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Naruto Chapter 679 : The Beginning of Everything

Holy Shi……

Click here to read the chapter

Enjoy this weeks Naruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section.


24 Responses

  1. Ok, it is really beyond me how they can possibly beat her. I mean, they were having a ton of trouble with Madara, and now they have to deal with the goddess who basically started the world; seems doable.

    Outside of doing the DBZ fusion dance, I don’t see how they can pull this off.

  2. Apparently Kaguya’s the ninja world’s first hippie…

    Anyway, I guess this isn’t the first time infinite tsukyuyomi( forget it, I’m calling it IT) was casted since it was she who created those white zetsu’s that obito used in this war. I figure Madara at some point must’ve stumbled upon the army, that was in the process of still growing after summoning the Gedo Statue for the first time and decides to put finish them and put em to use, and I’m guessing the black zetsu was his attempt of putting his own will into the one of the creatures, which failed, because he had no idea that kaguya did it first to all of them, and was more powerful.

    Thing is, that means that kaguya’s IT didn’t last, since the chakra had spread all over the world, and the ten tails was born as the result, which Hagoromo and his brother later defeated. So my questions are, what caused IT to fail the first time, how did she die, how did the chakra spread across the world? Did having kids had something to do with her downfall, like she lost some of her power or control over the chakra and the shinju, or is it something else?

  3. One thing is for sure, she existed in some plane whether the real world or in the dimension where the sage is because she knows her grandkids. Also, like I predicted and will continue to predict, the sage’s brother is coming back to tag team with the sage once he exits his dimension.

  4. Also Kaguya is preparing for some intergalactic war. Once this manga turns into a story about aliens, it will be all but a lost cause. Because it will have gone from a story about ninjas with a few powers, to a story about ninjas with super powers, to super powered ninjas (different from previous one), to super powered ninjas fighting an alien to prevent intergalactic war. -_-.

  5. @UTI

    I think she existed in some plane after all this time too. But, I’m thinking the shinju took that monsterous tailed beast form not just because of the loss of that chakra, but because at some point (probably even out of desperation) took a page out of Voldemort’s book to ‘plant’ herself into the shinju. If yall recall voldemort split his souls and put them into objects called horcruxes so he could live forever. I’m thinking Kaguya did something similar and bid her time until some sucker (enter BIG Magnum) gains access to the gedo statue, and the zetsus. It would explain the rinnegan/sharingan eye on the tailed beast, as well as the tree ‘communicating’ with Madara after he took a magna rasangan to the face and told him to ‘partake’ from it, and how she’s here now.

  6. @darth

    That’s a really good theory, and at this point the probable scenario.

  7. And I remember madara was using that statue to sustain himself and keep him alive up till when him and obito met. I’m willing to bet that’s when she had the initial hold over him, which was enhanced, (or maybe renewed, since he did die and became an Edo zombie) after he took the tree’s chakra.

  8. @Darth

    As far as Kaguya starting an intergalactic war, those zetsu aren’t the best fighters per say. Their best quality is traveling through the ground, but on a rocky planet this would be virtually impossible. I guess they could just copy the people they’re fighting, and try to infiltrate the enemy then divide and conquer. But as strong as Kaguya is, she should be able to do this alone, until she reaches……….dun…dun….dunnnnnn!!!!!!!! Planet Vegeta. *Mind blown.* o_O.

  9. Hello everybody.
    This Naruto chapter is full of enteresting things:
    1) Madara lost his balls, literally:
    2) Naruto got his balls back (do they grow, or what, because last chapter he had none, and i thought that the black balls that were near Minato were Naruto’s:
    3)Infinite Tsukuiomi is revealed to have been used before. From this point things start to be Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey and i will say why:
    a) IS the Infinite Tsukuiomy a global justu, or a specific area one? I find this important because if it really is a global tehnique, then all the people are under its effects, thus everyone turned into white walkers….i mean zetsu. From the fact that there were people after its first use, it might appear to pe specific.
    b) Weren’t the white zetsu created by Madara,by using the fist cells. There is a big difference between CREATING and FINDING… Plot hole maybe?
    c) Kayuia need soldiers….for what? Defeating other planets
    4) Sakura is starting to be a burden. This chapter, Kakashi had to be carefull not letting Sakura do something stupid:
    5) Sakura saying even after all that happended last chapter; Sasuke-kun (not Naruto, when they were trashed arond):
    6) Even after all those powerupps NaruSaku appeared to common fodder, not even touching her….
    7) The rise of the biakugan.

    So as a summary: SSJ2 Naruto and SSJ1 Sasuke, at this moment, don’t have a chance agains Perfect Cell…Someone call Gohan (3’d grandson..what was his name again? )

  10. @Impaler

    His name is Konahamaru.

  11. That moment when kishi has been goin on and on about the sharingan and rinnengan only to write that the strongest character in the narutoverse had byakugan as her main eyes :-/ way to troll kishi way to troll. when kaguya said she needed a army I just about threw my computer. if aliens r ever introduced….

  12. Also can anyone show me where it was mentioned that kaguya used infinite tsukyomi before? Ive heard a few ppl mention it but I cant find it. and if thats the case than how did it end?

  13. http://readms.com/r/naruto/679/2400/10 I think it is depending on the translations read… the two translations r pretty different though

  14. ive read 4 diff translations and mangapanda is the only one that has zetsu saying infinite tsukyomi was used before (the mangahit link uses manga panda as a reference) while onemanga, mangastream and others dont. Maybe it is correct but seems to be in the minority

  15. That is strange. I’ve looked around and from the people who bought the official viz translation says it is the case that kaguya once used the jutsu. Besides, that makes the most sense because there is no way BIG MAGNUM came up with the whole plan as well as the jutsu on his own. Majority of what he knows and discovered was on the tablet( which Hagoromo written. Very strange and suspicious).

    and these page makes it more likely it was used before as well:

    and the next page.

  16. @darthuchiha,
    If it where used berfore then how could the people start to fear here like the sage says on that page? If they where in a dream where everything is goody good then they have nothing to fear

  17. The sage mother used infinite Tsukuyomi to create her army of white Zetsus. The sage of the six path however, intervene by spreading knowledge and chakra to everyone. Thus:
    White Zetsu army (sage mother) vs army of shinobi (sage of the six path)

    The current war did something similar to possibly what happened in the past.

  18. Well the situation looks very dire. There is only one jutsu that can fix this:

    Talk no jutsu.

    Other than that I don’t see any other way to defeat Kaguya. LOL!

    Joking aside, in the past, it would appear that Kaguya was stopped before so the key to defeating her may be in Naruto and Sasuke gaining more power.

    Either that or Sakura can save them all.


    One finally note, FINALLY Kish shows love for the Byakugan. For awhile I thought he just tossed it aside. Now we just need a little history about how the Hyuga clan ended up with the “all seeing white eye” .

  19. @Immortal

    They are prob direct descendants of the sage’s brother and he probably had the byakugan which is the purest of the eyes.

  20. @UchihaTheInfamous: I bet Kaguya’s byakugan has no weakness. It would be interesting to know just how far she can see with it. Actually she shouldn’t be able to get hit with the full power of her dojutsu.


  22. First off Can there ever be a chapter with sakura and the action “save” doesn’t have to happen,still waiting on it..
    Kaguya’s is kickass as expected talk about the rise of the byakugan and the susanoo not being a match for the gentlepunch attacks I mean gentlefist attacks..everything would have being perfect if kishi had her worn something skimpy.come on this is the first badass female we’ve seen in 200 chapters.ever since tsunade and mei badass expired.gotta love tail and their badass booby females.
    It seems madara is gone forever,his balls both the truth seeking and puss seeking balls by the way are all gone.really gonna miss that guy,he had everything you can ask for in a final villian.power,dark sense of humour,talk no jutsu immunity and still remains an undefeated champion,at one point I thought he was gonna abandon the tsukuyomi and just infinitely kick everyone ass to true peace

  23. “Gotta love fairy tail and their badass booby females”

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