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Naruto Chapter 680 : Once Again

Priorities. Sasuke has them

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Enjoy this weeks Naruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section.


49 Responses

  1. .
    First off Can there ever be a chapter with sakura and the action “save” doesn’t have to happen,still waiting on it..
    Kaguya’s is kickass as expected talk about the rise of the byakugan and the susanoo not being a match for the gentlepunch attacks I mean gentlefist attacks..everything would have being perfect if kishi had her worn something skimpy.come on this is the first badass female we’ve seen in 200 chapters.ever since tsunade and mei badass expired.gotta love fairy tail and their badass booby females.
    It seems madara is gone forever,his balls both the truth seeking and puss seeking balls by the way also his rods(rod if you know what I mean) are all gone.really gonna miss that guy,he had everything you can ask for in a final villian.power,dark sense of humour,talk no jutsu immunity and still remains an undefeated champion,at one point I thought he was gonna abandon the tsukuyomi and just infinitely kick everyone ass to true peace

  2. @pretend3r
    Actually his priority is to let sakura die so the bitch would leave him the hell alone,unfortunately all his stalkers has a problem with dying, with karin being an uzumaki and sakura regeneration, sasuke can suck it they’re here to stay.
    Anyway sakura is just gonna forgive him next chapter as usual,and go sasuke-kun when he’s in trouble and he’s already in trouble sneaking up on a byakugan user, so

  3. Even after everything that’s happened, Kakashi’s still got it lol

    Noticed that Hagoromo had the same mark on his hand as Naruto. I wonder about his brother.

    Kaguya’s even more short tempered than tsunade. She really is a demon.

    Even hinata has managed to obtain 360 vision, and Kaguya’s in a completely different plane. Sasuke doesn’t really think he can get the drop on her that easy, does he?

  4. @DU, I totally agree with you on Kaguya by her being a demon n love it! Her short temper is a great setup for her being a great villain and her unlimited abilities n power. Sasuke has no chance because if we looked at Neji his blind spot was direct behind his head that only an arrow can sneak in and with Sasuke don’t knowing that. He’s in for some real trouble. Honestly speaking it seems that Naruto is the only one strong enough power-wise between him or Sasuke.

    Kakashi is badass on his feet, quick to act – I see he got that from Minato.

    @GP, it seems like he saved the day but he really didn’t. Since Naruto can float (fly), it just shows that he’s not playing as a team player n counting on the survival on the entire team. And after Kaguya’s attack and he couldn’t transform to full susanoo ~ he was saved by Naruto.

  5. @Naruto

    Tell me about it. Madara likes to play with his food before he eats it, and, like gentle said, has a dark sense of humor and likes to show off. On the other hand, there’s not a single thing Kaguya hasn’t done yet that wasn’t a killing blow, and got pissed everytime they barely avoid/defended. Like their very existence offends her.

  6. @gentlepunch.
    I never said I care about Sakura’s fate. Just like that Sasuke is showing common sense instead of trying to be a superhero.

  7. Naruto isn’t stronger than Sasuke. They’re equally strong since the sage of the six path distributed his powers equally to both.

  8. @DU I agree n love that about her. She’s the only one that wants to have chakra to use and I couldn’t ask for more. I want a serious development around this plot n character. LoL

    @nss7 naruto been stronger than sasuke from when he obtain nine tails power

  9. @Naruto101
    Naruto was stronger than Sasuke but as of right now, they’re equal because the sage of the six path gave his powers equally to both Naruto and
    Sasuke. Neither of them is stronger than the other. Also, Sasuke was the one that was beating up on sage Madara and seeing through all of Madara hidden Jutsus with his rinnegan.

  10. @nss7 I will still disagree because of the simple fact that they both got the same power up, so adding that to their current power level will still leave naruto in the lead

  11. @Naruto101
    How is Naruto stronger? Naruto has acknowledge and admitted that Sasuke visual jutsu was superior and that Sasuke was better at going up against Sage Madara. The whole team 7 listened to Sasuke and allowed him to lead as Sasuke was whooping Madara’s ass. Sasuke also saved his entire team from the infinite Tsukuyomi with his Susanoo.

  12. Even unconscious, Obito refuses to depart to the pure world. Mark my words, before it is over with, Obito will save the day. Okay maybe “help” save the day.

    I wonder if the hokages will be able to help? Whatever happens, it will take more than brute force to beat Kaguya.

  13. I think kaguya was stopped or maybe even killed by her sons,you could see the anger on her face when she thought that naruto and sasuke were her sons.hmm.. just another plausible theory to throw out there well my take on the naruto\sasuke matter is,naruto was definitely stronger than pre-rinnegan sasuke but as of now I’ll go with Nss7 that they are pretty much equal. Naruto seems stronger because he has all the firepower but sasuke almost trumps that with his speed,variety of techniques and rinnegan jutsus

  14. Oh almost forgot.props to kakashi I have to give him that,he just proved he still isn’t the regular push over. The kunai thing was really claSsic ninja,kakashi still remains the best ninja in this series.just how stupid will naruto and sasuke look pulling out a shuriken against kaguya.

  15. @nss7 before the sage power up Naruto was stronger. Like come on he gave the entire army some of his chakra. Sasuke would not have been able to hold out in a fight with Naruto. Even @Sannins agree that before the sage power Up naruto was stronger but I would disagree with him when it comes to term on speed. Naruto is faster, he just doesn’t use his speed like he’s suppose too. Still now Naruto has two time the sage power, all the tailed beasts went through him, his and his parents chakra too… Naruto needs to spend some time training with Sakura to learn how to be able to fully ulilize all those chakra

  16. Ok naruto being stronger than sasuke its not worth arguing,then arguing if naruto and sasuke are equal is good for fun. But it should be obvious that sasuke is stronger,if they should both get in a fight those plenty chakra attacks you mentioned naruto101-san are practically useless against sasuke rinnie absorbing technique and with sasuke perfect susano their attack force are about equal he fucking diced madara hiruodura-proof skin in two clean halves likes it was some veggie,that’s something naruto rasengan variations would have difficulty doing. whats next flying? old news, sasuke susano flew chapters ago.
    And the killer was saying naruto was faster,the hell?sasuke has being the speedster of the duo ever since the genin days.know this naruto has always being the one trying to catch up to sasuke in speed.he’s kyubi yellow flash may have been overrated cuz he looked like minato, oh get this,he’s kyubi superspeed was useless against madara then. unlike sasuke who kicked madara’s ass with rinnie speed even madara admitted the guy
    And prove from the manga,when sasuke first rinnie-sped it was almost close to teleportation and madara and the supposingly NARUTO had a big “?” over their heads.

  17. The sage giving them equal power?fat chance of that being true.who kept everyone from being infinitely tsukuyomi’d,ya sasuke’s rinnegan why not naruto’s awesome chakra immune to manipulation
    Naruto being able to give out chakra doesn”t add to his battle powers please,so does mommy and pappy chakra

  18. the talk about the Power between Naruto and Sauske is a bit pointles.. beacuse Power aint Everything.. you need skill and that other stuff that Kakashi got with his ninja skills.. so Raw Power doesnt mean to be Everything.. otherwise Naruto should have won against Sauske in there first battle beacuse in Power Naruto had the uper hand there

  19. All the narutos stronger/ sasukes stronger talk is pretty pointless… Both of them don’t even crack my top 5 lol. As we’ve seen It takes both being supremely overpowered to be able to defeat foes while when they r on equal footing they get demolished (see SASUKE/bee or naruto/pein). Fact is itachi or the third or a lot of the older generation is still supreme shinobi when it comes to naruto and SASUKE and it’s a shame those two r the only ones getting focus now

  20. The more the chapters go the more I feel like I’m watching an avengers movie and not naruto

  21. Bad examples token, cause there was no equal footing in any of those fights. Bee was stronger, faster and more skillful ninja than Sasuke at that point (not to mention Sasuke admitting he didn’t fully recover from his fight with itachi )and pein wasn’t at his best either when he fought Naruto, and even when he knew most of his techniques, Naruto would’ve STILL lost if he didn’t transformed.

  22. @darth your not getting my point; nether was massively head and shoulders over naruto or sasuke in terms of power. Naruto actually handled pein quite well till he was pinned down and u cnat say he would have lost if he didnt transformm considering y he transformed is a result of the amount of power he has within him…. fact is naruto did transofrm because of how powerful the nine tails is which is inside naruto so therefore naruto was powerful and on peins level. Bee was actually faster only with his weapons. In terms of actual foot speed where sasuke excels he is slower than sasuke but his comabt skills are faster than sasuke sharingan could keep up. not only that but Bee in his battle with sasuke actually was forced to retreat once sasuke began to spam his eye jutsus (again Bee was superior and wounded sasuke badly twice; however sasuke did cause Bee to have to retreat and you cant say that bee was on a different level than sasuke.). It would be fair to say both nagato and bee were more skilled than naruto/sasuke however they are sitll on the same tier. Its not like its Asuma vs Pein or kakashi vs madara Bee/Sasuke and naruto/Pein were clearly on the same tier.

  23. And actually i think having the rinnengan pretty much nullifies any excuse pein could have about not being at his best considering he was spamming one of the greatest eyes ever.

  24. @Token
    The examples of naruto vs Pein is rediculous because Pein was already tired and beaten up over taking on the entire leaf village. God Pein didn’t get his powers back until almost all the other peins were dead. If Pein had his full strength and 6 of his bodies at the time, Naruto would’ve been a goner. Also, don’t forget that when Pein was brought back as an edo Tensei. He almost killed both Naruto AND Bee at the same time.

    Sasuke vs Bee is also rediculous for an example. It was the first time Sasuke have started using his MS and he couldn’t even use a Susanoo at the time. Imagine how different the fight would’ve been if Sasuke would’ve used a full fledge Susanoo + Amaterasu. He would’ve easily beaten bee.

  25. Yup pein was tired and he STILL almost beat naruto lol and that goes with what i said earlier…naruto and sasuke cant defeat ninja on equal footing unles they r op or use some op jutsu. If it wasnt for sasukes team saving his ass or naruto having the 9 tails come out at that moment story is over… fact is it took sasuke and his being kishis love child to be able to defeat bee (who still got away) and naruto beat pein cause nine tails is hack…. Only time they win is not by outsmarting like itachi or shikamaru or being resourceful like a kakashi or minato but by overpowering their opponents…which shows kishis lack of character development when it comes to those two and its pretty sad. if they can only when with brute force than that makes them alot less interesting

  26. and btw did u forget that naruto let out at least 10-12 clones to different battlefields before facing edo pein and itachi? So by your logic naruto wasnt close to 100% strength… hell seeing as how the chakra is evenly distributed than that means naruto wasnt even at around 70%

  27. @Token
    Pein was only an edo, so he wasn’t even using 50% and still mop the floor with Naruto and Bee. Even bee’s tranformation was absorbed by Pein in mere second. If it wasn’t for Itachi, Naruto and Bee would’ve been killed twice by Pein.

    Sasuke doesn’t count in this arguement because unlike Naruto who uses raw OP attacks, Sasuke acually uses strategy and skill to beat his opponent.

  28. Ummm no one knows exactly how much weaker edo zombies are so to say 50% is pushing it… not only that but unlike his paths he was actually able to use all jutsus himself sooooo wouldnt that mean he is stronger than when naruto fought the paths cause nagato can use all justsus in one body?
    And what stragegy did sasuke use against bee? get stabbed and maimed until he pulls eye tech out his ass? yea nice try with the sasuke uses strategy

  29. If you could find a battle sasuke won on strategy and not brute force I would love to hear it… come to think of it hes only killed one guy and that was danzo…. itachi died to his disease, oro as we have shown is still alive and kicking, and against kabuto it was sasuke taking a back seat to itachi the real genius of the family.

  30. @Token
    Sasuke used strategy recently as Going up against Madara. He discovered Madara shadows and use his sword to figure out When Madara and his shadows overlapped each other. When he found out, he begun to continually stab and attacked Madara to the point where Madara wanted to run away– literally run away from Sasuke. Not to mention that Sasuke also took the leadership role and told the rest of team 7 what to do by telling Naruto to deal with the shadow so Sasuke could injured the real Madara. Plus, Sasuke protected the entire team 7 with Susanoo to block out the infinite Tsukuyomi while Naruto wanted to be selfish and keep on complaining to let him out. Sasuke also saved Naruto AGAIN in the same day with his hawk summoning when the sage mother wanted them to burn in her lava. Sasuke has all been about strategy and skill.

  31. Okay to settle the argument. Sasuke major fights review
    Sasuke vs zabuza-*aim free kakashi* the shadow clone shuriken thing was pure strategy
    S§asuke vs deidara-actually this fight is overflowing with strategy it almost wedge out the action
    Sasuke vs itachi-you gotta admit..the big ass kirin thunderbolt was another pure strategy. He knew itachi was stronger so he planned the back-up thunderbolt which would arise from itachi’s technique.brilliant. if it weren’t for sussano and the fact that kirin was a one shot tech,itachi ass would have being fried there and then. And like it or not sasuke killed itachi,itachi died as a result of the battle except you’ll tell me,he would have died that same day without fighting.
    Sasuke vs bee-Token was right,the strategy was get beat,broken,cut up and blasted till you pull out a tech from ya’ss.props bee
    Sasuke vs kages-another of sasuke’s tantrums where having his ass handed to him actually calms him down
    Sasuke vs danzou-A clear strategy win,strategy won this battle. Enough said

    Since the war its been a royal rumble

  32. Still trying to get all the card on the table in this chapter
    First of all, how, why,where,when,what and who the fucking hell is black zetsu.a penny for the guy who understood the chapter and answers that.
    Is kaguya the juubi?the translation I read was terrible so I really can’t tell or maybe the juubi is kaguya’s husband,so s06p and his brother are their sons. Don’t even wanna think about how they where conceived.
    Should we add mind control to black zetsu’s abilities because how he’ll manage to do those things without it



    From Kaguya being part of the tailed beast, from black zetsu, from BIG MAGNUM using Izanagi to trick the 1st an everyone else to thinking he died, from sasuke’s own rinnegan teleportation, to even being suspicious about the tablet that Hagoromo ‘supposedly’ left behind.

    I’m a beast!!!!

    oh, and shout out to UTI on predicting Hagaromo’s brother with the byagugan and the hyuga clans’ ancestor.(I think it was you anyway)

  34. @Darth
    I did call it about the brother having the byakugan.
    Good calls for your predictions as well.

    Looks like black zetsu surpassed Aizen as the plan master of anime/manga.

    Side note:

    The Uchiha/Uzumaki combo of Itachi and Nagato would have won well before it got to this point, lol.

  35. After all this manipulation of the bad guys of this series, I have to wonder:

    Who the fuck was the leader of Akatsuki then?!?

    First it was pein, then we discovered ‘madara’ was manipulating him, then we heard yukiko created the group, but that a suggestion given by ‘madara’, who turned out to be obito, who was manipulated by the real madara, who was manipulated by black zetsu, who was carrying oh kaguya’s will..


  36. I swear, if all the dead akatsuki members came back and heard all this shit …..


  37. @darthuchiha
    You’re giving yourself psychic points,its not cool dude, you never predicted kaguya being part of the juubi and black zetsu being part of kaguya and I was the one who called sasuke’s teleportation.the only psychic point you get is madara/izanagi scenario.


  38. DP – Naruto / Sasuke speed/power is a good debate… I will give it to Sasuke knowing how to effectively use is ability with speed. Naruto is just raw powers and jump into situations without having a road map. We all know Sasuke think before he acts unlike Naruto. Sasuke speed got crushed by the Raikage, while Naruto avoid his intent to kill attack. If the Sage gave them equal powers, then we can still say that their speed is match like their current power levels. I still believe that Naruto powers surpass Sasuke in ways that we dont even know. We all know Naruto isn’t the best at utilizing his ability/speed/power&techs to the level of Kakashi unless he is fighting serious like he did against Pein. Having his mommy and daddy chakra plays an important role in Naruto overall powers because of his mother chakra he’s able to use the Fox’s power to the extent that he does. Being able to give out powers does contribute to his power level and even Sasuke was shock that he can control so much chakra and still own his own while defending & providing to the alliance. I will agree that it seems like Naruto was always trying to catch up to Sasuke because he didnt know what he was truly capable of but from the START Naruto was always stronger but didnt know how to showcase it. If Naruto and Sasuke was to have a SERIOUS fight to death, it would probably last a few days but at the end… Naruto will win and Sasuke will lose – end of discussion.

    @Token – the focus on Naruto/Sasuke is essential. The era of the two are from a different era of the past. As we saw with the First vs Madara – their power levels and tech ability is far from anything we saw until their battles was revealed to us. Even the alliance was dumbfounded as they watched the fight from afar. So the era of upbringing plays a major roles in the development of skills and ability. The time that Naruto and Sasuke growth was during a time peace doesnt require a hunger for powers & techs but a balance of it all with the understanding of others.

    @Nss7 & Token – good debate about Naruto/Edo Pein fight… but again when we look at Naruto fight in the war… that was a good point when mention that Naruto sent out a dozen clones to the different battlefield. Each clone made takes about half his chakra (better said as the power is even distribute among them all even the main body ie. if he makes 10 clones then his power from 100% is about 10% for each) That’s why when Naruto fighting against the beast, he was knocking on deaths door… but if he didnt do clones… we would be seeing a completely different battle. All of Sasuke fight… he had help… if his teammates were not available at the time of his fight with Bee… Sasuke would have been a goner…

  39. This new chapter… WOW what an enlightenment of the history… We all know what’s gonna happen next… Naruto is going to flip and cancel the whole chakra draining process and force the Goddess to try again… lol

  40. @Gentle

    Wasn’t 100% completely right, but I was close enough. Check out all my comments.

    I’m giving myself psychic points, it doesn’t happen often, and you can’t stop me >:)



  41. Just wondering why nobody is giving me a shout-out or psychic points,I predicted that the sage and his brother killed their mother,and it was spot-on this chapter……well this chapter cleared so many thought plotholes,like why the sage who is supposingly the good guy would defeat and seal the juubi,only to turn around and write in a stone how to revive it and how to kill your best friend and brother to awaken the MS and EMS.

  42. @Naruto101
    What are you talking about? Naruto vs Pein during the Konoha attack and war, Naruto needed help.

    In the Konoha attack, Jiraiya died discovering Pein’s secret and the rest of Konoha was destroyed and everyone sacrificing their lives to find out about pein’s weakness. Naruto got all the help in the ENTIRE leaf village for the key information for beating Pein. Plus, If it wasn’t for the leaf, elder toad, hinata, and the 4th hokage chakra helping naruto, he would’ve been beat by Pein.

    During the war, Naruto got help from both killer bee and Itachi. If it wasn’t for either killer bee and Itachi, Naruto would’ve been a goner.

    Naruto gets help from the WHOLE allience in order to win. Sasuke usually does not get that type of help and he usually excels in strategic and skill when it comes to showcasing individual talent. Naruto is just raw power where it rendered useless when he went up against Madara. Sasuke beat Madara with skill and utilizing his speed and technique, plain and simple.

  43. @sannins

    You did mention that. +18 psychic points for you, lol.

  44. @nss7 – you are right that everyone was able to gather intel on Peins’ true power and Naruto was able to use his power to defeat Pein… but it would have been more of a struggle if he didnt know which pein could summon or absorb power, etc… The entire alliance… he got help? explain that one to me…

  45. @Naruto101
    Naruto got help from the alliance for the war the whole war.

    (4th Raikage)
    Naruto got help from Killer Bee when he went against the 4th Raikage

    (3rd Raikage)
    Naruto beat edo 3rd Raikage with the help of alliance unit stationed in the desert area and he recieved extra help from the mind transferring intel.

    Pein was defeated from Naruto getting support from KillerBee and Itachi.

    Tobi was unmasked from Naruto getting the help of Killer Bee, Kakashi and Gai.

    Naruto was saved from the Juubi with Hinata knocking some sense into him and Neji sacrificing himself.

  46. Also, Ino and the entire mind transferring unit contributed in stopping the Juubi from killing Naruto.

  47. @nss7

    The 4th Raikage — Bee didnt do nothing but get his ass handed back to him… and then again that wasnt a fight… a matter of proving one’s conviction…

    The Edo 3rd Raikage — Naruto was a clone… barely had enough chakra to start with… I am pretty sure that when it comes to raw power, if Naruto was a full power his attacks would have effect on the 3rd…

    Edo Pein — Naruto is never in the serious fighting mentality which is always his downfall up against stronger opponents

    Tobi — Tobi weakness is can only do the space time jutsu for 5 minutes… i am pretty sure if Naruto was aware of that… the war would have been long over…

    Juubi – there’s not a single person would have been able to stand even after taking down Tobi to stand against Juubi… so for him to fight with such power for such a long time… cut him a slack… Naruto was saved by Ino mind transfer and then again that is where Naruto lack with techs… He need to step up is collection of jutsu and have more moves to use

  48. @Naruto

    Shadow Clones doesn’t split power/techiques. It splits Chakra levels. All the naruto clones are just as strong as the real naruto, and can use the same jutsus. They just have more limited chakra to work with. Only with Naruto, his chakra reserves are so vast that the price of using shadow clones aren’t as steep as, say kakashi, using it.

    The clones disappears when they take too much damage, or run out of chakra that was given, or makes them selves disappear.

  49. Chakra is basically like stamina… Once a shinobi is completely out of chakra or begins to lose it his fightin prowess and ability decreases dramatically. Just because naruto has vast chakra reserves doesn’t mean he doesn’t need a lot of chakra to function optimally. Even with vast reserves the chakra is distributed EVENLY among the clones. Naruto not only send out clones but also chakra cloaks. If naruto sends out 11 clone, 100% of his chakra is EVENLY distributed. So during most of the entire war naruto is never at full strength due to the clones and chakra shrouds he gave out…. The fact a clone beat the 3rd raikage shows what naruto could do if he just worried about himself and used like 1 clone and no chakra shields

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