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Bleach Chapter 577: Blade

Chapter 577: Blade
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WEll, to sum up this weeks chapter in as few words as possible it would be something like.

‘Holy fucking Shikai’

Before we get to that we basically see everybody else in Sereitei react to Gremmy’s insanity.


Some Shinigami have an idle hope that the dome around Sereitei, the Shakonmaku will destroy this foreign object. There is ofcourse no way in hell it would be capable of destroying something so massive.

By sheer mass, the meteorite just plows through the barrier like its nothing. Even Haschwalt panics at the impeding doom ordering some randoms soldier to protect the King.


The latter seems to casually be observing the whole scene from his throne room.

After all that we go back to the Gremmy duo who goes on a little rant. Telling Zaraki that if he could hypothetically killed Gremmy it wouldn’t make the Meteorite disappear. It is already reality. But as it is Gremmy imagined that everyone will vanish and he shall
be the last one standing. He seems pretty confident that this fight is over.


Well, in the picture above you see Zaraki’s face with a full-on combat stiffy. I don’t think I ever saw him so exited. He isn’t at ‘wits end’ at all. Even going as far as telling Gremmy that he just ran out of tricks to defeat Zaraki.

The captain jumps into the air blade at the ready and then as he appears as a small black spot in front of meteorite he calls forth his Zanpaktou.



With one powerfull strike he smashes the meteorite to bits. Gremmy is at a loss for words as his eyes lay upon Zaraki and his Zanpaktou.

The look fits the man like a glove and guys, it’s no Bankai. Unlike Ichigo, Zaraki never even knew the name of his blade until after his fight against Unohana. The blade never went in a Shikai state. It would never go Bankai after Zaraki just learned his name.

Anyway, it looks freaking awesome! I wonder if it has some special attacks or just amplifies Zaraki’s native strength.


15 Responses

  1. The best thing about this chapter is that it finally ends the long painful debate as to whether or not zarakis zanpakto was already in its shikai state.

  2. Anyone else getting tired of Gremmy childish imagenative behavior? Hope Kenpachi gets rid of him the next chapter. All Gremmy does is brag about how he imagen this and imagen that. Someone needs to shut him up and teach that little brat a lesson or two. I’m surprise that Gremmy even lasted this long (he’s lucky a bastard).

  3. It’s annoying enough,he still got his hands in his freaking pocket.it may be too gory(i guess not for bleach since people get their torso blown away literally).but i want kenpachi to go “first things first”and slash those arms away.
    The only point i gave gremmy was,he was cute but then he gets a ratass face when he laughs or shows bloodlust.his imagination ability was good too,just got boring along the way

  4. @gentlepunch
    Gremmy has some resemblance to Aizen. He’s always been so far above anyone in strength its difficult for him to grasp for someone to stand on equal ground, or even above him.

    Just remember how many excuses/explenations he was coming up in his final fight against Ichigo.

  5. So is everyone else besides myself, pretender, and one more person forgot who it was, still doubting Gremmy’s strength and that this lettering system doesn’t correlate to strength.

  6. @Uchiha

    Yah I dont know how anyone can still think letters corrispond to strength anymore. When you have the next strongest quincy to the king freaking the fuck out when gremmy went all final fantasy on kenny. It does also go to show just how stupidly strong kenny must be now.

    Also gotta love a butchers blade for a butcher lol.

  7. @rash

    His blade fits him. I can’t wait to see his bankai.

  8. The letter rank system is unbelievable,why?cuz he summoned a meteor?hell,admiral futijora summoned a meteor,yet if you rate him in bleach power rankings,he end up in vice admiral level at the least.
    The meteor is nothing special really,since kenpachi destroyed it with one slash from his shikai then maybe 5 to 10 slashes from its normal form would have done the same, just not as cleanly.
    Byakuya’s bankai,few decipating shots from renji’s bankai would have.
    What the B quincy expressed was concern not fright,i mean a few small fry quincy protect the badass king from a truly scary attack?really?
    And lastly just a question,show me someone whether quincy shinigami arrancar or espada,that has been considered at least top ten strongest and get slashed around so easily and had to be giving breathing space not to die??

  9. @pretend3r
    please compare gremmy with anyone else other than aizen,a!zen was a freaking power house genius,who best all the captains(put together by the way) and almost surpassed yamamoto.where why and how the hell do gremmy compare with that,aizen is the strongest shinigami,gremmy isn’t the strongest quincy ignoring the letter ranking now.those two senoir quincy were obviously stronger,so is the B quincy.and then that thing about nobody challenging him,he must be talkin’bout other quincy not other sternritters cuz(sternritters are elite quincy so other quincy would view them as monsters).the superstar quincy from a while ago was obviously more powerful,defeating two captains and going for a third.

  10. I never once said Gremmy was the strongest, i said that his power far exceeds this so called letter ranking system if the two were supposed to correlate. That was my goal to disprove this notion. Also, using Kenpachi as a staple really doesn’t give due justice. Kenpachi makes 95% of all his adversaries look weak. For him to survive this long is proof that he is by no means a push over, and don’t forget Kenpachi is fighting at the level he unlocked when fighting Unohana. True he probably isn’t using all this new found power, but he’s definitely using some, and that puts him at an even stronger level than he was when he went against the king when the war started.

  11. @gentlepunch.
    I wasn’t really comparing the strength of Gremmy vs. Aizen. I was comparing their personalities.

  12. “For him to survive this long is proof that he is by no means a push over”
    Exactly!if kenpachi didn’t want him to survive this long he would just do this;

    and there,he would’ve been just the regular push over,who’s not in kenpachi’s league.
    Kenpachi may be a badass monster but he’s on the same level as byakuya and not that unimaginably far from other captains.it was obvious that kenpachi would have won without unlocking his power,infact he initally found him unworthy of testing his shikai and when gremmy summoned a meteor.kenny just left him like shit and ran straight for the meteor.
    Besides if it were kenpachi vs H quincy(bazz B)i see him giving kenpachi at least a damn bruise for THREE whole chapters.
    And one more thing,the J quincy(quilgly opie)admited that ishida was stronger and guess what lettter ishida got next chapter

  13. @gentle punch

    Opie said ishida should be stronger then him, not that he was. Secondly it is expliciatly stated that ishida was made next in line to force him to stay close to the king, to rely on his protection from the other quincys who dont exactly trust or like him. And brining any other manags power rankings to try and prove a point is foolish, as they dont correspond at all to each other as they are seperate universes. Third if kenny could so easily kill gremmy as you suggest, he would have already. At the start of the war he killed 3 quincy on his way to attack the king. The letters are simply a social ranking system nothing more.

  14. It seems that i miss the whole alphabet system debate.maybe it would help to know that royd and loyd,the guys who impersonated the quincy king,had a “Y” ranking in other words the least strongest.but kenpachi was able to beat three sternritters before reaching him.if they were the least strongest they would not have being able to beat kenpachi so easily and make yamamoto use his bankai.

  15. Cool chapter,the gremmy fight finally ended and things can move on,it wasn’t really a battle though,kenpachi dominated and gremmy just kept on bragging and pulling futile effort,until the last moment when he deep fried kenpachi extra crispy(those looking for a bruise on kenpachi there it is).so ken and kuchiki byakuya,i wonder who’s more of a monster now

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