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Bleach Manga Chapter : The Undead 6

Chapter 579: The Undead 6
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After a weeks break, Bleach is back with a not to spectacular chapter. So I will keep it short.

The dying Gremmy said his imagination didnt fail. He imaged Zaraki’s strength perfectly. He only could not imagine that only Kenpachi’s body would be able to contain that vast amount of power.

Before his body finally gives in he said he really wanted to win this fight


I’d have to say…

That came as a surprise. Gremmy doesn’t have a body. He even imagined his own body/appearance. So he is right when he said he would defeat him without lifting a single finger. Since he doesn’t have any. I wonder how many Sternritter know of this appearance.

I wonder how he ended up like that to begin with.

With Gremmy finally gone the arena he created crumbles into nothingness. Even the bloodstains fade away.


Zaraki’s finally coughs up some blood. Some internal organs have ruptured, partially deaf. What a guy. He calls out for Yachiru, who doesnt respond.

He does however, find her robes on the ground.

He immediatly yells to his suboridinates to go and look for her. With her robes being there, looking undamaged it could be that she has been erased by Gremmy. I don’t like to see the little one get hurt but it is nice to see Kenpachi displaying some non-killing emotion toward another person so openly.

Also, how is Kotetsu doing and have the two captains really been killed by Gremmy?

Anyway Zaraki doesn’t get much time to think about Yachiru as the 4 woman who were with Bambietta arrived on the battlefield eager to get a piece or Kenpachi.


11 Responses

  1. Should’ve known that Gremmy was just a brain.
    His brain was no genius by any stretch imaginable and his antics were as childish as what he had imagined as his physical frame for himself. Kenpachi shikai was wasted on him. A giant sword like Kenpachi needs a more deserving opponent.

  2. Very interesting chapter.

    The mood of this chapter to me shows that despite the strength of the Gotei 13, the quincy are still quite formidable opponents. Kenny did a impressive job but he still took some moderate damage. It will be quite sad if Yachiru is gone. It would be strange if instead of Yachiru imagining Kenny (former theory), Kenny was imagining Yachiru. That would be weird. Just throwing that out there.

    Besides all that, I wonder if Kenny will be able to take on those 5 lady sternritters. Perhaps another shinigami would help him take them out? (I don’t mean on a date of course.) Hehehe.


    nss7: It wasn’t wasted. He did manage to cut a giant meteor out of the sky. Can you imagine how fast that thing was traveling. If it was your average meteor imagined from a brain, it should have been moving at the speed of a average unimagined meteor from a brain which is what….over 10.000 miles per hour or more. Then again I guess it depends on the gravitational pull of the seireitei……combined with the height of the “imagined” meteor…..hehehe sorry I’m just rambling.

    By the way nice avatar pic.

  3. Gremmy didn’t feel like a real opponent. He was never there. Almost like a phantom that never or shouldn’t have existed. He could’ve imagined himself as many things other than a child. Also, Gremmy never force Kenpachi to release his Shikai’s full power other than Kenpachi using a basic swing.

  4. I think its fitting that he imagined himself as a child. A childs imagination is the wildest after all,so i’d like to believe thats what kubo was gunning for. Still kennys shikai really was wasted on him,a better oponent for gremmy could have been yachiru, both with childish imagination.

  5. There are theories that Yachiru was Kenpachi’s shikai manifested because he couldn’t talk directly to the sword, so he kind of imagined this voice he couldn’t understand from the sword into reality. Gremmy’s last statement was that he would erase ALL imagination from that world. So that means that if Yachiru was a manifestation of Kenpachi’s imagination she would disappear too. Also I think Gremmy knew it would be hard for Kenpachi to live without her, which is why he said he would defeat him without raising a finger, because he had that trump card up his sleeve the whole time.

  6. @UchihaTheInfamous
    Interesting theory. Only contrast to that theory is that Yachiru and Kenpachi’s sword have different names.

  7. @nss7

    Until he recently found out his sword’s name he could name it whatever he wanted. He chose to name it after the person he most admired and who had great power, and that was Unohana.

  8. Gremmy took a full chapter for his death,whats with that guy and his boring ass.
    I thought those girls were Weird last chapter,turns out they are super wierd,the thunder chick look good though and the inoue-like chick too

  9. Plese let the light be ichigo,please let the light be ichigo,its obviously him but please no plot twist.ichigo revealing his powers on a bunch of cheer leaders is a turn off but anything to see the badass of the story its being almost a year

  10. its yachiru!

  11. its obviously yachiru because she has the skull emblem pop up when she is angry!

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