito. http://www.mangapanda.com/naruto/676/4
    Naruto brought Obito back to life in the current chapter. He has powers over life and death.

    Kaguya was said to be the actual Juubi. That the Juubi and Kaguya are one of the same. When Hagoromo defeated both his mother Kaguya and the Juubi. We can assume that Kaguya and the Juubi are the same being and the same creature.

  21. http://www.mangapanda.com/naruto/683/8

    Even naruto acknowledges that he was not dead. He said he helped him, “recover”. You cant help someone recover from death. If youre dead then youre dead. recovery isnt an option you. resurrection would be your only hope. Naruto used the same ability he used on gai(who wasnt dead, just incapacitated and on the brink of death), on obito. And seeing how concerned naruto is for the lives of kakashi and sakura, and the lengths he’ll go to just to save their lives implies that he doesnt have control over life and death and cant just bring them back to life in the event that they did die. If that was the case, there would be no need for him to worry for them so much and put himself and sasuke in danger of dying(which would mean the end of the world) by dividing his attention and expending his power to keep them alive despite being in a current battle for the sake of the world, which sasuke had to remind him of.


    The only logical explaination is that obito wasnt dead then, he was incapacitated. And given the fact that obito is half human/half artificial human comprised of hashirama’s cells and extraordinary life force and healing abilities, he cant be killed easily at all. Jinchuriki are supposed to die either instantly or shortly after having their talied beast extracted depending on the jinchuriki’s life force. He had the juubi extracted from him and didnt die for that reason. The man can survive without a heart for goodness sake.


    Its the power of the rinnegan’s six paths thats gives one control over life and death. Ironically the six paths actually consists of seven paths. The seventh path being the outer path, which gives the rinnegan wielder control over life and death,


  22. @nss7
    fastninja has said it all and i support almost everything he said,madara popped out of kamui dimension with both rinnegans,meaning zetsu was the one who kamui them out. i know kakashi and obito are frenemies and all but i dont think he’ll go through that much to save a corpse when they were lava diving.
    You need to get your fact straight,naruto never brought anybody to life,the healing he gives ppl is no different from what tsunade yin seal does to heal herself,its nothing new and from our experience with tsunade nothing so god-like.also if naruto never runs out of chakra i wonder why neji had to die and if giving out clones and chakra made him such a god,i wonder why pre-jinchuriki madara stole the nine tails easy as pie.and again “God naruto” would have being toast by now if this wasn’t a tag team battle

  23. Guy have got to learn not to dig plotholes just to fall into the holes of their own making ending up confused or b*tching

  24. @Sannins
    If we shouldn’t be looking for plot holes then explain why their are plot holes like Madara using Susanoo with no eyes? http://www.mangapanda.com/naruto/658/11
    Madara shouldn’t be able to use any MS abilities without any eyes. The story should’ve ended there with Madara defeated. Everything would’ve been over and the ally force would’ve won but yet Kishi feel the need to make up some random BS to cheat his way out of running into a dead end. clearly Kishi ran out of ideas. The story doesn’t make sense up to the current chapters because of plot holes like those. That’s the reason why we complain and b:tch.

  25. Like I said before…..this war would have been over well before now if the Uchiha/Uzumaki combo had been Itachi and Nagato instead of Sasuke and Naruto.

  26. People need to stop looking and waiting for plotholes and just enjoy the story or at least try to. If the few plotholes you know of really ruin the story for you, then stop reading it. simple. i mean i used to comment on this website years ago when it was more popular and what made me stop is the constant flow of negativity. if the story doesnt go the way everyone wants it to go or if ppl dont agree with it, its bad, kishi is lazy and doesnt care anymore and hes making us look dumb. really? if i felt the story was bad and the author lost his touch i’d stop reading it. the thing that makes naruto shippuden so special is the morals that follow from what we see and hear of everyone experiencing throughout the world and the effects that those experiences have on them and the world the live in. even part one had the same style of story telling, having morals for every encounter and real life lessons to be learned. you can actually relate this story to the real world as we know it today and see the messages kishi tries to portray to people. this is the best manga ive ever read for this reason. for people who are true naruto fans that have been reading(NOT WATCHING) this story since they were younger until now, if you really love the story you cant convince me you havent learned anything more than the names of techniques and hand seals and what certain eyes can do and what not. this story from the beginning wasnt just about ninjas because real authentic ninjas dont live in real world-type societies with nations, governments, politics and militaries(doesnt this remind you of somewhere????) this has always been a story about PEOPLE and MORALITY and WORLD CORRUPTION. if all these years have passed and people still think this story was all about ninjas with special powers, then this isnt the story for you anymore. its way more than just, if youre a genin you suck and if youre a jonin youre a badass, now.

  27. oh yeah shout out to kisuzachi. used to complain about the story, got tired of the story, so what did he do? he stopped reading it. or stopped posting his complaints at least. depending on how long you been here you should definitely know kisu lol. those that disagree with the direction the story has gone should take after him. i love naruto. i hate seeing people bash it when they dont even fully understand it for all that it is.

  28. I was wondering why did that technique looked so familiar, then it hit me: Kimmimaro, Shikotsumyaku, Kaguya clan…

    Can’t believe that went over my head!

  29. @darth

    Kimimaro…..another great ninja story that could have been. He was pretty cool.

  30. So it’s pretty much confirmed that kimimaro is a direct descendant of Kaguya. Well he was from the Kaguya clan. The facial markings are the same, techniques are the same, all that was missing were his rabbit like ears like Kaguya.

  31. Also in this week’s anime episode the dead ninja in the river was from the Hagoromo clan…aka the sage himself, and this wasn’t a filler episode so it’s canon.

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