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Bleach Manga Chapter 585 : The Headless Star 4

Chapter 585: The Headless Star 4
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The light of the ‘key’ engulfs the top of the tower.

The King calls out to Ichigo having prepared a few words for him. He starts by expressing his gratitude to Ichigo.


He points to the sky and says that thanks to Ichigo’s arrival he is now ready to invade the Soul King’s palace. The cloak that Ichigo is wearing is called the ‘King’s Key’. Made from the bones and hairs(ooohkay?) of the Zero division’s Royal Guard members. It is designed to protect the wearer from friction that is creates as Ichigo punched through the 72 layers of barriers between the Royal Palace and Sereitei.

He compliments the robes resistant and defensive abilities. But because of it the Barriers cannot be closed off for 6000 seconds(100minutes). Which is quite a while. Alot of time for an invasion force to flood into the Soul King’s Palace.

Needless to say Ichigo immediately bolts for the king. One of the girls hit him in the face, but Ichigo is pretty much unhurt by the blast but skillfully dodges the next attack only to find the gunwielder. Ichigo is quick enough to dodge him at gunpoint but is flanked by Bazz-B who is ready to strike him


But thankfully, backup arrives. Renji forces Bazz-B to hold off his attack giving Ichigo a breather. They have a little banter. Renji quickly tell him to go after the King. That that is his duty alone.

Ichigo bolts off again, two Sternritter going after him but then we see a sea of blades block their path. More reinforcements arrived.


The 8 sternritter are now facing 6 Shinigami, and I wouldn’t be surprised if more show up at the most critical of moments. Considering the strength they displayed. I don’t think these 6 are enough, especially if Ikkaku is still dumb enough to hide his bankai. But I hope we get to see some fun battles.

I’d personally like to see Byakuya fight and also interested to see what Hisagi’s bankai looks like.


21 Responses

  1. @Pretend3r: Great review. What puzzles me is why Ichigo was sent off with loopholes in his clothes? Were any of the other soul reapers sent with similar clothing? Or did they find gates and not break through? Why was he not told to stay away for one hundred minutes? I have got to believe that the clothing guy from squad zero wanted this to happen. Why?

    By the way, I was glad to see the other Soul Reapers coming to free Ichigo, so that now he can fight directly for the Soul King.

  2. @Alerie

    He still has the letter ‘b’ sternritter and Uryuu standing in his way.

  3. @Aleriecorbray
    Ichigo was always different from the rest. Even his zanpakto is different and mix with hollow and quincey powers. Ichigo getting a different design clothes must be for his benefit. On the contrary, it’s a bit weird that the royal guard that design the clothes for Ichigo wasn’t more cautious about his clothes ripping a hole between soul society and Soul palace. This may all be intentionally plan and beyond Ichigo’s knowledge or control.

    There’s a chance that Uryu and letter B sterritter may stay behind to fight Ichigo or they will all be heading back to soul palace to duke it out in a battle to te death but Ichigo fighting the two strongest sterritters alone is flat out suicide.

  4. @Nss

    I think he’s going to try it, but I think Uryuu is going to help him out with B in the end, and they will fight the quincy king together to avenge their mothers.

  5. So the end game is the soul palace after all,really cliche,since all aizen tactics which began from bleach chapter 1 was to defeat the soul king. Well you can’t really take over a kingdom without killing the king. I hope this isn’t going to be a surprise attack for squad zero and they really not know about the breach they created

  6. P.S-@UTI…thanks for the psychic point,really needed that

  7. @UchihaTheInfamous
    Ichigo is being put into a lose-lose situation. Ever since he came back from the Soul Palace, I was expecting him to get a warm up fight where he can showcase his new powers. Instead, he is place in the midst of fighting some of the strongest opponents in the series where he will most likely lose.

    It’s fitting that everything will end at the Soul Palace, the creation of all things in soul society and the balance between the living and the afterlife. This was the war between shiningami vs the Quincies that was mention in the very beginning of Bleach from Ichigo meeting Uryu for the first time and about their mothers death. Now, both Ichigo and Uryu can find their resolve and figure everything out as they are getting close to meeting both Kings.

  8. @nss7
    Wow..why don’t you just keep telling us how much you underestimate ichigo and how hopelessly wrong you gonna get. Do you really think ichigo wouldn’t have defeated the eight sternritters on his own,he was doing a damn good job of ignoring 8 quincies of such high power class with real murder intent like they aren’t fucking there.saying he can’t handle the B sternritter just shows how really clueless you are on ichigo’s power.

    Speaking of which,since bazz-b’s here bouncing and kicking,it means he made lava stew out of shinji and the cute VC momo,a pity for hirako though but hinamori will look good as a steak. but then again,who can kill a bitch a whole aizen failed to kill thrice.

  9. @sannins

    You’re welcome, lol.


    The plot is moving so fast that he hasn’t really had time for a warm-up match other than those girls.


    Something that is bothering me is, if I remember correctly after the Aizen fight and time skip Renji said he had been training to be on the same level as Aizen. I assumed that it was unspoken that he achieved this, so does this mean that every villain since then has been stronger than Aizen? If so it really doesn’t seem like this.

  10. Wait does this mean even the fullbringer were stronger o_O. Maybe I’m mistaken about this.

  11. Okay so we have six shinigamis vs eight quincies. We have three shinagamies who are soul societies kickass new and improved( rukia renji and byakuya),two not so awesome shinigamis(ikkaku and hisagi) and one I just keep asking myself seriously?what’ya doing here.that ugly guy who always thinks he’s beautiful(whatever his name is)
    the shinigamis seems a bit shorthanded but never mind,byakuya is taking on three sternritters making it even.so let the rumble begin.
    P.S-i thought I saw that sternritter Pepe before but he hasn’t shown since then,anyhoos am gonna call it that guy is sternritter C the 3rd strongest sternritter

  12. @UTI
    Ichigo went hyper with aizen,as in all-out,kinda like a sucide technique but his was a reiatsu suicide,he used all his monstrous reiatsu at once to forcefully bring himself to aizen’s level that’s the final getsuga tenshou
    But then he lost all that(yap every single one of that power),then he started from the bottom and became a lame fullbringer(not even up to a VC level).and then fought with some lame-wise fillerbringer villians(who again where still VC level).then he got his shinagami powers back and maybe sm’of those lame fillerbringer power up,so technically went back to the power level just before he went reiatsu sucide.
    And now that he’s part of soul society’s new and improved,he sure has a lot of kickass with him but not as strong as dangai ichigo he’s not too far either.
    now we haven’t really seen the king kickass but I doubt he even comes close to aizen and hogyokou’s fusion dance,that was just beastly

  13. @Sannins
    Ichigo is by himself and he will have to face the King, Sterriter B and Uryu. He will have to face 3 of the strongest opponents at once unless someone else comes to support him. Last time, he got whooped by battling against the King and Sterritter B. This time, they have a third person and the King is much stronger now. A 3-to-1 fight would be unfair for Ichigo.

    No one is stronger than Aizen. Aizen defeated more than 10 captains at one time and he beat Old man Yama easily without being critically injured.

  14. @gentle & nss7

    I agree with you all, but why would the author introduce Renji saying this if he wasn’t using it as a plot device to convey current strength levels after the time skip? Unless it was just supposed to be written of as just normal banter, or the author intended to go towards the power shift, but it never materialized.

  15. @nss7…of course ichigo is going to get beaten pretty badly going against the king,haschwalt and probably uryuu. No matter the power-up he got upstairs Its really unfair oddsespecially with the king there. Maybe he’ll have half a chance against haschwalt and ishida,assuming ishida is really strong. But the king totally topples the scales in the trio favour

  16. It would appear the king is headed to the palace. Either he is really confident in his abilities, or he has a brilliant plan to beat the Zero Squad. Something does seem off like he had all this plan from jump street. It’s going to take more than brute strength to beat this guy. If Kisuke and Mayuri don’t figure out what’s going on, the world really end in 9 days.

    I see a lot of people are talking about Ishida and Haschwalt, but what about sternritter D? Remember when Haschwalt activated the key, he was like, “I wonder if I have a choice or something like that.” He might confront Ichigo before Haschwalt and Ishida.

    Looks like it’s going down next chapter. I agree with pretend3r though, I don’t see the shinigami 6 beating the sternritter 8. Maybe Kenpachi can get healed up and help. While he is laying down right now, he is resting up.

    Final points:

    Where is Yoruichi?
    Shinji don’t be dead.
    Who is the sword dude in Heuco Mundo?
    Where is the pink hair woman Yachiru?
    How much you wanna bet that Yumichika and Hisagi knows bankai.
    Whoo hoo…..I said that the king would make a beeline to the Soul palace. Special thanks goes to Nss7 for pointing out that key thingamabob.

    See ya’ll at the end. How many days we have left? Eight?


  17. @ UchihaTheInfamous: thanks, I should have realized that.
    @Nss7: As I said above, I have got to believe that the clothes guy on Squad Zero anticipated that this would happen. No way to tell if Ichigo was in on the plan.

  18. @ UchihaTheInfamous: the Soul Reapers, who were matched in the final of the lost agent arc, were all much stronger than the Full Bringers. They clearly beat their opponents.
    @Nss7: didn’t Urahara tell Ichigo after the final battle with Aizen, that Ichigo had reached his level and more. He was the foe that Aizen had been looking for all of his life. That Aizen was lonely.

  19. @ Immortal: interesting thoughts. My thoughts at random-

    Who is the sword dude in Heuco Mundo? Maybe it was a red herring. A false clue, as in a mystery.
    Where is the pink haired Yachiru? I like someone’s suggestion that she is Kenpachi’s sword.
    Yes, I am betting all of the assistant captains know bankai.

  20. @immortal….something sure is going on with that sternritter D askin le vaar,he’ll have a major role to play no doubt.but I don’t think he’s going to attack ichigo,if you’ve noticed(correct me if am wrong) that guy hasn’t killed any shinigami personally since he was shown. Moreover he got this kyoraku and stark attitude going on. He acts lazy and not in the mood for fights…in every major arc there’s a villain turn good or at least offer ichigo help. soul society=renji kenpachi, hueco mundo=grimjaw,nel,perharps stark,I am betting askin le vaar is the villain turn good this time

  21. Inoue-chwaaaaaaan♥ is back!!!,oh? and chad. Its an eight on eight even match. let the one on one begin.let see who gets eliminated in the round 16

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