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Naruto Chapter 671 : Naruto and the sage of the six paths

Naruto is out.

Click here to read the chapter and discuss below.


17 Responses

  1. Great chapter, a little confusing at first but I chalk it up to translation. It seems SoSP has been having a similar conversation with Sasuke this whole time, cool move Kishi. A little confused as to whether Rabbit Goddess is SoSP’s Mom or Indra and Ashura’s Mother. Gai is a Beast in any color. Madara is a power hungry bitch who doesn’t know when he is beat so now he can’t be.

    Naruto is gonna make the sickest sage ever!!

  2. Read Mangapanda, it’s slightly better translated.

  3. Kishi really is becoming more terrible at nick-naming,first it was the RABBIT GODDESS,the hell’s with that,when i hear that the first thing that pops in my head is a woman surrounded by rabbits or kind to animals,it just looks like something out of a cinderella or snow white fairy tale.definitely not fit for describing an uber-powered female,who kicked the world ass into peace.
    Then gai’s gate technique
    morning peacock-the peacock’s good when you consider the nature of the ability and all
    Afternoon tiger-yeah,awesome and ferocious,deserving name for such a kickass technique
    Evening elephant-WTF?how can we go from something so scary as the tiger to something less scary as the elephant?what happened to dragons.but then elephants are kinda scary too with big feet to bitchslap you to the ground and i figured there would be a badass night which will go with the dragon
    NIGHTmoth-a moth?an insect??really???kishi can really become dull when he wishes it.
    Kudos to oda eiichiro for his nick-naming techniques
    P.S-someone please tell gai not to utter a sentence with the word “YOUTH” in it,it’ll just be sad,not funny,not ironic,just sad really.

  4. From Green beast gai to grandpa gai.shilololololololo!

  5. history’s gonna look back at the awesome team7 bearing the sage son’s spirit and blessed by the sage himself…………and sakura,sakura couldn’t get more left out of this could she?

    Sakura:Just when i thought i was catching up with me yin seal,even now sasuke and naruto are recieving some crazy sage goodness.and i’m here doing my pointless healing things as usual

  6. All thing yin and yang… I’m calling it that the Sage’s brother is the link to the demon world. . Grand daddy of all demons. Whereas Sage of the six paths is the human link. The whole demon thing has been left unexplained.

  7. So No Hagoromo has Given Both Sasuke and Naruto the Power of Ninshu? thats pretty cool. I wonder what they are now capable of doing. will naruto still use Sage mode and Beast mode or has this new power surpassed that? hmmmm…

  8. This is what happens when someone is so powerful gets consumed by evil and becomes a demon.

    Rabbit goddess = Death god Reaper

  9. So the byakugan and sharigan do go hand and hand. Kakashi was right after all but I think they deliberatively left that info out of history so no one would try to get both eyes. Maybe the byakugan actually had secrets no one found out about yet but I doubt that will come into play at this point

  10. Actually the hyuga clan is much more strict in protecting their eyes than the uchiha so maybe they been protection themselves from the uchiha all this time?

  11. This has been leading to the two of them getting the ultimate “twin” power to combine for ages. Looks like its finally happening. The: once the brothers work together they can’t be beat, just like their dad.

  12. So what’s it going to be, potara earrings or fusion dance?

  13. Is it an incorrect translation that the rabbit goddess is the mother of indra and ashura?

  14. yeah, mangastream messed it up and mangapanda got it right, which in my opinion is rare

  15. This was one of the better chapters. Between Naruto and Sasuke, it seems that Naruto had everything handed down to him and everyone making decisions for him like being the “destine child.” However, for Sasuke, he made all his decisions on his own by choosing to train with Oro, picking members for his team snake/hawk, negotiating with Tobi, deciding to meet with the hokage’s and choosing to join the alliance.

  16. @nss7
    yeah,at first i was thinking,naruto is getting the “destined child” treatment again and sasuke the must be saved evil twin.why can’t the sage reach indra like he did ashura.he’s making the same mistake over again.and then kishi brought the turn around.i don’t know if we are to assume he had the exact same conversation with sasuke but the answer had to positive for him to bestow the blessing.naruto vs sasuke is looking unlikely with each chapter

  17. From about half way into this manga since the time skip I knew sasuke and naruto would never really have an all out death match. It goes against everything Kishi has been pointing this manga towards, which is peace over war and forgiveness over revenge. At best I think we can hope for is a Rocky Apollo creed ending at this point for Naruto x Sasuke.

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