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Naruto Chapter 675 : The Present Dream

Naruto is out once more.

Shit is about to get real… next week.

Click here to read the chapter and discuss in the comments.


16 Responses

  1. Kakashi was spot on in this chapter. One thing that is annoying about this chapter is that Sakura has not mature one bit. She’s been the same old unreliable Sakura that we all know and hate. Trying to find one good thing to say about her is almost nearly impossible. Anything useful about her at this point is non-existing. There’s a good reason why Sasuke does not like her. She never commits to anything. She always half-ass her resolve and moan about how she’s too week to do anything. Then when it comes to Naruto, she has to completely rely on Naruto to protect her from everything thrown her way. Wonder how she will fair in the upcoming chapters when she has to work with team 7.

    Team 7 reunion is interesting. The manga started out with team 7 and bringing all the members back for one more reunion makes perfect sense. It was like nostalgia to the eyes. Brings back a lot of good memories. For some reason, When Kakashi mention the “Bell training” that team 7 did back in the day, Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Bells” seems to have bled all over the chapters. other than that, the next few chapters should be interesting.

  2. Naruto- Question, do you all think that now that Kakashi sensei has his original eye back his chakra reserves will be normal? I guess I asked this cuz I thought I saw some where or maybe heard some where that his old eye (sharingan) hampered his chakra a bit.

    Looks like Madara pulled a Aizen on poor Obito. Something tells me that he fused with our never say did Uchiha.

    Did the yellow flash become cosmic dust or something? Where is he?

    One piece- I wonder how Luffy is planning on beating pirate gangsta Donflamingo? I hope he doesn’t go down in a way that cheapens his character. From the strength he displayed so far, it’s gonna take alot to beat him.


  3. @Immortal
    Kakashi chakra may become greater but the absent of a sharingan could affect his battle skills. He only mastered using Chidori when he recieve the sharingan and the sharingan has saved his butt countless number of times by seeing attacks before it happen, copying Jutsus and using the MS forbidden jutsu. how could Kakashi contribute in taking on The Sage of The Six Paths Madara without a sharingan?

    Madara pulling an Aizen wasn’t too surprising. But Obito losing Rin shouldn’t have made him angry with the world. Obito transition to Tobi still doesn’t make sense. He was never a genius like Sasuke, Itachi or Kakashi so his fast learning capabilities out of nowhere was never explained.

    4th Hokage as of now is good as dust. He has lost all his battle smarts when facing against Madara. It’s too hard to watch the 4th continue his spiral downhill. Better if he stays out of the fight for now.

  4. I’m not sure if its just me , but can someone tell me what sasukes rinnegan can do?

  5. @kaizoki
    Sasuke’s rinnegan allows him to see things from the “ghost world” or ghost clones. Nothing can hide or disguise themselves from Sasuke’s vision. Sasuke’s eyes can see everything. http://www.mangapanda.com/naruto/674/9

    Also, his rinnegan gives him super fast speed. He sliced Madara in half before Madara could react. He was too fast for Madara. Sasuke’s speed may be as fast as Naruto’s Kyuubi mode. http://www.mangapanda.com/naruto/674/17

    Lastly, Sasuke only unlocked one sharingan. He has yet to reach the rinnegans full potential. Once he unlocks the rinnegan in both eyes, Sasuke will have the full power of the sage of the six paths eyes.

  6. @nss

    Sasuke has the ultimate rinnegan/sharingan. He has the same one that the sage’s mother, and the juubi has. He only needs one, like they only have one of it.

  7. Wonder why my icon reset.

  8. I see why now. Didn’t have “.com”.

  9. That’s better, lol.

  10. Both Madara and Obito had one rinnegan and they couldn’t use the rinnegans full potential. Nagato was the only one to have use more rinnegan base Jutsus than anyone else because he had 2 instead of 1. Sasuke only has one. He has not yet develope 2 rinnegan to fully unleash it’s power.

  11. Thank you for your responses

  12. My biggest wish is for sakura to be slapped out of this fight,hell slapped out of the manga,how can you just look and talk cool then sprint foward just to get stabbed in a second and at the end does the usual crap “get saved!!!”.jeez has there being anyone so useless in all of manga history.
    Kakashi should just get his eyes slashed again and screw in a sharingan or something,he looks so uncool.kakashi is one of the coolest character in this series,he looked liked a one eyed pirate and had a gangster classic ninja look when he covered his sharingan with the headband.

  13. Did sakura mutter something about catching up to naruto and sasuke??bitch,you weren’t in their league before they recieved some sagey goodness,so who the hell are you catching up to

  14. The new chapter blew my mind.

  15. …….And now Sasuke’s susanno can fly. Pretty sweet, but not that much surprising now. Kishi is still going by references of Mythology, so this isn’t an asspull. And now Naruto can change the element of his tailed beast ball. Once again, Sakura is left behind in the dust.

    one piece: oh boy, now the admiral has entered the fray. As if luffy and zoro didn’t already had their hands full with Doflamingo’s officers.

  16. @Darth

    I think he was jumping off different rocks from the looks of the action lines.

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