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Naruto Chapter 672 : Night Guy!!!

Naruto is out.

Click here to read the chapter and discuss below.

31 Responses

  1. It’s been a while since I enjoyed all three chapters in the same week 🙂

  2. Great chapter. Kishi has been producing great chapters for the past month. The only thing I can pick at with this chapter is the cheesy fact that naruto “saved” gai just by touching him. Hopefully this new power can be explained in the next chapter.

  3. Gai’s technique turned out to be nothing but a moth and damn good.didn’t understand the distort space part but it was virtuoso.it was pure taijutsu too and madara got treated like a bitch all through the time the eight gate lasted.oh and kishi nailed the naming with Night guy by the way.
    I guess we can name “guy’s eight gate” the most powerful technique in naruto.

  4. Naruto being sage is old news.sasuke is currently the one to be amped about talk about a sage samurai

  5. Madara is unbeatable in a one to one match. He has rapid healing powers that’s unstoppable. His wounds, bones and organs will heal in a matter of seconds. Gai wasted his 8-gates for no reason. Might Gai is too predictable and Madara already knew it was coming.

  6. Such a cool chapter and so few comments. Anyway. I loved this chapter, gave me a dbz feeling, unfortunately kid buu(madara) is just too much but awesome effort on gais part. If he didn’t do what he did madara could have slaughtered the whole alliance. It wasn’t a waste.

  7. @nss7

    Guy wasted nothing, even Madara full admitted he didn’t know if he would survive the attack from Guy. If anything Guy just did more damage to Madra then anyone else thus far, by a huge margin.

    Awesome chapter overall, nice to see Guy basically pull off the strongest taijutsu attack in all of narutoverse, that we have seen. If that had been anyone else but a Sage6 madara, they would have been dust.

  8. @kaizoku&Nss7
    exactly,madara would have got bored and stomped the alliance in an instant,gai 7th gate wasn’t helping as he even made himself a liability and had to be bailed by lee.the 8th gate remains the best choice both in the narutoverse and plotwise.and what’s more was it would have looked meaningless if he died.so it wasn’t a sucide thanks to naruto and at this point i really didn’t care how gai came back even it was edo tensei,as long as he came back it was checkmate,unlike neji who was killed just for the cheesy moment of it,the gai’s part has really been consistent and good storytelling by kishi.

  9. I would love to see Gai being Edo’d and doing the 8th gate release continously.

  10. i really didn’t care how gai came back even it was edo tensei

    I meant rinnie tensei the rinnegan’s reanimation,edo gai would be a zombie its a false tempoary life

  11. @rash & Sannins
    Gai could’ve stall time with 7-gates. He was able to block Madara’s attack and dodge. There was no reason for him to go to 8-gates. Madara wouldn’t have been killed either way, so Gai should’ve just stuck to 7-gates knowing that the result of Madara surviving the attack wouldn’t have changed.

  12. @nss7
    Put your self in Guy shoes and not in a readers shoes… Guy don´t know that Kishi made so that Maddara would survive only to be beaten by Naruto and Sauske..

    And I hope that Guy will die, the hole Point with that jutsu is that you die, and making him come back by Naruto just make it silly

  13. My thoughts on this chapter:

    1. Is it just me, or does Madara seems kinda like a masochist? From his constant fights against an obviously superior opponent while he was alive, the absolute glee in his expressions when he fought strong opponents like Naruto, Gai, hashirama(when he sensed his return), the Five kages(at first, until he realized how weak they really are). And those rare moments when he gets slapped around or held down, he always had that smirk on his face. This dude’s like an evil Kenpachi. Except at least Kenpachi takes the initiative every know an then and strike first. Every since he came back, whenever he fights someone he takes a rather reactive fighting style. He appears where the action is heaviest, talks shit, and then takes a ‘come at be bro’ attitude, then when he get bored, he moves on to someone/something else.

    He’s like the internet troll of the Naruverse.

    2. Gai’s eight gate wasn’t a waste of time and Madara was right in thinking he could have possibly died from the onslaught. Taijutsu and Sage techniques are the only thing that has any real affect against him in this form. That was proven when Obito went through his transformation As hard as it is for anyone to believe right now, Madara is still mortal, and a jinjurruki. Even if it is the ten tails, jinjurruki are not exactly incapable of death. Also this is all still new territory for Madara. Sure it was obvious he was enjoying himself, but he still doesn’t know the extent of his abilities, and the Eight Gates has shown to be the most powerful Taijutsu technique ever.

    Besides, anything that can prevent Madara from annihilating everyone on the spot (which he’s entirely capable of doing), is not a waste of time.

    THE DUDE DISTORTED SPACE FOR CHRIST SAKES! With just his body! No Ninjutsu or anything external involved. All Taijutsu, Y’all have any idea how crazy that is? That should’ve not been possible. That is DBZ level of power! Madara had EVERY right to be surprised.

    3. It’s unlikely, but it’s possible that Sasuke has gain a new set of eyes after the ordeal with the Sage. Maybe the rinnegan, or perhaps a whole new different mutation altogether. It seems to me that kishi is planning to finally put the last nail on the Coffin on the Senju and the Uchiha Clan. No one from the Senju is confirmed to be alive,( except for maybe tsnuade, and she’s not planning on procreating) and the uzumaki clan which as been wiped out. Obito, Madara, and Sasuke, are the only members of the Uchiha Clan left, and I have no doubt that obito and Madara will meet their graves by the end of the series, and Sasuke may have changed forever, to the point where you wouldn’t really call him a Uchiha. This whole ninja thing started with those two clans, and it might end with them as well. That’s just my theory though.

  14. @ Darth

    Karin is still alive, she may even be Naruto’s aunt, because she has the same chakra chains as Kushina just a different color.

  15. @darthuchiha

    Completely agree with every point you made there, perfect summation of the current situation.

  16. @darthuchiha
    I agree with your point. The way I was looking at it was that in both scenario with Gai’s gate, the results were the same. Gai was defeated in both cases, almost got killed in both cases and got saved in both cases.

  17. @dartuchiha
    i can realate to madara in terms of that,i’m exceptional good at video games/arcade,if i do say so myself.and when i meet a tough COM or a holy shit elite,like myself.i get that glee expression you were talkin’bout.its not been a masochist,its been too good,too cool.i thought i was the only one getting a DBZ vibe,i was getting a vegeta vs buu vibe,with the whole sucide/regeneration thingy.maybe SSJ2 will be overdoing it but gai was definitely SSJ
    when comapring both gates scenario,you forgot the most important part.the ass-whooping lecture which could only be taught to madara by an eight gate gai.and madara just got slapped around all through the class.7th gate would’ve been dead in “seconds” obviously.

  18. The fuck’s going on?after another awesome chapters from the big three,no comment at all.Wow!shannaro really is dead.you guys totally killed the vibe of these awesome moments in manga history.Boo! to all the admin and thumbs down to the members and a finger to both.(pretend3r and some members are excused though)

  19. isnt it ironic shannaro participation went down when u started running your mouth gentle?… just a observation, maybe a coincidence… i dont think it is though

  20. Naruto and sasuke just went all awesome.looks like kishi is gonna feed us with two most amazing fight consecutively.sasuke didn’t become a sage samurai and didn’t get sasuke a change of costume(kishi’s taking sides),but at least he got the rinnegan or should i say sharinegan and were those six tomoe,it looks badass and a totally different level from madara.

  21. @token
    Huh?well this provoke a caesar clown laughter…shilololololololo.
    Why the hell will you blame me for the blog demise your smartiness?surely your shrewd brain making observations here and there should have noticed that,IF THE DAMN PARTICIPATIONS WERE UP I WOULDN’T GIVE SHITS IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!.well only a retard wouldn’t notice that simple fact.oh!that must mean you……

  22. I’ll say more when I actually time on my hands, but I’ll say this:

    I think at within the next few chapters we’ll see Sasuke utilize the power of ALL three dojutsus in battle.

  23. Things are actually picking up real good,am not envisioning a plothole filled dissapointing end everyone thought would happen.Naruto got a new outfit for his mode and praise god it isn’t a turtle neck or the same old classic cheesy hokage coat.IMO the outfit was the best ever.and were those ‘pain rods’ naruto was holding?i think they would be too villian-like though.not to mention that magma rasenshuriken was quite something, can he utilize all the tailed beast element.
    What was that limbo technique madara tried?i think i heard it in a chapter before
    hehehe…sasuke haters better be ready to b*tch next chapter with the usual random power ups.
    you really should take it easy

  24. nah gentle no matter what ur the type to complain or bitch about something. Ive seen enough ppl like you to know rofl. awfully defensive r we

  25. @ Sannins

    Limbo was the tech he used against the tailed beasts to subdue them.

  26. Sasuke’s new rinnegan looks like a new prototype. Neither the Sage or Madara had the new version that Sasuke just gotten from his new upgrade. http://www.mangapanda.com/naruto/673/18 So sick.

    The limbo attack was used against all the tailed beast to knock them out.

  27. @nss7 interestingly the juubi itself had a similar eye though…. so is sasukes eyes stronger than teh sages were?

  28. Sasuke has the eye Kaguya and the juubi had. This is the true version of the sharingan/rinnegan. It was said that Kaguya had the byakugan for her primary eyes, and the sharingan as the third. It really leads back to what Kakashi said long ago that the rinnegan was a mutation. It was a mutation/derivative of the original eyes Kaguya had.

  29. @sannins
    Is it just me or does naruto jacket resembles vice asmiral smoker’s jacket at first glance*just saying*.ya,if kishi really takes cheesy out of everything,we have nothing but pure badass.he didn’t go with the hokage jacket so everyone will go “!” He looks just like minato and jiraiya or have him(naruto) shine like a torch and be the light of the future.taking the jacket off it’s a badass black ninja outfit.
    i wont be defensive if you weren’t attacking.ya,i am the type to bitch about things i don’t like,its a compliment really

  30. @UTI&Nss7
    i reread the bijuu and madara battle.it seems a whole chapter was even named after it.”rinbo hengoku”.from what i saw,it looks like a more powerful version of pain’s shinra tensei.but then if it was something like shinra tensei how did naruto dodge it,it’s supposed to be unaviodable

  31. @sannins

    I think it was meant to show his speed upgrade he got from meeting with the Sage.

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