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Bleach Chapter 576 : The Killers High 2

Chapter 576: The Killers High 2
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The battle of the most powerful continues. With Gremmy getting exited for battle. It it simply two guys enjoying a battle unlike they ever experienced before.

Gremmy getting more creative with his attack. At one point Gremmy intentionally lets Kenpachi hit him. He locks the blade in his body. Zaraki not able to pull it back. Then spawns a massive hand to flatten the Captain.

Zaraki escapes easily and actually manages to catch Gremmy off focus landing in a hit. Also from the bit of dialog after it seems he can’t heal when he is attack or defending.


Zaraki doesn’t stop attacking during this time actually getting in another hit, and another. Gremmy actually starts to imagine his defeat. Zaraki notices it aswell and asks the young man about it. Gremmy comes to the realization and thanks him for it.

After that he imagines himself again, creating another him, pretty much the same way he imagined ‘The Vanish’ into existence. I find it someone odd he said (from mangastream translation) I am even capable of creating ‘Life’. He goes on to say that neither one can be cleaved(cut) and neither of them can die. Also its a big strange to say the power of imagination has doubled aswell.


He spawns a flipping meteorite ready to fall down onto Sereitei. Kenpachi though…

Is getting a getting a combat stiffy as he calls out to Nozarashi (Storm Scarred). the name of his Zanpaktou I am assuming.


3 Responses

  1. @pretend3r

    First off nice review

    Its not really strange when gremmy says his power of imagination doubled, as he just cloned another version of himself. After all as he said and you pointed out, gremmy says he can create life with his imagination, so he created another him and bam imagination power doubled. Its not gonna matter though, cause if Kenny is calling out his swords name its either going shikai(which would be odd) or bankai. Unless its just him throwing out some kind of battle cry.

  2. This may just be the name of Kenpachi’s sword and not his bankai. We have never heard Kenpachi called the name of his sword before. For Kenpachi to go to bankai without at least addressing the original name of his sword would be a little too much. Kenpachi should at least use his normal sword’s power to it’s full extent before going bankai.

  3. Holy shit!if someone told me that was a bankai,i’d believe anyway.i wonder when kubo is gonna let ken go bankai,its gonna take a while since the shikai is enough for the situation.kenpachi should just hurry up and kill gremmy,its becoming boring

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