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Bleach Manga Chapter 582 : The Headless Star

Chapter 582: The Headless Star
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Zaraki replies to Ichigo standing over him. Ichigo then asks if Kenpachi can stand. The beat-down captain tells him to worry about himself first.

Ichigo doesn’t look to worried as he feels Catniss coming in for an attack from above.


She launches her strike but before she can fire off her thunderbolt Ichigo zips above her grabbing her arm and throwing her into a nearby tower. The other three girls surround him but he dodges their attacks mostly. His cloak being grabbed onto by Liltotto’s big mouth.

Ichigo acts a bit surprised not at this cloak being ripped apart but manages just fine as he hurls the rest of them into the buildings around them.

The girl-squad is a bit bruised but otherwise fine. One wonder if they were being careless. Liltotto comments that they weren’t. Realizing he is Kurosaki Ichigo and the he should be capable of at least this much. The other girls seems a bit more shocked about Liltotoo’s observation(at least one of them did their homework).


Catniss doesn’t really care. She is proper pissed at Ichigo for a ‘womanly’ reason of getting her covered in dust. All that time spent getting herself ready to look fabulous. She pulls out her bow and fires her ‘Galvano Blast’ arrow at Ichigo. A five gigajoule arrow.

Again Liltotto is being a realist telling her mate than Ichigo wouldn’t die from just a couple of heilig pfeils(holy arrows).

Indeed Ichigo is fine and dandy. WIth is cloak gone we get a good look at his new holsters for his two blades. And he looks pretty damn good in it.

All the girls pull out their arrows and Ichigo draws his swords in response getting this battle properly started.


Now of course it weren’t just the Shinigami that noticed Ichigo’s reiatsu. The king obviously felt his presence aswell. He annouces to Haschwalt and Ishida that ‘it’ is about to begin.

STernritter ‘D’ Askin stands below the massive castle tower and realizes the King is about to move.

He makes an interesting notion, wondering if he actually has a choice or not. Could this mean they might be forced to sacrifice themselves in order to strengthen the King even more?


29 Responses

  1. @Pretend3r: Great job as is normal for you. As to your final query about the Quincies sacrificing themselves for the King. Most of your fans are so much quicker than I, but I seem to remember back in the early parts of the arc, when we hear about the death of Ichigo’s mother, were we not told that her Quincy power upon her death was reabsorbed back to the King because that was where it had come from? In fact, all of the power originated from him, and returns to him, as Quincies die. In the case of nine years ago, he felt that he needed it sooner, so he took it back from all the mixed bloods, so that he could revive himself.

    I can kind of see his plan for now… That he can have all of these lesser warriors wear out Ichigo and Soul Society left over, and the power return to him, so that he reenters the battle fresh and ready for the final struggle.

  2. @Aleriecorbray

    I can’t remember when he said this, but the not just the quincies sacrifice, but ANY death that happens in this battle will make the quincy king stronger.

  3. scratch that, I found the chapter where he was talking about this. He distribute a piece of himself to all the quincies by soul distrubution, when they die, their power goes back to him, making him stronger.

    I misread, the point he made was, because of that ability, it made no difference if the shinigami or his quincy is defeated in battle, he’ll come out on top regardless.

  4. @darthuchiha: it also has the effect of wearing down any opponents, long before they battle with him, the king, while he is gaining strength from any Quincies, who have died in battle. It explains a great deal about some of the earlier battles, when the Quincy had lost the battle, but was still alive. Why they were then killed by their own people.

  5. Do we all remember a long time ago where they would kill Ichigo and then revive him.

  6. @Pretend3r: that must have happened in my blind days, I missed so much when ever I would try try to read anything. It is like I have brand new eyes and I am busy rediscovering the world. Can you give me a chapter on that event you were discussing? Thanks:-)

  7. @pretender

    Are you talking about the fullbringer arc?

  8. or maybe when he faced ulquiorra, when he put his hand through ichigo’s chest? Or when blasted a big ass cero through it? When both kenpachi and byakuya impaled him with thier swords? When Aizen damn near slit his stomach in half?

    Ichigo’s been through a lot of near death (actual death from ulquiorra?that never been clear) injuries lol.

  9. Maybe he’s…………a saiyan……….dun dun dunnnnnn!!!!!!!

  10. @aleriecorbray
    The king gets stronger everytime someone who has touched him dies and he takes his power back along with their power.

  11. Also, here’s where the king wants to kill and revive Ichigo to join him.

  12. @nss7, thanks for that one.

  13. Kenpachi is really out of character saying things like “dont worry about me,worry about yourself.sounds like byakuya.is he yachiru-sulking or what.the inevitable uryuu ishida vs kurosaki ichigo seems close at hand.ishida has to be really strong though not that crap he showed us at the fullbringer’s arc

  14. @nss7. Thanks for the citation of the Quincy King taking back the powers that he previously shared with his warriors. I remembered that because the two mothers both died on that day.

    On the other hand, I didn’t remember what was said when Ichigo was caught in Kirgo’s Jail in the desert until, Pretend3r said something about that incident. After looking at chapters 513/514, and hearing the King’s explanation that it doesn’t work on Quincies, it made more sense. That by inducing his reiatsui to remember his Quincy background, it helped his body remember how to escape from the trap. Thanks?

  15. All: I love it, when my keyboard changes what was written behind my back. What my intent was to say thanks to nss7 and Pretend3r. 🙂

  16. Since ishida is gonna join the fight soon,i’m begining to wonder what his “A” designation will stand for,came up with a couple
    the Atomizer
    the abbatoir(whatever it means)
    the Arsenal
    the Asskicker(that’d be real damn cool)
    the accurate shot…wait i got it,it’ll be…….the ARROW,i’m putting my money on this

  17. Did anyone else saw how lilotoo lamperd sternritter G took control of the situation,she was the only one who knew of ichigo and all the ladies listened to her,like she was the senoir in ranks.moreover at the last pages,when they all decicde to move in on ichigo for a gangbang.
    she looks the calmest.
    Sternritter P looks scared,sternritter T looks like i’m gonna rape you bastard and sternriter Z looks freakishly zombish and obviously the weakest sternritter ever shown.
    Just wanted to more proof which shows that the letter ranks their powers as i’ve always tried to let ya’ll know.

  18. @gentlepunch

    I was thinking the Avenger for ishidas “A” name, since that was his whole reason of joining the ranks in the first place.

  19. Grrreeaaat review pretend3r.

    The way I see it, it would appear that Yhwach, “the psyche vampire god” full plan isn’t revealed. Just like he expected the shinigami to get their bankai back I believe he planned for Ichigo to meet the soul king and become stronger. That has me curious of what his true goal is? Also I wonder who are the other four “war powers” are? Did you all see on page nine when the sternritter chicks said that Ichigo is the head of the special war powers? The way they knew about Ichigo tells me that Yhwach has plans for him. He probably started this entire war just for Ichigo Similar to how Aizen wanted Ichigo to become stronger for his own purposes.

    Remember that poem, 9 days to rule the world or something like that. I believe Ichigo is the key to helping Yhwach rule the world.

    @gentlepunch: According to the wiki, the letter A is the same as Yhwach. I can’t really take a guess as to what the letter means but I believe that if the real Yhwach dies, Ishida would literally become Yhwach. So A could be for “Assimilation.”

  20. @Immortal: that poem is important, but when I went looking for it, I couldn’t find it? Do you know its location? I remember my initial reaction was that it was predicting the process by which the Quincy King would be able to rise again.

    Interesting thoughts on Yhwach’s rule. It’s funny, in order to regain his lost power, he pulled back his gift from all of the impure mixed bloods, including Ichigo’s mother (who was the last pure blood Quincy female left in the living world, but had married and birthed a half breed child -Ichigo), and from ishida’s mother (who was a half breed her self and in frail health). You have got to wonder if the King told Ishida that he contributed to his mother’s death? For that matter, what did his father say about his new buddy?

  21. @Immortal
    I think Aizen was mentioned one of becoming one. So maybe he is one of the list, could also be that the list refers to the Zero Squad captains.

  22. @aleriecorbray: Sorry for the late reply. I know if you go to the bleach wiki, they make mention of the poem on Yhwach’s page under the “history” part. As far as which chapter, I don’t really know. I didn’t even know that “The last 9Days” is the title of the 61st volume of the series.

    I don’t think the king told Ishida that he contributed to his mother’s death because I think the king already know that Ishida knows. Remember when Haschwalth (sternritter B), confronted Ishida about his motives? If the second in command can figure it out, I’m pretty sure the king could. As far as Ishida father is concern, that would be interesting to see what he thinks.

    @pretend3r: If Sosuke Aizen is a war power, do you think the shinigami will release him to help? Depending on what happens, they may need him if he is willing to help that is. I don’t think any of the Zero Squad captains are on the list because that is five of them making Ichigo six. I think it said somewhere that it was only five war powers. Then again maybe it could be one of the five from the zero squad. I tell you what, bleach is super exciting! TK weaves a good tale.

  23. The special war powers are simply people,who the king thinks can put a dent in his plan to take over the world,so they are a must eliminate,if they don’t ally themselves with the quincies.
    I doubt the zero squad are a part of the special war potentials,but ichigo,aizen and yamamoto were part.we waiting on the last two but i think its probably urahara

  24. @Saninns: While I agree with you about Ichigo and Aizen, according to the bleach wiki, Yhwach didn’t consider Yamamot as a special war power.

    “Captain-Commander Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto was not considered to be a special war power because Yhwach considered him weak compared to 1000 years ago.” (Chapter 511 pg 9). -Bleach wiki/ Wandenreich.

    You can also see it on Yhwach’s page under plot; where he kills Yamamoto.

    Question for everyone, do you think it could be that sword person in Heuco Mundo? Even if it is a hollow, the quincies will have a hard time beating a hollow depending on the strength he/she possesses.

  25. Everyone: I went searching on Goggle for the Special War Powers Unit, a term used in the new manga today – It said that Ichigo was the head of the unit. What I found is best expressed at this link. ~~~ http:///wiki/Forum:5_Special_War_Potentials
    It discussed any potential grouping that you can imagine, most of which make a great deal of sense. I scanned it for quite a while and it does not seem to reach any conclusion. Happy guessing guys.

  26. Here is a better copy. http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/Forum:5_Special_War_Potentials

    @Immortal: we really need to locate that verse. All I can remember is the barest of bones of the saying. I believe, everything was in nines, like nine hundred years to sleep, ninety years to plan, nine years to heal… And so on. It might have been associated with the king and his twin.

  27. @cas24: Exactly!!! Thanks.

  28. The special war soldiers will most likely be the ones that the Quincy king fear. Uryu, Ichigo, old man Yama, and Aizen were all the ones that the king fear and wanted to make them join him.

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