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Bleach Chapter 584 : The Headless Star 3

Chapter 584: The Headless Star3
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Catniss fear the massive attack flying toward her, but she find some determination and tries to counterattack it.


It seems Ichigo is not out to kill as he yells out to her to avoid it. The king can observe the following explosion from afar. He looks back to Haschwalt and simply says ‘The Key’.

The sternritter pull his sword and casts something on the roof of the tower. It’s a mark I have not seen before, but the kings says to Ishida to be thankful, to all those who guided them to the light.


Ishida seems to know what is coming. I am not so sure yet. At first I thought the King might begin to ‘swallow’ his subordinates lifeforce. But it could be that Ichigo is ‘The key’.

Anyway, Catniss has lost an arms.(this might be the first time Ichigo properly mutilated somebody). Fortuantly for Ichigo, the zombie lady know how to fix her up.

This time all four of them are ready to attack Ichigo but they all get struck down one by one by Bazz-B. Even he seems to have his vollstandig crown out and proud.

But he is not alone, he is joined by four others. Bazz-B suggest to divide whatever reward Ichigo’s head has. The four lady’s also are not out for the count and join aswell making it eight-to-one.

The little one suggest a new rule.. whoever takes his head, gets everything.

Ichigo doesn’t seem frightened by the force of fighters on his position.


The light of the ‘key'(?) however does get his attention.

The last panel kind of switches me back to the idea that his is going to make the sternritter he ‘gave birth to’ to become part of him.

What are your thoughts guys?


10 Responses

  1. I think the king should sit his power-absorbing ass down for a while. This was ichigo’s moment and the fun was just about start,anything the king has going on,an eight quincy rumble sounds better
    So for now he’s just a royal pain in the ass and a party pooper

  2. I have one question….can Ichigo lose his quincy power if Haschwalt does take everyone’s power? Or is it sealed in/by his sword?

  3. @gentlepunch
    Ichigo would literally get murdered if he went up against 8 sterritters at once. Many captains and zero squad trained fighters have had a hard time beating one sterritter or have lost to one. For Ichigo to go up against 8 would be a lopsided battle.

    Ichigo will most likely not be affected. Ichigo never joined the king nor have he drank his blood. He won’t be affected if the king does decide to absorb the Quincies.

  4. Mr. Nice guy Ichigo telling his enemy to dodge his attack? Sigh….what strange behavior from our overly friendly neighborhood shinigami! Oh well; that has always been the attitude of Ichigo despite the situations he gets himself into.

    Besides all that, Ichigo is still the man. It would be cool to see him take on the 8 sternritters, but the way things are looking, their days are numbered. For some reason, I think Yhwach goal is to enter the Soul Palace and absorb the Soul King. He probably just needs enough power to do accomplish his goal; (If that is his goal, I’m just theorizing here.) In a way I hope I’m wrong because that goal would sound similar to Sosuke Aizen’s goal.

    @gentlepunch: Agreed. What would be funny if Ichigo beats all eight sternritter before Yhwach can activate the key. That’s highly unlikely but still it would be funny.

    @UTI: Interesting theory. I personally believe Ichigo and Ishida are immune to the absorbing ability. I know the king mention the Ishida was able to survive his absorbing of the impure quincy back in the day and Ichigo has hollow power in him which means if the king tried to absorb him, it would poison him basically.

    @nss7: I wanted to respond to your response to gentlepunch by saying I think he could give them a good fight. He is already fast, and strong. He easily handle four of the eight sternritters. The one reason I think he could stop them is in one word:


  5. @Immortal
    I doubt Ichigo could take on all 8. Both Rukia and Renji used up their bankai and energy for going up against 1 sterritter. 8 sterritter at once is a little too excessive even for Ichigo.

    About the king activating the key, I’ve notice there are 6 slots. Two of them are already filled with Ishida and the King’s right hand man.

  6. @nss7: Good rinnegan eye nss7! When I read your post, you know what came to my mind? What if that is the key to the Soul Palace!! That would be freaky!! Remember when the Yhwach left Hecuo Mundo when Ichigo arrived? Maybe he will head now to SP since Ichigo returned to SS. For some reason, Yhwach doesn’t want to confront Ichigo yet.

    Still the only problem with this theory would be first is how did Yhwach get the key to SP in the first place and second if he is going to SP, do you think he would be strong enough to take on the Royal Guard? Good one nss7!

    The four sternritter babes wouldn’t be a problem for Ichigo. He has already proven he can handle them with ease. The other four may be a problem but I don’t know. Ichigo has yet to unleash his bankai so even if he did lose, I doubt he will go down easy.

  7. I don’t know why I never realized this sooner but, Ichigos final getsuga tensho was his voldstag. So now Im wondering does voldstag trump bankai?

  8. @nss7
    “I doubt Ichigo could take on all 8. Both Rukia and Renji used up their bankai and energy for going up against 1 sterritter”

    Yeah those were two vice captains one with a beginners bankai the other with a half-baked bankai and boobs,you know who was a good example byakuya.so point?
    Let me do the calculus
    A regular captain will respond with a zanpakutou when they see a hostile sternritter BUT ichigo responded with bare hands against four
    A regular captain will respond with a bankai when a sternritter does vollstandig BUT ichigo just pulled out a sword with a cool face and do lazy slashes
    Following that order
    If four sternritters performs vollstandig he’ll simply grip his sword tightly,perharps add dodging to his tactics and not stay in one damn place like he’s fighting a child.
    If they were eight sternritter then he’ll have to fight seriously and start actually attacking and maybe respond with a shikai(really hoping there’s a shikai by the way) to their vollstandig
    Now if he wanted to end their quincy career,he”ll just go bankai and go on a quincy kickass parade,maybe get a few bruises here and there along the way.

    Does his face look like someone who’s concerned let alone scared ,he’s sword just dried up a freaking sea and he’s even more concerned with a beam of light than eight muderous sternritters

  9. @gentlepunch
    Ichigo won’t be able to handle 8 sterritters at a time. If you look at his past history, he got beat up on many occasions for using his new powers. In the rescue Rukia arc, Ichigo won a lot of close battles with one opponent where he was badly injured and needed healing or he was rescued by his friends. In arrancar arc, Ichigo was badly beat and killed multiple times where he had to be brought back to life many times which he would still end losing to the same opponent. At the end of that arc, Ichigo almost got killed by Aizen where Mr hat and clause had to step in and save him. Then in the current quincey arc, Ichigo lost to the king and his bankai was sliced in half after he got new full spring + shingami upgrade. Ichigo has never had a good track record of fighting more than one opponent at a time. In most cases he would lose if he fought 2 or more high Lvl opponent. Taking on 8 would be overkill.

  10. That pretty lady punch literally flattened kenny,who needs imagination to turn someone bones to cookies when you can just pound them into one(stupid gremmy),ichigo received that across the face and it just looked like a someone gave him a light slap. Too bad ichigo has a hard-on for the king and doesn’t feel like raping the sternritters.

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