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Bleach Chapter 584 : The Headless Star 3

Chapter 584: The Headless Star3
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Catniss fear the massive attack flying toward her, but she find some determination and tries to counterattack it.


It seems Ichigo is not out to kill as he yells out to her to avoid it. The king can observe the following explosion from afar. He looks back to Haschwalt and simply says ‘The Key’.

The sternritter pull his sword and casts something on the roof of the tower. It’s a mark I have not seen before, but the kings says to Ishida to be thankful, to all those who guided them to the light.


Ishida seems to know what is coming. I am not so sure yet. At first I thought the King might begin to ‘swallow’ his subordinates lifeforce. But it could be that Ichigo is ‘The key’.

Anyway, Catniss has lost an arms.(this might be the first time Ichigo properly mutilated somebody). Fortuantly for Ichigo, the zombie lady know how to fix her up.

This time all four of them are ready to attack Ichigo but they all get struck down one by one by Bazz-B. Even he seems to have his vollstandig crown out and proud.

But he is not alone, he is joined by four others. Bazz-B suggest to divide whatever reward Ichigo’s head has. The four lady’s also are not out for the count and join aswell making it eight-to-one.

The little one suggest a new rule.. whoever takes his head, gets everything.

Ichigo doesn’t seem frightened by the force of fighters on his position.


The light of the ‘key'(?) however does get his attention.

The last panel kind of switches me back to the idea that his is going to make the sternritter he ‘gave birth to’ to become part of him.

What are your thoughts guys?