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Naruto Chapter 681 : Kaguya’s tears

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Enjoy this weeks Naruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section.


Bleach Manga Chapter 585 : The Headless Star 4

Chapter 585: The Headless Star 4
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The light of the ‘key’ engulfs the top of the tower.

The King calls out to Ichigo having prepared a few words for him. He starts by expressing his gratitude to Ichigo.


He points to the sky and says that thanks to Ichigo’s arrival he is now ready to invade the Soul King’s palace. The cloak that Ichigo is wearing is called the ‘King’s Key’. Made from the bones and hairs(ooohkay?) of the Zero division’s Royal Guard members. It is designed to protect the wearer from friction that is creates as Ichigo punched through the 72 layers of barriers between the Royal Palace and Sereitei.

He compliments the robes resistant and defensive abilities. But because of it the Barriers cannot be closed off for 6000 seconds(100minutes). Which is quite a while. Alot of time for an invasion force to flood into the Soul King’s Palace.

Needless to say Ichigo immediately bolts for the king. One of the girls hit him in the face, but Ichigo is pretty much unhurt by the blast but skillfully dodges the next attack only to find the gunwielder. Ichigo is quick enough to dodge him at gunpoint but is flanked by Bazz-B who is ready to strike him


But thankfully, backup arrives. Renji forces Bazz-B to hold off his attack giving Ichigo a breather. They have a little banter. Renji quickly tell him to go after the King. That that is his duty alone.

Ichigo bolts off again, two Sternritter going after him but then we see a sea of blades block their path. More reinforcements arrived.


The 8 sternritter are now facing 6 Shinigami, and I wouldn’t be surprised if more show up at the most critical of moments. Considering the strength they displayed. I don’t think these 6 are enough, especially if Ikkaku is still dumb enough to hide his bankai. But I hope we get to see some fun battles.

I’d personally like to see Byakuya fight and also interested to see what Hisagi’s bankai looks like.