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Naruto Chapter 673 : We Will…!!

Naruto is out.

Click here to read the chapter and discuss below.


8 Responses

  1. Miss those days when ppl competed to be first

  2. Gai’s 8-gates paled in comparison to the damage caused by Naruto’s Magma resensheriken. Not only did Naruto new jutsu beat an incomplete Juubi Madara with one hit but it also slice through the entire width of the God Tree. Insane.

  3. It’s a bit of a stretch, but if Sasuke indeed does have mulitple Dojutsu abilites like Kaguya, he could enhance his own attacks to target Madara’s pathway system like the hyuga, but without the need to actually touch him and sever his ability to regenerate like he does, leaving him and Naruto to deliver whatever uber double whammy they deem fit.

  4. @darthuchiha
    Not sure if any other dojutsu besides a byakugan could attack internally with physical force. Thus far, the rinnegan could yank someone’s life force/soul for an instant kill. But any other relations between the sharingan, rinnegan and byakugan abilities are little.

  5. @nss7
    insane right?That magma blast,definitely ranks top five in my “scenes i’m eager to see animated”list.it was definitely of admiral akainu caliber

  6. A top 5 jutsu list would be interesting to see how many people would rank their top 5 Jutsus.

  7. uuuh so boring that Guy will make it, he should die using that jutsu…
    otherwise good chapter.

    And special thanks to pretend3r for making chapter discussion treads..

  8. @gentlepunch
    you didn’t just say akainu’s caliber.ppl are ranking these present attacks DBZ.(even though i have not watched it)DBZ are supposed to be the gods of the animeverse,so don’t go bringing akainu,a magma brat from one piece.
    my top 5 jutsu list
    3)tailed beast bomb and perfect susano’o
    2)eight gate night moth
    1)floating sage balls

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