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Naruto Manga Chapter 676 : Infinte Dream

Naruto is out!!

Shit is about to get real… but this week just wait.. maybe next week?

Click here to read the chapter and discuss in the comments.


8 Responses

  1. It’s official. Madara is unbeatable.

  2. Naruto- I’m persuaded next chapter that the only people who will not get caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi is Naruto and Sasuke (and under strange circumstances maybe Sakura.) Also I don’t think it’s the end of Obito but I could be wrong about that.

    nss7- I don’t think he is unbeatable yet. Both Naruto and Sasuke still have to master their respective SSJ (Super Shinobi jin) power up that they received from The SSOP.

    One piece- Gravity Man Fujitora,and his crew, Pirate Gangsta Doffy and his crew….uhhh I mean family, not to mention some of the citizens of Dressrosa vs the Strawhats! It will be very interesting to see how they will come out of this. I forgot about Sabo and company helping the Strawhats. I could see a potential fight between Sabo and Doffy. Speaking of Doffy, I like how much love he has for his crew…errr I mean his family. Even though he is a bit..umm..crazy.

    BYE BYE for now!

  3. @Immortal
    Hopefully this does not turn out like the recent Naruto movie where they had the parallel universe.

  4. @UTI

    Either he was flying or he has the longest airtime ever, since he cut through multiple rocks, but at one at a time. Besides, his susanoo has wings. What does it have them for, if not to fly?

    The one thing, hell, the ONLY thing, sakura ever had over Naruto and Sasuke was her healing ability. And yet, not only did Naruto saved Gai from death by Eight Gates, but also gave kakashi a new eye. Not to mention Obito being the reason Naruto came back, and she couldn’t even destroy his eye in time.

    Seriously, She has no purpose to exist anymore! What has kishi done to his females!?!?

    @immortal If that’s the case, I wonder if Naruto and Sasuke can spread their chakra to everyone to shield them from the Jutsu?

    Hell I see a potential fight between Sabo and Luffy. Am I the only one not convinced that he’s on luffy’s side right now?

  5. @nss7: No kidding. In that movie Tobi’s Tsukuyomi was stronger than Itachi’s Tsukuyomi.

    @darthuchiha: I never thought of it that way. I was thinking that since Naruto and Sasuke has the SSJ form, they would be immune to the Infinite Tsukuyomi leaving them to save the world. But even if they could share their chakra to save the people from the Jutsu, what good would come from it? The alliance can’t really do anything against SSJ2 Madara.

    I have a general question. will the Infinite Tsukuyomi take effect if a person doesn’t look at the moon?

    Also what was the purpose of that tree?

    You think Sabo isn’t on Luffy’s side? Why do you think that? Personally I think Sabo and Luffy will face Pirate Gangsta Doffy. I don’t see any other way of taking him down. Doffy is no slouch when it comes to fighting; a true gangsta.

  6. Anything that involves Obito taking over the world is a terrible idea. Plus, Sakura was one of the main characters.

  7. @ One Piece,

    I think Immortal’s view of Sabo and Luffy vs Dofy is not that far fetched. TO think that Sabo got his boat burned and him getting almost killed by a tenryubito in which Doffy belongs.

  8. Well Orochimaru finally got his rinnegan. Just not how he planned it, lol.

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