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Bleach Chapter 590 : March out The Zombies

Chapter 590: Marching Out the Zombies
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Sorry I missed out on last week. But I here for this one. OUr friendly benign Shinigami scientist has arrived and has set is eyes to the possibly male, female quincy Giselle(You still following me)

His is still donned in his sunshine suit and eventually turns down the light


The first interesting thing is that Zombie Bambietta can speak as she wants something from Giselle, not sure what though. Giselle slaps Bambietta but then promises to let Bambietta have what she wants after this is over.

Giselle is no charmed by Mayuri looking down on her and makes Bambietta attack. They dodge the first attack and then use pokeballs to contain the reishi turned the balls into timed charges actually blasting Bambietta to hell.

Giselle lets Bambietta take the explosion, and it seems the former sternritter is out for the time being, i am not sure if the zombies contain regenerative abilities as I don’t think that has been shown yet.


Giselle calls forth her army of Zombiefied Shinigami troopers, I reckon they are troops from the 11th squad seeing as Yumichika regonizes several of them. It may simply be a mismatch of random troopers though.

Mayuri, the compassionate and benevolent… (ooohhh…k?) says it would cause him too much duress to spill their blood. Instead he shows of his latest toys.

Revived, rebuilt, upgraded.. who knows what he did to them, but these are the four her ‘saved’ from Szayelaporro Granz back in Hueco Mundo


From left to right,

Charlotte Chuhlhourne – Defeated by Yumichika

Luppi Antenor – Killed by Grimmjow after the latter got his nr6 back.

Cirucci Sanderwicci – Former top 10 Espada, defeated by Ishida

Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio – Former top 10 Espada, defeated by Ichigo

I wonder if they are under direct control of Mayuri. It clear they have been worked on as you can see the scars on their bodies. Luppi seems as bored as ever and Charlotte still feels fabulous.


Naruto Chapter 686: Those that remain and those that pass on

Go Obito?

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Enjoy this weeks Naruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section.

Naruto Chapter 685 : Everything i’ve got!

Go Sakura?

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Enjoy this weeks Naruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section.

Bleach Chapter 588: The Headless Star 7

Chapter 588: The Headless Star 7
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We start this chapter with the view from the Zero squad as the three Quincy force their way onto the welcome platform. They don’t look too threatened by the unwanted entry.

It begs me to wonder a bit how the Jwach obtained all this knowledge about the workings of the Soul Palace and its inhabitants since it does seems like it’s the first ever visit of the king.

Haschwalt apologizes for showing a slight hint of emotion. Could it be that this man might have history here? This short scene leaves me wondering a bit.

Haschwalt opens a gate to the VanderReich dimension and a small squad of goons flood in ready to attack the palace grounds. However with a quick entry the first of the Zero squad arrives on the scene.


Kirinji Tenjirou slaps the goons upside down and makes a pretty flashy entry, the light bouncing of his greased up hair.

The King is indeed very well-informed and seems to get a bit exited to battle the Zero squad. Tenjirou calls forth a big volume of water, probably the same water he used to heal the Shinigami and it murders all the goons quite brutally, boiling them to death. Ofcourse the power King, Haschwalt and Ishida are probably too strong to be affected by it(seeing how ichigo and Renji weren’t either)

He unsheathed his Zankpaktou Kinpika (gilded Splendor) and goes straight for the attack. I like the fact that this guy doesn’t waste time on taking the fight onto the invaders.

In the meantime back down below it seems the Shinigami are doing well enough as Ikkaku and Yumichika can take their sweet time talking to the Zombie Queen Giselle Gewelleā€ˇ. They are wise to her taunting realizing she want them to cut her up, which of course is how she takes control of her subjects, her blood spraying on others.

Yumichika makes another observation about the supposed queen of the dead.


He’s a boy. THe dragqueen of the dead apparently reeks like semen(according to the mangastream translation). Either pissed off because he’s wrong (or right) he/she calls out her former ‘leader’ Bambietta now zombified.

Now Yumichika’s zanpaktou would be the ideal tool to take care of Giselle. Question is, will be actually do it since he doesn’t want to show it to ikkaku or his captain.

Bambietta but be fun to play with for Ikkaku.

Naruto Chapter 684 : We Must Kill him

Good chapter, Naruto is very crafty.

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Enjoy this weeks Naruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section.

Bleach Chapter 587: The Headless Star 6

Chapter 587: The Headless Star 6
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After a new color front where Inoue gets another turn showing of her cleavage. WE start back where we were before, only this time Ichigo yells out to Ishida, his Quincy friend seemingly ignoring his cries.

You can see the three Quincy blast up toward Soul Society. They still must need a tremendous amount of force to get there as a huge blast that blows a large part of Soul Society to rubble. Inoue and Chad block Ichigo from foolishly chasing Ishida to his death.


Inoue tries to be light-hearted to help Ichigo calm down a bit , but Chad has a better idea and picks up his friend and throws him into a building. And then he start his comforting speech to his Shinigami friend, and Ishida is getting a few compliments in that speech.

Anyway, Chad’s speech helps Ichigo calm down after which Urahara was his entry, and of course knows a way to get inside… But.. why don’t they run to Shiba Kuukaku with her cannon. But maybe with what the Quincy have done, they might not be able to get out.

And ofcourse, Urahara needs 60 minutes to get it prepared. Which should give the King, Haschwalt and Ishida and the Zero Squad some time to play with each other.

In the meantime however Rukia and Renji are still battling the 8 Quincy but still noticed Ishida’s presence. I love the little exchange between REnji and Bazz-B about hair and eyebrows before he fires uses four fingers for her next attack after Renji made fun of his majestic mohawk.


It looks pretty neat and judging by the blast, pretty goddang powerful.

Lastly though this week we see indeed only the King and the other two arrive on the landing platform in the King’s Palace immediately wrecking the scenery. I’m sure it’s just for dramatic effect.

I hope we get to see some proper battles between these three and the Zero Squad + the army of Zanpaktou Oetsu has. And maybe to lady can throw some big-ass rice balls at their faces.

Naruto Chapter 683 : I had the same dream as You

NAruto is out once more.

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Enjoy this weeks Naruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section.