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Bleach Chapter 575: The Killers High

Chapter 575: The Killers High
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Zaraki is having no slowing down in the least still attacking Gremmy at every opportunity. The battle arena is looking a bit worse for wear as half of the structure is crumbled.


A good distance away Sternritter Ashkin is casually lounging watching the battle from afar, with the patented Quincy Picnick basket.The sternritter is well aware of who is fighting who over there noting that he is quite impressed that Zararki Kenpachi is fighting on par with Gremmy.

Another sternritter comes to join him. Ashkin calls him Pepe. We seen this man briefly before when he was observing an argument between Bazz-B and Hacshwalt.

The talk doesn’t long as Ashkin feels he isn’t quite safe from Gremmy’s ‘Cataclysm’. Pepe agrees with him on this. Ashkin does display a certain respect toward Gremmy’s power. So this pretty much confirms he is one of the strongest(if not the strongest) sternritter.

The chapter switches back to the fight at hand. Kenpachi tells Yachiru to go down below to go find Kotetsu who still is alive. So she should be able to fix her arm up.

Gremmy finally opens his mouth, commending Zaraki for figuring out that Gremmy’s power got nullified.


Zaraki says it was an obvious fact, then calling him out. During the exchange Zaraki yells out that he is going to knock Gremmy down the food chain, also to stop dicking around and really get to fighting. That getting distracted by anyone other than your opponent means your are not in a proper fight.

After his little speech Zaraki starts of the fight once more. But his words stirred up something inside Gremmy. No one within the Sternritter ever said something like that to him before. From the beginning no one dared oppese him noting that everyone know that he is indeed the strongest.

Because of this Gremmy never felt the need to prove himself by randomly slaughtering people or being someone into submission.

Do you feel lucky? Punk.

Do you feel lucky? Punk.

But Zaraki…. awakened the urge the mercilessly destroy his enemy. He creates a wall of guns(an idea stolen from The Mask no doubt as the gif clearly shows) and rains down metal on Zaraki. Without pause he add more than a few ballastic missiles to the mix ready to fire down at him.

Even amidst the following explosion Zaraki manges to cut one of them in half forcing Gremmy to take his hands out of his pockets to protect him from the blast.

Zaraki holds up his Zanpaktou. Telling Gremmy that he made it very happy.

I wonder though if Gremmy’s newfound battle rage will cloud his imagination.


30 Responses

  1. Nice review,i was trying to recall where i’ve seen those Guns,then you said the mask,and everything came back,LOL….i really enjoyed that crazy movie then.
    I wonder how far off the rails “the quincy use only bow and arrows”is goona go.the girl with the cop costume,the jailer and the fear quincy’s abilities where all bow and arrow like.even if lot of things were added,but with gremmy its completely off.kubo must regret making ishida say as now he wants to do more and contradicting himself.
    Kenpachi is really dissapointing.renji,byakuya and even rukia came back badasses and pawned thier quincy.But kenpachi who everyone opted for,returns and started doing same old same old.and are they really fighting on par?wouldn’t gremmy just imagine kenpachi’s bones to be liquid or that he has the brain of a fish.is there a limit or condition?but he did it pretty easy against yachiru.i doubt we’ll get an explanation because kenpachi will just keep on slashing and slicing instead to think up a strategy.

  2. It was stated near the beginning of this arc that Ishidas family was purists, the main reason they broke away was because the quincys started using abilities and tactics that went against the traditions of the quincys (ie only using bows, as swords were a shinigami weapon). It also helps to explain why Ishida lacked training in certain techniques that seem fundamental to all quincys but him, such as the use of blute. Finally Ishida has also used a reitsu arrow in the past as a sword.

  3. @Pretend3r: first of all a gold star for trying hard to keep everybody happy. You created a discussion thread to keep the Naruto fans talking, then turned around and wrote your normal great review early. You are a very good camper. Thank you for being there.

    On to Zaraki. Something does not seem to be ringing completely true. Someone else remarked that it else a little odd that no one felt his spirit energy until he entered that raised fighting area that Gremmy created. Usually the captain is felt way out front of his physical presence. Also this version of Yachira, seems to be more whimpy, laid back and calmer than I remember. Almost as if she was distracted, maybe because she is running herself, as well as maybe a Kenpachi puppet. Does anyone else feel that kind of vive??? I am not certain that we have seen the real Kenpachi Zaraki yet.

  4. I think it is Kenpachi, I think the fact that no one felt his presence till he started fighting is a result of his training with Unohana. The reason he spiritual energy was always roaring was because he was so out of sync with his zanpakto. His sword was screaming for attention, literally, we saw that when he fought Ichigo the first time.

    I was skeptical too, until this chapter, no one takes an eye patch off other than the real Kenpachi Zaraki, and no one does it better either

  5. @sannins
    Kenpachi is only warming up. He’ll go beast mode once he gets going.

    Great point. It Makes a lot of sense that only pure breed Quincy could use blunt technique.

    I still have doubt too that the real Kenpachi may not be present. Kenpachi usually doesn’t waste his time with weak opponents unless sterritter “V” has fooled him in believing that he’s the strongest.

  6. @Alerie

    That was me who stated that last week. It still seems like something is off for Zaraki. The reiatsu thing was a clear giveaway. Then again maybe this is close to begin all that Zaraki has learned because Grammy is strong. And also like I mentioned before, I t it’s pretty clear their letters have nothing to do with their power levels.

  7. Please pardon the cell phone auto correct errors.

  8. @UchihaTheInfamous
    We don’t know if the letter system is true yet. Sterritter “V” hasn’t made a scratch on Kenpachi who isn’t even trying.

  9. Ishida bleach wikia

  10. http://bleach.wikia.com/wiki/Ury%C5%AB_Ishida


    according to both links,ishida is an “A” sternritter a position belonging to the boss quincy himself.
    And haschwalt(the aizen-ish quincy)is second in command and a “B” quincy.
    That does it in proving that the letters grows where the badass goes(or whatever)

  11. The ranking are just like the espada,besides(like sannins said)if the “V” was so great,why not imagine kenpachi dead or imagine no oxygen,he’s just a daydreaming brat.his The mask move was cool though,but i still hate him.
    Still,gremmy’s power has to rank top 5 in my anime search for power list.i mean you could get a girl and turn her into your mind’s goddess just imagine her ass and the boobs and *nosebleeds*……….

  12. @rash
    The reason they broke off,was because of Vollstandig not because they were using other abilities.and vollstandig is just like the quincy letz stil ishida used back then.it doesn’t really give them added abilities like fire fear and imagination,and gremmy obviously isn’t using volstandig

  13. V is obviously powerful enough that two “higher letter ranked” quincy are afraid to be around him fighting. So once again I don’t believe the letter ranking has anything to do with power, rather it has to do with a social ordering sytem of sorts (king, duke/earl/lord/sir etc).

  14. @rash
    What other high ranking sterritter was scared of Gremmy? The only one that was scared was another letter “V” sterritter that was killed not too long ago. That’s a low letter.

  15. @ UchihaTheInfamous: I use a seven inch tablet and its autocorrect drives me crazy. πŸ™‚

  16. @ Alerie

    It is, lol.


    That other “v” was one of Gremmy’s creations. It was a plot device to show how powerful his imaginations is.

  17. @nss

    The other two sternritter talking about the Kenny and V fight

  18. I don’t think the two sternritter would refer to someone they were scared of as a daydreaming brat

    And they were more like
    “i don’t wanna let this guy shit get to me”
    “OMG!we’ll be incinerated by his reiatsu if we stay here any longer”

  19. While initially I would have thought that letters equivalated to power level, this chapter undoubtedly steps on that assumption. It does seem like a social ranking as @rash explained.

    My take on Gremmy’s power is that his power is by raw comparison probably the most powerful since he can make anything basically happen if he focused hard enough. There are several limitations to this however:
    1. He’s a child. His imagination and perspective on life is very limited to the life he has lived so far. So as compared to an adult who has a entire life to draw creativity from, Gremmy only has what he has so far seen.
    2. He’s been basically sidelined by the rest of the Sternreitter for most of his existence due to the lack of people challenging him since they had “acknowledged” his strength. This is completly the other end of the spectrum in comparison to Ichigo. While ichigo was amazingly strong the moment he became a Shinigami, he never stopped growing because he has always fought stronger, more experienced people until he was able to overcome them. Additionally, the amount of experience gained from constant clashing drives spontaneous creativity. Since Gremmy never has had this (seemingly), he is much weaker and this limits his full potential.
    3. His power is limited to only the main target of his focus which limits the scope of his power I.e. the cookie domes of Yachiru.
    4. He’s never fought a crazed son of a b*|€# like Kenpachi. Enough said.

    Honesty, this fight will be really interesting up until the point where Kenpachi just uses his new found powers to just crush Gremmy and make him realize the child that he is.

  20. Once again Grammy shows his strength, and the huge downside, and it’s categorically confirmed that he created the other “v” and his powers. So essentially he created an almost vice captain level strength character, there is no way to deny it now that his strength is at least top 5. Another blow to the notion that letters equate to power levels. Even though i’ve been saying this for weeks now giving the same proof that was confirmed today.

  21. He even pulled an Uchiha Madara with meteor thing.

  22. Finally, we get to see the true form of Kenpachi’s sword.

  23. Bleach had to join the ” attack with a meteor out the sky ” club. I grade it 1. Madara 2. The Admiral 3. Gremmy.

  24. One peice is getting good again. Hope sum1 takes up its chapter reviews soon.
    Bleach-still waiting for the climax of this fight. Im not sure if i like this pairing either,kenny vs gremmy. One prefers confrontational slashing and the other is more into arial attacks. It sets up for an interesting battle yes because they are opposites of a spectrum, but the kenny vs nnoitora fight proved just why back to back confrontational slashing is the best kind of fight there is.

  25. Watcha’yall talkin about?”V” is damn weak,kenpachi has to be the slowest captain and look what happens when he goes quick feets.soi fong sends this V bitch to hell in a second.that gremmy can’t use shunpo(or the quincy form of it)and he’s obviously shit physically

  26. Kenpachi bankai is here and guess what’s not suprising its something kickass enough to take on a big ass meteor.*too curious too amped*

  27. @UchihaTheInfamous
    Kenpachi almost killed Gremmy without removing his eye patch and he hasn’t receive a single scratch. Thus far, Gremmy is still weak.

  28. @nss

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but he didn’t take his eye patch off against the fake Juha and got annihilated anyway.

  29. @cas24
    “Bleach had to join the ” attack with a meteor out the sky ” club.”

    LOL…ever since naruto did it and one piece followed up,i wasn’t too surprised when bleach the most powerful of the three universe was joined.

    my take on the sternritter letter ranking is.well,last week i was leaning towards the letters are random or probably the order in which they joined the sternritters but this weeks’s chapter actually support both notion because,what gremmy did is one of the largest scale quincy attack ever shown but i’ve never seen kenpachi pawn someone so easily just because he got a bit serious and ken had to even give him some breathing space so he wouldn’t die so easily

  30. @UchihaTheInfamous
    You can’t bring the king into this. The king would own everybody

    Kenpachi never takes anyone seriously. Otherwise, he would get bored for killing them too quickly. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-5tYR5FSTI3Q/TmfI46PkRGI/AAAAAAAAA0Q/IleAso25kLM/s1600/Bleach+Manga+463+Extreme+Divider+02.jpg

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