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Naruto Chapter 682 : Betcha never seen this before

GO, Naruto!

Click here to read the chapter

Enjoy this weeks Naruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section.

7 Responses

  1. 1st!

  2. Maybe Urahara and Grimmjaw can save Sasuke in Hueco Mundo.

  3. Naruto: Maannnn it ain’t no way possible to defeat Kaguya. Then again I guess Naruto and Sasuke have to touch her at the same time to seal her. There’s only one person who can help defeat Kaguya.


    Ya’ll saw how Naruto touch Obito like he did Guy Sensei huh? I’m telling ya, Obito will become a hero!

    What a way to turn Obito from villain, to hero eh?

    Now that I think about it, Naruto really doesn’t have any real villains in the series would you all agree?

    One piece: Alright! Sabo is whooping up on everybody! I think it’s so cool he has Ace’s devil fruit ability. I wait to see more of the fight between him and Fujitora. I was surprised that Doffy set up that trap like that. I was even more surprised to find him in that tunnel. Can’t wait till next chapter.

    @darthuchiha: What was that darthuchiha about Sabo isn’t on Luffy’s side?! He said he will come from anywhere to help his brother! LOL! I guess one chapter doesn’t really matter because things can change in a instant. Until then however…what was you saying about Sabo not on Luffy’s side!?!?! LOL!!

  4. You win some, then you lose some -_-

    But I’m still not convinced. They’ll fight each other at some point, I’m sure of it.

  5. I called it about the sage being released from his dimension. I called it that he would team up with Hashirama and Madara. I called it that in the end it would be a big Uchiha/Senju and Uchiha/Uzumaki battle royale against Kaguya. The only other thing I added was that, she was going to bring back the sage’s brother to fight on her side. Which black zetsu may already be him, but he hasn’t found the right body. He does keep calling her mother, and knows the whole story. I think he got trapped in this dimension and his brother got trapped in the other dimension. But somehow zetsu got corrupted over the years.

  6. Also it’s time for everyone to take a trip to Hueco Mundo to save Sasuke. I guess Urahara and Grimmjaw can’t save him now since they are back in seritei.

  7. The sage of the six paths Hagoromo is using ninshuu to talk to connect to everyone’s chakra and talk to them. He cannot die.

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