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Naruto Chapter 670 : The Floating Elder

Naruto is out.

Click here to read the chapter and discuss below.

I hope someone will pick up the Naruto chapter reviews again.


27 Responses

  1. Soooo what happened to the Sage of the Six Path’s brother? So apparently the sage only had half of the Juubi sealed in him while the other half is in his brother. So that means Madara has only half of the Juubi’s full power. So somewhere in the world that is not yet introduced into the Narutoverse there are people or beings that hold the other half of the Juubi’s power (the Juubi power from the SoSP brother). Did anyone else pick up on this or am I missing something from a previous chapter that negates this theory?

  2. Yeah I agree with the previous comment that it sounded like the Demon rabbit came from other planet. The manga does not really answer where she came from. Like a super being coming into earth and claiming to be God.

    Also, Kishi really needs to get his self together. I know it’s cool to have Hagoromo talking to naruto but the revelations are really anti-climatic.

    Where is Hagoromo’s brother? who are their father?

  3. Well in the ancient laws she came from the Moon but apparently the Sage of the six paths created the moon so that wouldnt link up with ancient mythology well.

    I like that the sage has a brother it adds more mystery to the story.

  4. do you think Naruto is going to be able to Unlock Ninshuu if the sage entrusts him with a certain knowledge? Ashura was meant to be the successor to the Sage.

  5. you would think naruto would be able to inherit Ashura’s Ninshu. and also would Naruto inherit any previous successor’s abilities?

  6. @pretend3r

    Cesc is back, and think he previously mentioned picking them back up if I’m not mistaken.

  7. Funny fact about the moon, if you no anything about physics then you know that without a moon to stabilize a planets rotation it will wabble, which causes major tidal problems and all sorts of atmospheric problems lol. So basically without the tailed beast moon, even if naru&company win their planet is already straight up fuckt.

  8. @rash
    the ten tails was sealed in the moon,it isn’t the moon itself

  9. @Uchiha
    I hadn’t seen any lately, so it got me wondering.

  10. @pretender

    When he shows back up I’ll ask him.

  11. Okidoki.

  12. (Uchihas)
    Madara and Izuna Uchiha were never the first Uchihas to uncover the MS? http://www.mangapanda.com/naruto/670/19

    (old vs new)
    The new surpassing the old was all BS. It’s more like the new copycatting the old. All the current generations of ninja have done nothing original. Naruto and sasuke are using Jutsus that ancient ninjas have already done. They did not develope any new jutsu stronger. The old are still on a level of their own.

  13. @mss

    The old surpassing the new kinda went out the window once MEGA MAGNUM and BIG MAGNUM SHOWED up.

  14. (random thought) its funny how before people was dissing bleach cause they didnt like the direction. now people are dissing naruto for the same reason hopping on the bleach bandwagon on a naruto blog site. im just wondering if there are true loyal naruto kishi supporters cause the mindless bashing of kishi was old along time ago. i just think if truly dont like the manga anymore find a new cause the people who actually enjoy the manga dont want to hear it.

  15. General comment, I don’t think the unlocking MS thing is gone, likely Indra died without passing on the technique or his bloodline thinned. So in clan history and what Madara remembered may be correct as far as he knew… Madara also didn’t know about Hagoromo’s brother unless he just ignored that detail.


    Part of the problem is that Kishi has abandoned many things that drew us in, and so we keep reading because we loved the story, and we desperately want to love it again.

    I have found a new manga, Fairy Tail, and it’s a pretty fun read so far. Bleach I have always read, but it lacked the detail of techniques, etc. that Naruto had and Naruto was so self-consistent it was a really fun read. Now it is not in many places and it takes the fun out of it.

    A lot of times an author has trouble wrapping up a story, it often reads in such a way that you know it’s an ending and that is not entertaining, but if you already read all but the last chapter, you still want to know how it ends.

  16. @nss7
    First of all, HOLY FUCK this chapter is plagued with so many references! I saw harry potter, the matrix, star wars, and Transformers just from skimming the chapter lol

    Anyway, Up till now, whenever Indra was shown when SOSP is talked about, he had those rinnegan-like eyes, now he’s shown to have the sharingan. It seems like the Rinnegan is only a mutation, an upgrade to the sharingan after all, and not a genetic trait like the other dojutsus.

    Or maybe kishi just changed his mind.

    What is strange is that Madara never mentioned Hagoromo’s brother and the fact that he also help seal the ten tails away. How could SOSP go down in history and yet it’s like his family didn’t exist? Something tells me he met a grim fate shortly after that incident……

  17. @Nss7
    “The new surpassing the old was all BS. It’s more like the new copycatting the old.”
    how wrong.the new surpassing the old is going pretty well,hence the incessant bashing of the edo tensei legends being defeated easily.that aside saying the new surpass the old doesn’t necessarily mean a battle btw new and old, new wins.the old are still at a level you know.so dont expect a kage level like muu or jokey boy mizukage to be defeated by a chuninn or even jounin level,but you sure can count on a new generation kage level gaara to beat them.so each to their own level.
    same goes for the god levels,naruto will definitely supass hashi and sasuke madara,they seem a bit off now,but i’ll let you imagine them at 50 years.
    “They did not develope any new jutsu stronger.”

    huh?should i make a list?
    Naruto-rasenshuriken-surpass minato
    sasuke-kagastuchi and susaano with legs-surpass itachi
    naruto-sage mode-supass jiraiya
    Neji-was on his way
    shikamaru-surpass all the intelligent
    orochimaru-surpass the 3rd
    chouji-surpass his father’s fatness no jutsu
    sasuke again-surpass kakashi childori.
    I could go on and on.
    basically all konaha 11 are on thier way off being elite and surpassing their sensei by far

  18. haha Fatness no jutsu…
    oh god, now it’s gonna stick lol.

  19. @ sannin as far as the new surpassin the old.. When it comes to senseis yea the pupils have surpassed them. Than again two of th main characters have been spoon fed power ups literally since birth in narutos case and the two most powerful shinobi even in Edo form (which has been continually confirmed as weaker than their real bodies) r older generation shinobi. Even now with sasukes power ups it’s still quite debatable if he has surpassed itachi… Itachi has always been the superior shinobi and even against kabuto SASUKE was taking instructions from itachi…. New surpassing the old my ass

  20. @sannin seeing as how the new has surpassed the old and all… where exactly are the new generation right now? o thats right 2 were near death and another (rock lee) is watching HIS sensei go beast mode on SOSP madara doing more in minutes than what sasuke or naruto even had a chance to do. Sure they may have surpassed some of their mentors but they are still being out performed by the older generation as kakashi, minato and gai are still the ones doin the work right now due to narutos/sasukes inability to do anything against madara.

  21. @token

    What I find interesting is that you are presuming that the concept of “the new gen surpassing the old gen” has anything to do with battle prowess. The entirety of the message of this manga is that peace and unity be the ultimate goal.

    Now if you look at it from that perspective then, hell yah this generation has surpassed all previous generations 10 fold. All the shinobi from this gen have grown close together and united ever since the chunnin exams.

    Sure they have had some rough patches, but over all the 5 great shinobi villages are working together and actually have a working peace atm. So yes these 13-17 year old kids have not surpassed 25-60 year old shinobis or god shinobis in terms of battle prowess, but in terms of actually seeing a lasting peace between villages? they most certainly have.

  22. @Rash,

    Yeah I think you’re right. It’s not solely about raw power or techniques. You got me there!

  23. @token
    you still don’t get it,comparing itachi and sasuke,sure itachi is stronger than sasuke(which is very debatable,because itachi almost lost that fight,if sasuke was 2x stronger as he is now……).
    Following your logic it states “as long as someone is younger he must be stronger”.so konohamaru(who is an elite) should be stronger than rock lee,just because konahamaru is younger,am sure that wasn’t what kishi meant by the new surpass the old.
    Instead is like this,when rock lee is in his thirties like gai,he’ll surpass gai,when naruto gets to hashirama’s age,he’ll surpass him,when sasuke gets to itachi’s age,he’ll surpass him…and if you look at their power ranking at this age,they are obviously on their way to surpass their predecessor by far

  24. New chapters guys.

  25. is ti me or does the new chapter make things confusing. I can’t tell if the sage is the dad and the rabbit lady is his mother or wife, cause he references her as Indra and Ishura’s mother. very confused right now. but chapter is sick witha sprinkle of Fatness no jutsu on top

  26. Kishi really is becoming more terrible at nick-naming,first it was the RABBIT GODDESS,the hell’s with that,when i hear that the first thing that pops in my head is a woman surrounded by rabbits or kind to animals,it just looks like something out of a cinderella or snow white fairy tale.definitely not fit for describing an uber-powered female,who kicked the world ass into peace.
    Then gai’s gate technique
    morning peacock-the peacock’s good when you consider the nature of the ability and all
    Afternoon tiger-yeah,awesome and ferocious,deserving name for such a kickass technique
    Evening elephant-WTF?how can we go from something so scary as the tiger to something less scary as the elephant?what happened to dragons.but then elephants are kinda scary too with big feet to bitchslap you to the ground and i figured there would be a badass night which will go with the dragon
    NIGHTmoth-a moth?an insect??really???kishi can really become dull when he wishes it.
    Kudos to oda eiichiro for his nick-naming techniques

    P.S-someone please tell gai not to utter a sentence with the word “YOUTH” in it,it’ll just be sad,not funny,not ironic,just sad really.

  27. From Green beast gai to grandpa gai.shilololololololo!

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