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Bleach Chapter 574 : Death in Vision

Chapter 574: Death in Vision
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So I didn’t review the previous chapter because there wasn’t anything too interesting that happened there. The new arrival in the true ‘V’ Gremmy Thoumeaux. Also called the ‘The visionary Gremmy’. Zaraki also managed to hurt him a little bit by simply applying more pressure on his blade.

So back to this week. The stage is set for an interesting battle. Several members finally notice the arrival of Captain Zaraki’s Reiatsu. It works quite motivating for that squad.

‘V’ notices the cheers outside applauding the freedom of their imagination. Zaraki asks Gremmy if he can heal himself. He goes and simply says he simply imagined the wounds already being healed.


We switch back to the scene outside where one of the soldiers wonder why they didn’t sense Zaraki before the structure rose up. Which is kind of interesting. Was it because wherever he was happened to be underneath where he was ‘training’ with Unohana. Or has new-found relationship with his Zanpaktou born some interesting results?

Regardless of his strength Gremmy notes that it doesn’t matter if Zaraki thinks his power is bullshit, saying that people will never understand the extent of his power until it’s too late.

With his final warming he starts off the battle spawning a sea of lava. With his continued overly friendly/confident smile he sends it to Zaraki who easily counters it. He yells to Yachiru who doesn’t move almost getting hit by the lava.


Gremmy explains to Zaraki why she can’t move.Zaraki gets a bit annoyed and jumps at Gremmy. Gremmy create a cube of water to surround him. Them dropping him into a crevice. He locks him down underground and then drowns him in water again.

It is hardly effetive as Zaraki blasts open the prison with ease. He comes jumping out holding Yachiru ready to Gremmy. Gremmy blocks his attack by creating a pillar. Then Zaraki makes the most interesting observation about this mans ability.


Could this be the a limit to Gremmy’s ability. Any changes he makes only stay there for as long as his focus remains on it or until that person dies. I wonder if Gremmy can really imagine how powerful Zaraki would able to unleash the power of his Zanpaktou.


15 Responses

  1. I think one of the things going for zaraki in this fight is that he has no real imagination. All that is really on his mind is basically “I wanna split this mofo in half with me sword”. Which happens to be also about as much tactical thinking he does as well lol. In the end its imagination vs raw highly explosive power.

  2. Zaraki’s line of problems solving is probably more in the lines off. Problem?
    Step 1: Use Force
    Problem still there?
    Step 2: Use more force.
    Problem still there?
    Step 3: repeat step 2 until problem is solved.

  3. @pretend3r. Excellent review, you have his nature nicely defined. As I stated in a previous post, Captain Zaraki, does not imagine, likely he thinks such junk is a wasted effort. For him, the main joy in life is getting into the battle and beating the other guy to pieces. He has been fighting so long, it is hard for him to remember anything else, except Yachiru, who is precious to him as nothing else is, and here this little idiot has started messing with Yachiru. It is past time to get serious with this mouth flapper and eliminate him.

    I noticed in passing that you also this week created a safe discussion space for the Naruto fans to discuss that manga. That was very good-hearted. Recently,I started watching the two Naruto animes shown early Sunday mornings by Cartoon network. However, I am no where prepared to read and understand that manga. When I try and understand their discussions, they are way over my head. About all that I recognize are the names and the attitudes of the characters. Some day, I hope to understand what is happening, but for the moment, I am glad that you were able to help them. Thank you for being here, and doing such a great job.

  4. I don’t mingle in the naruto talks either. Not enough into that universe to be able to follow the conversation.

  5. @Pretend3r: I smile and appreciate their depth, but most of what they are saying still makes no sense, even though I am no longer blind. While with Bleach, I have read the entire manga, and watched all of the animes, some many times, some of the filler junk, I have watched only once, and mostly I understand the story. Although I still miss things in the manga, and I am thankful for your sharp eyes catching details that I missed. I am very glad that you are there, enriching my view.

  6. WOW…You really should consider renaming yourself asskissercorbray or aleriecorbgay.LMAO!
    sorry,i’m sorry just needed to get that out.i..i’ll just shut up now

    thanks for the review and what you did with naruto was super,looks like you the only one who still cares.you “the dude”,looks like one piece’s the only one lacking now.i think cesc and sannins wants to become writers,maybe you should let them in or whatever to fill the gaps

  7. i think the most annoying thing about this quincy is he still got his hands in his pocket WHAT THE FUCK!!!against the one and only kenpachi.now i really want his cute face bashed in and hope he gets totally raped
    P.S-and could he please open his god damn eyes,they are about to shut from acting too cool

  8. @pretender

    Posted this earlier, but what do you think:

    Hmmm it seems like this may not be the real Kenpachi. It seems like Yachiru is imagining all this. Which is why they hinted at no one feeling Kenpachi’s reiatsu before now. Also, how she was able to turn her bones back to normal. She is a younger kid than v, so in theory her imagination would be greater than his, and she could use his own strength against him. I think his power is also based off of emotions. Yachiru’s biggest wish was for Kenpachi to return, which is why she imagined it.

  9. What happened to “quincy use only bows and arrows”.and how come naruto is the only who get bombarded by critics and plothole finders when stuffs like this happened

  10. @Gentlepunch
    I don’t know if I have enough rights to make somebody else a writer. I’d have to check.

    Gremmy’s power doesn’t seem to use their enemy’s imagination. I think he likes playing with words as much as he does with his imagination.

    Gremmy also doesn’t seem able to read minds. I suppose its possible. but I find it a bit unlikely at this time.

  11. @ UchihaTheInfamous: I wondered about that. The others were saying that they could not feel his reiatsu before the Captain appeared on top of the staged area. Little miss pink hair must be super powerful, for the previous Captain General to allow her to be a lieutenant in the main fighting division. I am thinking that you may be right.

  12. @ sannins: the person, who said that was a young teen, who was full of idolized stories from his long dead grandfather, and was mostly self taught his Quincy skills. His father rather than attempting to help him in a positive manner choose to teach him additional skills by trying very hard to kill him. His father was perhaps the last pure blood Quincy living in the human world, his son’s mother being only half or less Quincy, and she was killed in the same deadly sweep of the Quincy King for power that killed Ichigo’s mother (who dared bear a mixed blood child) . So Uryu’s opinion at the time was not a valid authority.

  13. @alerie & pretender

    I think this is very plausible seeing the current circumstances, and the arrival of Kenpachi. And obviously she must be able to hold her own being named after Unohana and her rank. Not to mention the reiatsu thing. Never one time before has Kenpachi tried to hide his presence.

  14. @ UchihaTheInfamous: Is he capable of hiding it? I agree that he uses its presence as a calling card to any potential foe. As in here I am!!!!

  15. @Alerie

    Exactly. He loves, and is very proud to display his power. And for no one to not feel his reiatsu as long as he’s been on the battlefield until now is unheard of.

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