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Naruto Chapter 674 : Sasuke’s Rinnegan

Naruto is out once more.

The eye of Sasuke.

Click here to read the chapter and discuss in the comments.

35 Responses

  1. Thank you pretender
    these chapters were really good,i wonder why no one is talking.that rinbo hengoku turned out to be nothing like shinra tensei.i never knew kishi would have such a good strategic jutsu to pull out.pretty sad how kakashi was made to look like trash,although we have to understand that his really really exhausted.some ppl even think he should be sprawling on the ground exasperating.

  2. This had to happen to Kakashi for plot progression. I think in the end he’ll get Obito’s other eye.

  3. Can someone explain what happened in this Naruto chapter?

    Kakashi looked lame with that eye snatching page. Also the Limbo that Madara is talking about, I did not fully understand it well. Confusion is the same with Sasuke’s eyes.

  4. Kakashi wasn’t so lame,the lame one is sakura,it’s always being sakura,and now she’s at it again,this was her chance to do something actually useful,nobody needs her medical ninjutsu.summoning katsuyu was just for the junoir legendary sannin pose,and katsuyu didn’t really help,so was her heart fisting and horrible kissing of naruto,really wasn’t neccesary.sakura is just the definiton of useless.and only needed when someone needs to look lame in the plot,like know,guess who’s the lame person that let madara gets his eye back?

  5. Sakura is already given. She never failed to show lameness. But Kakashi just getting his eye snatched without having even a small fight is really annoying.

  6. @Saninns

    It looks like Rinbo hengoku is basically making an invisible Shadow Clone. Like a part of yourself existing on the other side, a ghost. When he used it, facing the tailed beasts, his shadow side must have just used powerful Shinra tensei, without anyone seeing it coming. Very slick using it as a substitution. Even though no one’s sensory abilities are anywhere near on the level of those two now, it fooled even them.

    It’s funny we’re just now seeing what nature release shukaku have. It does kinda make sense given the 3rd and 4th kazekage’s abilities, but I wonder what elements make up that release. Anyway, there’s little room for doubt now, Naruto is the jinjurruki of all 9 tailed beasts (separately).

    Do my eyes deceive me, or did Sasuke used his rinnegan to do some kind of teleportation? Look at the first page. Then look closely at pages 10 and 11. And it looks like he can do it to other things and people too. Looks there’s a distance limit though, like a territory, which Madara noticed.

  7. So Maddara is also the Emperor with his ligtning from his hands

  8. @Dek


  9. “Naruto, Sasuke. I am your father…”


  10. Eye

  11. So Pains, Sasukes and Maddaras Rinnegan powers is diffrent for all, so does that means that the powers vary from user to user?

  12. And whats the Point of Sasuke getting his EMS?? he Barley used and now he allready got Another Power up ( in one Eye )

  13. @seda
    my theory on the rinnegan i think its sort of like an omnitrix(ben 10 alien transforming watch anyone??).just like the omnitrix the rinnegan has numerous abilities but you only get to use the one you unlock.
    Lets say summoning the Gedo statue is just one of the perks of the rinnegan,just like the MS=kyubi perk,so everyone can use it.
    Which would explain why pain was blasting away with shinra tensei and spamming puppet,absorbent and soul collecting jutsu while obito came and suck at using anything he probably didn’t have enough time to unlock as nagato did and madara came out with this limbo spiritual self,which has enough physical energy to knockout all nine tailed beast,just how strong is that other madafucker.

  14. There’s a better theory about the rinnegan. Just like the MS, all rinnegan probably have different abilities that varies from individual to individual. Sasuke/Itachi, Obito, Suisui, and Madara all have different MS abilities. Since the rinnegan is an evolution of the MS, there’s a strong possibility that different rinnegans have different abilities.

  15. There is an even better theory,nagato had both eyes at once,so he was probably able to use all the rinnegan abilities to the fullest.obito sucked because he had only one rinnegan and didn’t need both,because all he needed it for was to summon the gedo statue.same goes with madara,hence the reason he isn’t busting out nagato moves,why do you think he’s trying so hard to get the second eye and risks getting sliced in half.am getting pretty sure this shadow self is more SO6P chakra realated than rinnegan tech related

  16. So if madara gets both eyes he’ll be able to do just as much rinnegan as nagato

  17. I think the rinnegan allows for you to create any jutsu because it has control of yin and yang properties. I just think that the basic jutsu were listed on the Uchiha tablet which really should be called the sage’s tablet since he was the one who wrote it. The longer you keep it the more jutsu you can create and more proficient you become at using them. And of course having both eyes would mean everything is enhanced. Probably yin proprties are contained in one eye, and yang proprties in the other.

  18. @UTI

    exactly right. That is the true power of the rinnegan, the power that the Sage, (and the way its going, eventually Madara) possess. True mastery of the yin and yang release. Nagato had the rinnegan all his life, but even he barely scratched the surface. Six paths technique are a given with any rinnegan user. This was proven with obito as he has shown to use those techniques, and yet only possessed the rinnegan for a short period. At the end of the day, the both of them merely borrowed those eyes. They have always been Madara’s, and he is the only one alive right now who can use it to its potential, as soon as he gets his other eye back from obito/zetsu. With Sasuke, we’ll just have to see.

  19. @nss7
    if the case where individual rinnegan having different abilities then i think you are forgetting the fact that it’s just one rinnegan eye going through everyone’s eye socket.gross but true.really who needs a med.nin for an eye transplant these days,when you could snatch one screw in,as easy as fixing a light bulb.
    the dude like flashes his rinnegan to the screen when about to do the limbo technique,i think its obviously a rinnegan tech.and madara does the most powerful jutsu limbo with just one rinnegan.he’s already using the rinnegan to the fullest moreover obito was about to do resuurection jutsu with just one rinnegan,so the two eye theory.wrong
    so technically,the rinnegan makes any jutsu you want reality with yin and yang style.so we are looking at something like gremmy’s(bleach sternritter) ability.i’m sure kishi didn’t have something like that in mind when creating the rinnegan it goes against everything.so wrong

    my omnitrix theory trumps all,look sasuke just unlocked limbo vision ability….the rinnegan has lot of abilities but you only get to use six.just like the omnitrix has 100 aliens but only leaves off ten.so ben10=rinnegan six.get it?

  20. @ gentle

    You forget Sasuske’s rinnegan is the true sharingan/rinnegan. It’s the same one the sage, his mother and the juubi has. Even BIG MAGNUM’s isn’t strong as his. And he only needs one. There are far more than six techniques the rinnegan can do. Each pain body did one, yahiko’s body even had 4 or more. Plus Nagato had mastered every chakra nature allowing him to learn any jutsu, which you can only do if you have the rinnegan. So I’m not understanding how you can say there is a limit. Look at all the jutsu Kakashi has copied and he doesn’t even have the rinnegan.

  21. @gentlepunch
    i can’t tell if you are joking,but you do realize your theory is the one most,how do i put it “off key”

  22. @UTI
    yahiko body had 4 or more rinnegan technique?my my what anime are you watching?did yahiko(deva path pain)do anything other than just gravity based rinnegan jutsu.please do share.and don’t mention element manipulation those aren’t really specific to the rinnegan and not part of the six path technique like kakashi got 4 element without a rinnegan but you already said that and contradicted yourself.so

  23. So one piece is the one that ultimately gets to suffer Jdogg going MIA.again thanks Jdogg for everything if you listening,hope you [don’t] enjoy watching your favourite manga rot away from shannaro’s disscusion.

  24. It’s been awhile since I last post. Since the three mangas are on break, this would be a good time to post my opinion.

    Naruto- I have no ideal what’s going on in this manga. The story went from a manga about shinobi with superpowers to a manga about superpowerful people who call themselves “shinobi”. I’m not saying I hate it but it’s hard for me right now to “pin” down the story to where I can embrace it the way I did in the beginning.

    One piece- One piece has been amazing. I’m glad Sabo got the Mera Mera no mi. Freaking Don flamingo is a beast!! I don’t know how they will take him down! Question, do you think there is anyone in the current arc capable of beating him?

    See ya later alligators!

  25. @Immortal
    Naruto has been pretty good lately. All the main characters are facing one another.

  26. Anyone Play Final Fantasy 14? I made a character that look so much like the Sage, it’s scary. I made him a Conjurer, it kind of fits lol

  27. new chapters are out. Sakura is pretty worthless, Naruto is the man instinctively and still funny, Sasuke is so lonely, and as always Madara is Kishi’s wet dream.


  28. Naruto-not its biggest fan or follower but the recent chapters have been something else. My highlite for this chapter was when kakashi was questioning sasuke’s ambitions. The guy z a hard nut to crack but its enigmas like him that keep me glued to the manga. Honestly though what the fudge does he want???

    One peice-fiiiiinaly the real fight is about to begin. Mingo is pretty ruthless and i kinda feel sorry for luffy going to fight him,he’s gonna get cut up real baaaaad! Twas hilarious to see ussop with the highest bounty,hope the government puts a similar bounty on his head as well. I miss shanks!!

    Bleach-oh jus end the gremmy fight already kubo! Kenny’s nozarashi is badass we all agree but it was wasted on this kid,nnoitora would have put up a much betta fight. Can anyone xplain wat the hell hapened to yachiuru,last we saw she looked saddened by kenchans new zanpaktou! She didnt run off did she?? And i think kubo has forgotten bout ichigo,honestly how many chapters has it been without the main character?!

  29. Hey, if Naruto has the power to restore Kakashi’s left eye, does that mean Sasuke has the power to restore his Sharingan? This idea fits with Tobi’s explanation of Izanami, the technique that applies the lessons of SOSP’s Creation of All things. However, it is not clear if Sasuke would be willing to do give up some of his power to help his old teacher. This chapter demonstrates that we do not know if Sasuke has changed as much as Naruto or Sakura.

  30. By saying that Sasuke could assume the principles of Izanami and the Creation of all things, I mean that Sasuke might be able to use the yin chakra in order to reconstruct Kakashi’s sharingan. In other words, maybe Sasuke has the power to restore Kakashi’s sharingan from memory. As a an Uchiha, he has probably knows how a sharingan feels. Thererfore, perhaps, he can share that feeling with Kakashi.

  31. Did anyone get the feeling that Madara was going to be stuck in the alternate dimension? Sasuke’s acting weird and Kakashi just called him out.

    Somehow, Obito is going to erase his eyes. Madara may have a way out with limbo though.

    Back in the real world, Sasuke once again takes the form of the real villian.


  32. Also I think the rinengan in Sasuke’s eye is not fully awakened since Obito is still hanging on to life. That’s why Madara moved to the other dimension

  33. @siskin sasukes rinnengan has nothing to do with obito in any way. Sasukes rinnengan is sasukes and his alone. And btw…. still on the rin topic sigh… kishi needs to find something else to talk about :-/

  34. @Siskin
    Madara doesn’t need limbo to escape from the other demension. He has Kakashi’s MS so he can kamui is way out. Plus, his limbo shadow is stopped and trapped by Naruto’s clone.

  35. LMAO The look on Ussopp’s face when he got a 500 Million bounty on his head……Priceless.

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