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Bleach Manga Chapter 582 : The Headless Star

Chapter 582: The Headless Star
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Zaraki replies to Ichigo standing over him. Ichigo then asks if Kenpachi can stand. The beat-down captain tells him to worry about himself first.

Ichigo doesn’t look to worried as he feels Catniss coming in for an attack from above.


She launches her strike but before she can fire off her thunderbolt Ichigo zips above her grabbing her arm and throwing her into a nearby tower. The other three girls surround him but he dodges their attacks mostly. His cloak being grabbed onto by Liltotto’s big mouth.

Ichigo acts a bit surprised not at this cloak being ripped apart but manages just fine as he hurls the rest of them into the buildings around them.

The girl-squad is a bit bruised but otherwise fine. One wonder if they were being careless. Liltotto comments that they weren’t. Realizing he is Kurosaki Ichigo and the he should be capable of at least this much. The other girls seems a bit more shocked about Liltotoo’s observation(at least one of them did their homework).


Catniss doesn’t really care. She is proper pissed at Ichigo for a ‘womanly’ reason of getting her covered in dust. All that time spent getting herself ready to look fabulous. She pulls out her bow and fires her ‘Galvano Blast’ arrow at Ichigo. A five gigajoule arrow.

Again Liltotto is being a realist telling her mate than Ichigo wouldn’t die from just a couple of heilig pfeils(holy arrows).

Indeed Ichigo is fine and dandy. WIth is cloak gone we get a good look at his new holsters for his two blades. And he looks pretty damn good in it.

All the girls pull out their arrows and Ichigo draws his swords in response getting this battle properly started.


Now of course it weren’t just the Shinigami that noticed Ichigo’s reiatsu. The king obviously felt his presence aswell. He annouces to Haschwalt and Ishida that ‘it’ is about to begin.

STernritter ‘D’ Askin stands below the massive castle tower and realizes the King is about to move.

He makes an interesting notion, wondering if he actually has a choice or not. Could this mean they might be forced to sacrifice themselves in order to strengthen the King even more?


Naruto Manga Chapter 678 : My Will

I am I the only losing touch here a little bit.

Click here to read the chapter.

Enjoy this weeks Naruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section. Lot of backstabbing going on as of late.

Bleach Chapter 581 : The Hero 2

Chapter 581: The Hero 2
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The events of this week are work as a nice summary to how the war is going for the Gotei 13. Which… is bad…

Omeada is carrying an unconsious So Foin around her back. He gets ambushed by some random soldiers. It also seems Omeada sisters is alive.


Fortunately for him Shinji and Hinarmi come to his aid. The little Hinamori blowing them up with little trouble. Shinji orders his lt to provide aid to Soi Fon.

She is good at healing but not 4th squad good. Anyway with a moment to breath they review their situation and plan. It seems they all agree that Zaraki is the most important warrior for them on the battlefield atm.

With Zaraki in a weakened state the Quincy figured that if they kill him the battle will shift in their favor. Which is true as Shinji comments. A lot of captain are down for the count, even more are battered and bruised scattered all over the place.

In order to stay in the fight Zaraki must survive.

Unbeknownst to them. Bazz-B was listening to them for a while. And this guy is smart enough not to monologue at goes all out with his ability ‘burning finger’ to take them all out.


He turns the area into a giant wave of lava. Creating a very dicey situation for the group. We don’t get to see this time out how they deal with it.

In the meantime we see Kuchuki’s pov of the fight in the disance. The four female sternritter battering down on Zaraki. Rukia suddenly stops as she senses something familiar, before even her brother does.

Alot of others shinigami notice it aswell. Renji(still doing fine it seems). Ikkaku(not using his bankai, like a dumdum).

Finally the approaching familiar bashes into the. The four knights looking up in shock and then disappointment as whatever broke through the dome crashes through a belltower into the ground.


The, to them, unknown assailant is suddenly behind him. And to no surprise to me, its Ichigo. He got his old-fashioned speed back and seems to move so quick they can’t sense him move.

Ichigo’s pretty much ignores the Quincy presence having a little chat with the ‘resting’ Zaraki.

The chapter ends with words Ichigo never thought he’d even say to Ichigo.

“I am here to save you.”

I for one cannot wait to see how much he has grown in the short time he could train up there in the Soul Palace.

Naruto Manga Chapter 677 : Infinte Tsukuyomi

I am than a bit confused here.

Click here to read the chapter and discuss in the comments.

Enjoy this weeks NAruto and plenty of room to chat in the comment section.

Bleach Chapter 580 : The Light

Chapter 580: The Light
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This chapter was a good one, four sternritter and the arrival of Ichigo into Seiretei.


First of is Sternritter ‘T’. Candice Catnipp(really?) “The Thunderbolt”. AS one of the other girls, sort off, insults her by telling Candice she didn’t get everybody with the first hit.

She powers up another lightning blast but gets interrupted by Zaraki who goes for a swing. It looks like he can’t call his Zanpaktou anymore, being too weakened from his fight against Gremmy. Candice manages to block and counter attack Zaraki hitting him full on burning his body to a crisp. Another friendly lady punches him into the ground.

Zaraki’s subordinates move to defend him but another sternritter. ‘G’ Liltotto Lampard “The Glutton” blocks them. She has to be the weirdest of the group a giant mouth-snake which is literary part of her mouth.


She goes out and started munching away at the soldiers like appetizers. And apparently 11th squad members are not too tasty. But not the worst she’s had.

Zaraki stands back up to fight but Candice knocks him back into the ground. The soldiers try to help him but they get squashed by a building hurled at the by another Sternritter.


‘P’ Meninas Mcallon “The Power” seems a girl of brute strength. Meaning that she and Zaraki need to make babies…

Finally we also meet the last girl. She allows herself to get hit, her blood splattering around hitting the soldiers. STernritter ‘Z’ Giselle Gewelle “The Zombie”.

It seems that whoever has some of her blood on her loses control of their motion to them. She kills the lot of them by letting them kill themselves with their own blade.


With all the enemies killed they surround Zaraki. He is still alive but can’t move his body anymore. He can simply only lay there as the girls go Rock-paper-siccors to decide who gives the final blow.

But before they sort out their bickering they suddenly freeze in fear as they hear a thunderous explosion breaking the dome. It can only be one of two things…


Or the rice-ball he might have dropped.

Find out next week!!

Naruto Manga Chapter 676 : Infinte Dream

Naruto is out!!

Shit is about to get real… but this week just wait.. maybe next week?

Click here to read the chapter and discuss in the comments.

Bleach Manga Chapter : The Undead 6

Chapter 579: The Undead 6
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After a weeks break, Bleach is back with a not to spectacular chapter. So I will keep it short.

The dying Gremmy said his imagination didnt fail. He imaged Zaraki’s strength perfectly. He only could not imagine that only Kenpachi’s body would be able to contain that vast amount of power.

Before his body finally gives in he said he really wanted to win this fight


I’d have to say…

That came as a surprise. Gremmy doesn’t have a body. He even imagined his own body/appearance. So he is right when he said he would defeat him without lifting a single finger. Since he doesn’t have any. I wonder how many Sternritter know of this appearance.

I wonder how he ended up like that to begin with.

With Gremmy finally gone the arena he created crumbles into nothingness. Even the bloodstains fade away.


Zaraki’s finally coughs up some blood. Some internal organs have ruptured, partially deaf. What a guy. He calls out for Yachiru, who doesnt respond.

He does however, find her robes on the ground.

He immediatly yells to his suboridinates to go and look for her. With her robes being there, looking undamaged it could be that she has been erased by Gremmy. I don’t like to see the little one get hurt but it is nice to see Kenpachi displaying some non-killing emotion toward another person so openly.

Also, how is Kotetsu doing and have the two captains really been killed by Gremmy?

Anyway Zaraki doesn’t get much time to think about Yachiru as the 4 woman who were with Bambietta arrived on the battlefield eager to get a piece or Kenpachi.