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Naruto Manga Chapter 678 : My Will

I am I the only losing touch here a little bit.

Click here to read the chapter.

Enjoy this weeks Naruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section. Lot of backstabbing going on as of late.


20 Responses

  1. Really enjoyed sasuke cutting down sakura but he took it too far when he told kakashi too buzz off. Kakashi doesn’t seem to be able to do much without a sharingan but he can’t be counted out just like that. Not with his track record. Sakura I don’t know how to defend.

    The dreams or illusions were pretty pointless to see in my opinion. Kishi could have made it more interesting or funny ,at least. The ending took me by surprise. How many ppl saw that coming? Will kaguya be just as powerful as madara or even more powerful? When the tree told madara “eat me”, was that kaguya talking?

  2. Long time, first time. I’m actually hoping this series ends soon. Some1 mentioned last chapter (I forget who) that Kishi has lost touch w this being a series about ninjas and this chapter just extends on that. Virtually nothing happened except the last page and it was a repeat scenario of the last six months, “oh no, someone else is about to be the main antagonist!”. Now I’m sure madara will join the fight against Kaguya and we will have ourselves a powered up ninja royal rumble, no hand seals required.

    *sighs* maybe Kishi has been caught in the genjutsu too…

  3. @darthuchiha thanks for the shout out. I was really hoping for me beying wrong, because I find it too predictable. At first we had Nagato, but he was ended up that way because of Toby. Then Toby ended up the way he did, because of Madara. So I was hoping for Madara to remain a villan, not just a mean used by someone else. But unfortunatelly Big Magnum (or Mega Magnum, forgot sry ), ended up beying just a pocket pistol.

    I want to ask you guys, and girls, about the resemblance between Kaguya and the Shinigami. Am I the only one that find them related, horns, the face is almost the same. My opinion is that they are from the same kind. The sage said that she came from another place (maybe dimension). Overall we’ll need a new power up… And the Queen has entered the building.

    P.S. The kage’s wedding was funny as hell, and in the background you can see that the previous hokage is angry as hell.
    Sign out 🙂

  4. Why’s kaguya here?more importantly,why does zetsu have the final villian look in his eye?,zetsu was so weak,that when i wanted to describe an extremely weak person i say,wow that person is a zetsu.kishi’s a douche,his story is just everywhere
    If there’s any good in this we’ll have an all powerful female.it’ll be nice to see boobs kick ass for once

  5. @impaler

    I noticed the resemblance soon as I saw her. Well here comes the Uchiha Madara, Hashirama Senju, Uchiha Sasuke, Uzumaki Naruto ultimate tag team battle royal against Kaguya. She may even bring the sage’s brother back to fight with her. Then the sage will come out of his dimension and tip the balance in favor of the home team. Sounds at right to me.

  6. About right*.

  7. @gentlepunch

    That’ll be the first. Kishi treats all of his women like damsel in distress. Needs to take a page out of bleach and one piece’s book about how to create badass females.

  8. How can black Zetsu/Kaguya take over super Maddara so easly and having problem with a dying Obito?

  9. moral of the story, sasuke is an ASS. like realllly this guy’s an ass…i mean the fuuuuuu#% guys this kid is a world class freakin ASS!!!!

  10. @goose
    yep,that was me last chapter and just as you said,the situation got even worse this chapter.bringing in kaguya raises the power rankings again,which are already over the hills(for ninjas)
    that’s why sakura and even kakashi looked like thrash…bleach power rankings are crazy high too but i don’t think ichigo can talk to urahara the way sasuke talked to kakashi,ever.this is what happens when you lust after your uchiha/senju favourites and leave everyone else for dead,kishi
    perharps,the shinigami is the long lost sage’s brother,sounds really stupid and i have no proof except the uzumaki and shinigami have a relationship and uzumaki are close relatives of the senju we’ve not found out how yet.but i just wanna be the one to call it incase it happens,nothing is really impossible this chapter proves that.
    sakura is a kunoichi,who has enough physical strength to break rocks like glass,she has the speed of a ninja and she can heal to the extent that she can’t die.i dare you bring another female she can’t match up one on one.females in naruto are pretty good already,its all thanks to kishi’s selective power ranking they look worthless.

  11. @seda
    Plot… the answer is plot.

  12. @saninns
    you might be on to something with the brother/shinigamy theory. There must be a reason why the brother was mentioned, and then forgotten, and the clear resemblace between Kaguya/Sage and the Shinigami.
    For your theory I might bring a small proof (if you can call it). So last chapter the only people that were not affected by the Infinite Tsukuiomy were Team 7 and the previous hogakes. Why weren’t they under the spell. You could say that the reason is because they are edo tensei. But aren’t there any other edo tensei left?
    My theory is because they were once sealed inside the Shinigami, and in order to be released Oro had to break a mask. Plus, now the 4th, found himself in the Hidden Village….why is that, how did he end up there, and why? There must be a reason why the mangaka put him there…maybe because he knows a lost Uzumaki…where there are other masks to break (whild theory I know).

    P.S. This Naruto arc can be easilly be called: Extreme makeover: Naruto edition…

    P.S.S: Madara will get some boobs ^_^

  13. @sannins
    i’m well aware of her powers and more annoyingly that she can’t die,so we are stuck with her forever,try naming her neccesary accomplishment and join the sakura haters club
    If kishi ever trapped himself in infinite tsukuyomi,it’ll be with naked madara shadows LOL..throw in sasuke too
    The mizukage’s husband is goona be drinking lava for breakfast if they ever get in a fight.

  14. And how about Yamato? In chapter Before (677) he has the rinnegan and isn´t affected by the genjutsu.. how is that? And also how can the Third no his code name is Yamato when it was Tsunade who gave him thath =P

  15. @Seda

    It would be easy if Obito gave him some sharingan eyes and Uchiha DNA since he already has the first’s cells, but I don’t remember seeing him with the rinnegan. Maybe I missed it.

    And for the third knowing Yamato’s real name, Kakashi probably told him, but that would mean that……………..dun dun dunnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!……………………the filler arcs actually mean something o_O.

  16. @Impaler
    Shinobis become shiningami when they become the host of the Juubi.
    Sage mother- ate the fruit from the God Tree and gain Juubi powers.
    Sage of the six paths- when born, his mother Juubi powers transfer over to him.
    Sage brother- same as sage of six path when given birth by his mother
    Obito- absorb the Juubi and got horns and looked more like a shiningami.
    Madara- also absorb the Juubi and looked like a shiningami.

    About the hokage’s not being affected by Tsukuyomi. They aren’t effected because they’re edo Tensei. They’re the only edo Tensei left after Itachi has cancel all the edo Tensei or the edo tensei have become alive again like Madara.

  17. Naruto- What can I say about the chapter that hasn’t already been said? I wish that Kish would have showed what Orochimaru “fantasy” would have been. I think that would have been entertaining to say the least. The way I see the chapter going, this problem is now waayyy out of the league of ordinary jutsu to fix. How in the world will they stop Kaguya? Rasengan? Susanno? Sakura? Whatever happens, I am interesting in knowing how they will win. Poor Madara. That’s what villains like him get for messing around with stuff he had no business messing with. Hopefully he just dies without getting the whole last minute “confession” on how he just wanted to change the world and make it better yadayada! I still think Obito “the never say die uchiha”, will do something….I don’t know what though.

    By the way, just because you are SSJ1 Sasuke doesn’t mean you have to talk to Kakashi like that! LOL!

    One piece- I always thought that Pika Pika, whole body was stone. I didn’t know he had a main body in which he control other stone. So that makes him a Paramecia not a Logia. I also think that Doffy killed his brother in order to get that devil fruit. The reason I said that is because how did Doffy know about the devil fruit going back to nature upon the death of the user? That theory isn’t very strong but I wanted to get it out there.

    PS: Now I see why Oda always taking breaks. I was gonna complain about how he is always taking a break when TK and Kish keep em coming. Get well soon Oda.

    Until next time.

  18. Madara only got to be the ultimate victorious villian for half a chapter, painful. after years of ruckus and diabolical planning.but its bad plot on kishi’s part,how cool would it have been if everyone dreams were connected(like everyone was in one dream world not having personal dream worlds).and then naruto and sasuke will try to free them by going into the dream world,and maybe madara would make them the bad guys there and they’ll be hunted like the akatsuki.it reminds me of the akatsuki team7 photo i once saw.there were so many ways to extend the plot,i don’t know why kishi chose to bring kaguya out of nowhere

    oh,here found the akatsuki photo

  19. @UchihaTheInfamou
    isnt this Yamatos Rinnegan http://www.mangareader.net/naruto/677/16

    ANd Yamatos real name is Tenzo so Kakashi couldnt have said Yamato to The third =) so plot hole

  20. @Seda

    One of many that we should happily overlook like normally -_-.

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