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Bleach Chapter 578 : The Undead 5

Chapter 578: The Undead 5
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Gremmy can’t believe it.


He simply can’t believe it. With a single blow Zaraki had smashed his meteorite to a million fragments, harmlessly, destroying Seireitei.

Gremmy actually calls him a monster. Now of course, after Zaraki declares there isn’t a single thing he can’t cut. Gremmy’s strongest technique gets even stronger(i know right) as he create a half-dozen of himself.

Collectively they create a room of space. This ofcourse seriously hurt Zaraki as everybody knows what happens to a person’s body in space. As Gremmy starts to glee assuming that he’d won, he gets hit. Well one of them did.

Zaraki seems fine enough as he cuts one gremmy in half.


Other Gremmy’s rush to him grabbing onto him from all sides holding him in place as the half-gremmy blows himself up in a massive explosion. One Gremmy is left, exhausted. Probably never had to use his abilities to this extent.

Zaraki still draws breath, his body is burnt. Gremmy concludes Zaraki is truely a monster. And to combat a monster, he must become a monster.


In his blind desire to win, to become stronger than Kenpachi, he ends up destroying his own body.

He imagined that Kenpachi was some un-imaginable monster. And that thought ended up killing him like a fool.


3 Responses

  1. @Pretend3r: great job and I see that you are still doing double duty. bless your heart. Your perception of the action helps me understand better what has happened. In fact, a young friend of mine seemed just as confused, and I plan on sharing a link to your commentary. I am glad that you are there sharing your insight with us.

  2. First I would like to say thank you pretend3r for not only your reviews but also for posting a “It’s out” for Naruto.

    Now on to the chapters. Kenpachi is the man. It was fun seeing him fight that Gremmy kid the way he did. I wonder if that is the end of him? I was expecting to see Gremmy use his Vollständig if he has one.
    It kinda sucks that Unohana is dead. I would have like to see her more in battle but oh well.

    Do you all think that Kenny’s new eye patch still weakens his power? If so that would he has plenty of power on top of the power he displayed in that fight. He’s a monster indeed!

    Let’s see other things I wanted to note:

    Still waiting on who the sword person is in Hueco Mundo.

    What do you all think about Kenny’s command “drink?” I would have thought it would be something like “obliterate” or “devour”.

    It’s still hard for me to think that any of the shinigami are dead. TK isn’t really known for killing his characters so in the back of my mind I can’t shake the fact that Yamamoto, Unohana, Rose, and Kensei are really gone.

    I pity the fool for fighting Kenpachi! I had to throw that in there.

    Peace out.

  3. new chapters are out. Sad day in bleach… maybe…


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