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Bleach Chapter 586 : The Headless Star 5

Chapter 586: The Headless Star 5
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The Shinigami Six are waiting for the Quincy to move first. Something Bazz-B has no problem doing but the Shinigami seem pretty coördinated in combining their attack to stops the first attack by Bazz-B. The quincy are all united in the fact that they don’t want Ichigo getting away from them and they all call out their vollstandig and start their attack.


Ichigo is traveling uninhibited toward the tower. He spots the king from afar his mind-set for battle. Haschwalt offers the king to get rid of him but Ishida steps forward.

firing an arrow toward Ichigo. The latter easily blocks the attack and doesn’t stop moving higher and higher until he finally spots the assailant.


He is shocked to find Ishida. Standing aside the King of all people. Now I wonder a bit why Ichigo hasn’t managed to sense Ishida before. Maybe it’s because of the blood ritual Ishida went through, or maybe the King’s massive presence masks Ishida’s(and haschwalts).

Ishida asks his old friend to leave. Saying that he doesn’t have it in him to stop Jwach. Ichigo shouts to him in anger asking why Ishida is even here.

The young Quincy wants to scare Ichigo away and fires off his Lichtregen(Rain of light). Ichigo still in shock just sits there wondering what is happening.

Luckily for ichigo…


Inoue’s shield protects him. They finally made their move moving to Soul Society. Chad is behind her donning a new outfit. The mystery Arrancar isnt with them. Inoue’s outfit also changed a bit, now showing off boob. Part of her new battle tactic, or something to comfort ichigo with later?

Whatever the case. The king calls to Ishida, time for them to leave. He asks Ishida if he said his goodbye since he will never get the chance again. Ishida is certain and the other can only watch as they get lifted by the light before they start traveling skyward, on their way toward the Soul Palace, where at least 5 powerful combattants will be waiting for them.

2 Responses

  1. Pretend3r: another great review. The story is getting really good now that Ichigo has joined the battle and Ishida has declared himself, and marches to the front of the foes. I was surprised to see Inoue and Chad join the line in the Soul Society. Normally they stay on Earth. I guess that just shows how important this battle is.

  2. Very interesting chapter. I like the way it went because it can open the door for a lot of things to happen. First off I’m with AlerieCorbray about being surprised to see Inoue and Chad joining the fray. Inoue healing abilities will be greatly needed to get some of the shinigami’s up and fighting again. Kisuke will have to come to open a way back into the Soul Palace. (Maybe with a little help from Aizen.) If the shinigami can win Soul Society back by beating the remaining sternritter, they may get the chance to regroup and head to SP. I just wonder who will all go?

    It was interesting that the special war powers was mention again by the sternritters. I’m pretty sure we will find out who they are. The arrancar that pretend3r mention, I believe he/she will show up soon.

    Another interesting note is that it seems that only Haschwalt and Ishida are the only sternritters to go to the SP. I don’t know how in the world Yhwach with his two top guys will stop the Zero Squad. Also I’m still curious as to what the heck was sternritter D was talking about. It didn’t appear he went with Yhwach and company. Still a lot of unanswered questions but that’s what makes it interesting.

    @pretend3r: “Inoue’s outfit also changed a bit, now showing off boob. Part of her new battle tactic, or something to comfort ichigo with later?” LOL!! That was funny!

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