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Bleach Chapter 572 : The Blaster

Chapter 572: The Blaster
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Sorry for the slightly delayed review. I love watching F1, so had some early morning this week to catch the event live on tv.

Anyway. Kotetsu is watching Yachiru playing with her Shikai buddies celebrating her win over ‘V’. Kotetsu seems in awe that such a shikai can apparently exist. creating two bodies while the blade still there unlike Unohana

Yachiru is surprised to see that V isnt cut in half. With her reveal V was able to minimize the damage to a certain extent. V is still eager to fight Yachiru.


But there is someone else who disagrees with him. Blasting part of his body away. It isn’t a Shinigami. A young looking man sitting inside the barrier Kotetsu had set up around the two half-dead captains.

V Seems to know this man quite well. Eventually accepting his fate. the new calls him a product of his fantasy. Kotetsu immidiatly wonders what this means, as do I. but it seems he is not really the mad-scientist type Mayuri or the Arrancar Szayelaporro Granz. His ability seems more in line with the full-bringer Yukio Hans Vorarlberna’s ability. more or less being a God within the range of his ability. This seems to be confirmed later in the chapter.

Anyway, V lunges at him calling him ‘Guremi’. But in a quite sadistic fashion V get blasted into smithereens.


Kotetsu is angry and fearful when she talks to him. Guremi casually gets up casually. Gently stating calmly that he already killed them. Kotetsu rushes into the barrier checking their bodies, confirming they are dead.

Yachiru strikes at him but all her blades miss him. A Yachiru moves in for another strikes he hands touches her. Then her hand becomes unable to hold her blade.

then the freak show starts… “Just imagine, The bones in your arm were nothing more than cookies. His smile makes him all the more freaky to listen too as Yachiru’s body crumbles(no pu intended) to the floor.

then Guremi states the nature of his power. Anything he can imagine becomes reality. So what kind of person could fight such an ability.


Perhaps a guy with very little imagination and now, being in contact with his zanpaktou, a lot more power in his hands.


48 Responses

  1. @Pretend3r: so good to hear from you. As usual, your very sharp eyes saw lots of stuff that I missed. So, I am off to reread this week’s manga, with your review in my head.

  2. This match up will be an overkill. Kenpachi will own him. http://lounge.moviecodec.com/images/attachment/raikage-vs-kenpachi-10490.jpg

  3. Nice review..
    Kinda confused though,was it what the sternritter imagines that becomes reality or he makes what yachiru imagine become reality.cuz he was like ‘imagine your hands were cookies’before shit started happening

  4. Thinking about it,all kenpachi’s oppopnets were just as monstrous and ugly looking,the espada,yammy or even ichigo a reaitsu monster.
    Watching kenpachi slice up such a cute little thing next chapter would be new

  5. @gentlepunch: to me it seems that the stemritter and Kenny are well matched. What he does first, is to suggest a situation, which normally the victim starts imagining, then the guy’s Quincy powers kick in, like it did for the Assistant Captain. But Captain Kenny doesn’t have a very good imagination. All he sees is reality, there in this sternritter’s powers can not reach him.

  6. This is childsplay for Kenpachi. No cheap trick will work against him. Also, remember back when he fought Tousen. Tousen trapped Kenpachi in complete darkness and removed all his senses. Yet, Kenpachi was still able to easily beat Tousen with just a simple shikai. http://www.mangapanda.com/94-601-10/bleach/chapter-147.html

  7. @nss7: and all ready Zaraki Kenpachi starts shutting him down. http://readms.com/r/bleach/573/2297/20
    I love it. Zaraki is back in full force.

  8. @aleriecorbray
    It’s funny that Kenpachi is being matched up with a letter “V” sterritter. If the letter system holds true as their ranking system, Kenpachi wouldn’t have to break a sweat. Can’t see Kenpachi doing anything other than a basic swing to completely demolish this opponent and eat him for breakfast.

  9. @nss7: I agree about Zarak. At least he confirmed that Retsu Unohana is dead. However, what all of us are waiting for is did Zaraki use one of the short cuts and earn his Bankai.

  10. @aleriecorbray
    Not sure how the time zone works deep underground. Kenpachi could’ve forcefully made his zanpakto go into bankai form. Either way, there was no short cut for Kenpachi achieving bankai. Unohana had to kill Kenpachi more times then we could count before Kenpachi achieved bankai. She literally devoted her entire life and sacrifice herself for the day Kenpachi would acquire a bankai. Thus, Kenpachi death spree was no shortcut.

  11. @nss7: I am confused, which is understandable because I think when the underground stuff happened, I was still blind, but I thought that I remembered that he only made it as far as shikai, but you are saying that she got him to bankai before she died. Wow, then that is just great. Of course, I still feel sorry that Unohana was wasted. The Soul Society could really have used her medical ability, but she was the oldest of the soul reapers still alive, maybe she was tired of continuing after the Captain General died.

  12. @aleriecorbray
    Kenpachi sword is already in shikai form. His spiritual pressure is too great that he force his sword into shikai without the sword’s permission or name. http://www.mangapanda.com/94-563-16/bleach/chapter-109.html

    Kenpachi probably achieved bankai after Unohana died. We can assume this since the connection between Kenpachi and his sword has been established. Plus, Kenpachi has always been an exception when it comes to power level, captain status, asuachi, and shikai. The chances of Kenpachi having a bankai now is a high probability.

  13. Kenpachi had to defeat Unohana, it was the only way he could truly be called Kenpachi. The thing is Unohana is confirmed to be dead, but that was her Kenpachi personality. What if her gentle and healing personality Yachiru was still alive. Because didn’t she have like a split personality thing going on. Just trying to make a plausible statement.

  14. @nss

    At first I thought like you, but now I’m not so sure that their letters correlate to power. Because that flame guy seems like his power could be right up there with Ishida and the white haired guy.

  15. It could be a beginning and end of the alphabet are powerful. Kinda like the failed espada were in the 100s. Maybe thats how it works. But either way, A-Z gets spanked by Kenpachi!

  16. @UchihaTheInfamous
    The letter system could be related to rank. Bazz-B was a letter “H” which is still a high letter. That makes him a top 10 letter. Also, Uryu and the white hair Quincy are both letter “A” and “B.” If we go by the letter system as a ranking system, it makes sense that the top 10 letters are the strongest.

  17. @nss7: that is all good to know. Thank you.

  18. @nss

    That could be true. But looking at powers, v’s power potentially could be strongest of all, just like he said. The power of imagination is limitless. Just look at kid’s imaginations. V’s main flaw is his overconfidence, and underestimation of Kenpachi. So, that bit of grey area could cast some doubt into the whole lettering correlating to power.

  19. @UchihaTheInfamous
    The last sternritter “V” General Lee who power was to erase his existence was easily beat by the pink haired little girl serving under Kenpachi as vice captain. She almost sliced him in half. Can’t expect this other sternritter “V” to do any better, let alone taking on Kenpachi by himself.

  20. They’re practically the same letter.
    Don’t see the new guy being any stronger than the last. Also Kenpachi has already beaten multiple sternritter before without a bankai.

  21. @nss

    I think they are trying to make it seem like the first v that showed up was a creation of the imagination of the real v that Kenpachi is fighting now. It was just to show the extent of his powers. Of how fast he can create things and how fast and easily he can get rid of them.

  22. @UchihaTheInfamous
    You may have a point but it’s also not unusual if two sternritters share the same letter. Both the Quiency king and Uryu Ishida share the letter “A,” taking into account that Uryu will be the successor and that both of them may be the strongest out of the rest for being the first letter.

    Kenpachi will destroy the new letter “V” sternritter no matter what powers he throws at him. He has already taken down multiple sternritters without a bankai or removing his eye patch (Insane). Also, the title of “Kenpachi” is given to the soul reaper that is the strongest in soul society. No one should be able to go on par with Kenpachi unless they’re a letter from at least “A-C.” Kenpachi is just too beastly to waste his time on foddler sternritters.

  23. I think its fairly clear at this point the lettering system seems to have more to do with their abilities then powers. Buzz-B guy was able to squash the flames of yamamoto with his own and he was at the time the strongest shinigami. Also the first quincy Ichigo took out in huecomondo, pretty much helped to confirm that uryuu was seriously lacking in quincy abilities, so we can infer that he is letter A has very little to do with his strength. The lettering system could simply be a nobility style ranking system, or even correlate to a certain aspect that the quincy king/god has given to that quincy.

  24. @tele
    the jail sternritter did admit that ishida’s badassery surpassed his,so i disagree about ishida being weak.he obviously didn’t reveal the extent of his post time-skip power up during the fillerbringer arc.
    ichigo and ishida sorta have a narusasuke thing going on.so if ichigo gets to be a renowned badass shinigami,likewise,ishida gets to be a renowned badass quincy

    P.S-am i the only not able to comment on the overdue “its outro”??

  25. @gentlepunch
    If I remember correctly the jailor believed that Ishida SHOULD be stronger than him, implying he had some kind of noble lineage and was surprised when ichigo relayed to him that he(jailor) was stronger than uryuu from what he could tell.

    While it is true that Uryuu is most likely stronger then the last time he fought with ichigo, we have no idea how much after all Uryuu got taken down pretty hard by a fullbringer, who got their asses handed to them by lieutenants and captains.

  26. Since the comments are closed on it’s out, I’ll post this here. I called it last year that the Sage’s mother was stronger than him. Also, what became of his brother, and did he have kids? If so, what chakra legacy did he leave behind?

  27. Better yet this form of the jubi is only at half power, because the other half is sealed within his brother. Wow.

  28. After reading this chapter it seems that this juubi is only half of the REAL JUUBI…page 14 and page 18 (“I divided up the power of the ten tails THAT WAS INSIDE OF ME”)…so where is the rest of juubi? it must have been sealed away..or could the other brother left back to where his mother came from

    Ok i may be overthinking but isn’t she (the mother) look a lot like the Shinigami…she looks almost the same (eyes..face…horns)…what do you think

  29. @impaler

    Already said theb half strength juubi thing man, lol.

    Hmmm it seems like this may not be the real Kenpachi. It seems like Yachiru is imagining all this. Which is why they hinted at no one feeling Kenpachi’s reiatsu before now. Also, how she was able to turn her bones back to normal. She is a younger kid than v, so in theory her imagination would be greater than his, and she could use his own strength against him. I think his power is also based off of emotions. Yachiru’s biggest wish was for Kenpachi to return, which is why she imagined it.

  30. Could Hagaromo been as much of a runt as his own younger son? He does not show much of a interest in fighting. In fact ,Madara has even said the the sage never intended chakra to be used in combat. His brother might have been the warrior in the family. Maybe he used his part of the shinju’s energy to encourage people to use chakra as a weapon, thus undermining the teachings of Hagaromo. It is not clear how it happened, but Hagaromo clearly does not want to be associated with ninjustu.

  31. @Naruto Tutor

    There is always a yin and yang in Naruto so the point you made is plausible concerning the sage and his brother.

  32. Kishi just loves adding new characters randomly…. No where from anyone in all of naruto have we heard about the sage having a brother. He had to be pretty powerful to help his bro against the juubi so how come he was never mentioned in any legend along with his bro? O ad once again this war has diminished a persons legend… Who would have thought it could do that to the sage? From the start we were made to believe that the sage himself was the one who absorbed and beat the juubi by himself and yet now we find out he had help… Man kishi just knows how to diminish a legacy

  33. @Token,

    C’mon dude! Not all details will be given by the author. He will, in time, let the information be known.

  34. Yeah so Hagaromo’s bro took the other half of the jubbi back to their mother’s home planet of course.

    This is not the final arc of Naruto, next up, it’s the alien invasion. Naruto, Madara, hashi, and everyone will team up to defend the earth against the alien threat.

    But wait, there’s more. Soon after that, another bigger badah threat will invade and the faith of the naruverse will in the hands of the Z ninjas!!

  35. Naruto’s ultimate attack? Spirit rasenshuriken jubbi bomb! oooo the epicness EPIC!

  36. @kor thats the problem… we have already been told earlier that the sage was the one responsible for defeating the juubi and yet now its shown he had help? the problem is kishi is letting out details that are in no way consistent with what we have learned already and from what madara himself has known, which btw madara himself seems to have known alot about the sage due to the rinnengan and being able to read the tablet in the shrine and yet apparently madara didnt see anything about a brother anyways cause eveything he says is sage this sage that, no bro mentioned ever till now

  37. Whether or not Kishi is messing with the legacy of characters or “changing” the Narutoverse’s history is irrelevant. Great people of the past are always put on a pedestal by those that come later, especially if that person died for the sake of the greater good (Minato, Sage, Hashirama, and I can only assume that the stories about guy’s life will be written in stone and the Springtime of Youth in Konoha will run rampant with followers). Here is an easy answer as to why no one knows about the Sage’s brother… HISTORY IS WRITTEN BY THE VICTOR.

    I like that the Sage has revealed himself to Naruto and is telling him the true history of the ninja world and what Naruto’s Destiny is, and Sasuke for that matter.

  38. @cesc
    Ninja vs Aliens! sweeeet,feeling you there dude.

  39. @token
    your criticsm are most times contradictory,one minute you are arguing about everything being predictable,then you turn around the next minute and complain about the author,not giving you hints of what is going to happen next.besides it still fits, technically the so6p handled the present jubi alone,since it’s supposed to be twice stronger.

    Most people already realized before now that the juubi wasn’t living up to the drinking oceans and splitting mountains expectations i guess now we know why.

  40. Im not complaining about the author not giving hints lol. im complaining about how one mintues KISHI says that the sage defeated the juubi himself, sealed it into himself and than put the body of the juub isomewhere else.. NOW hes saying that he had a brother and that his brother helped him defeat the juubi.. um im sorry but thats alot different than what kishi painted him as before. Technically the sage DIDNT handle the juubi by himself as the sage says that he and his brother battled the juubi and defeated it.
    @shikamaru yea nad history as stated by the sage himself states that he AND his brohter defeated the juubi. Um can I please get a link to where kishi mentioned this prior to the chapteR? Im pretty certain kishi has written about the sage before and the battle against the juubi and yet for the life of me i cant remember him mentioning a borhter for the sage….

  41. @UTI
    so this is just an imaginary tug of war battle btw yachiru and the V sternritter.plausible.kenpachi does seem to be out of shape,seeing the sternritter is still in one piece and kenpachi isn’t doing anything new

  42. @Sannins

    This seems like the most plausible scenario for what’s going on now. It fits in perfectly with the whole imagination theme that’s happening now.

  43. @token

    Yes, KIshi has written about the Sage in previous chapters, but it was from the perspective of only at most 3-4 generations older than the current. Jiraiya mentions the Sage when explaining that Nagato is the child of prophecy. The sage is mentioned whenever one of his weapons is used, the Gold and Silver Bros. And most recently by Madara and Obito. Thats pretty much it, and the only info we are given about him is that he Tamed the 10 tails and split him up into the 9 Bijuu, created Ninjutsu and spread it around the world, and he had two sons, he had the Rinnegan and could use all elemtents. Before hearing it from the horses mouth now, everything was second or third hand info.

  44. @token
    thats why i said “technically”…you were saying,the sage’s legend was diminished so he wasn’t as strong as we thought he was, but it still fits,since he’s legend was based on the fact that he defeated this juubi which is two times weaker.if the true history says he had help and also adds that the juubi is twice stronger than what we know it.then no harm done really.

    The fact that it was clearly written in the naka shrine that the sage beat the juubi alone,well i can only draw 2 things from that

    1…Legends are fragment of truth,however i think it was mentioned somewhere that they were written by the sage himself,so it’s not really a legend or maybe only rinnegan can read that part(no-one has gone there with a rinnegan)
    2….perharps,he didn’t want anyone to know about the other half,this half scared him and is more than enough problem.i’m guessing the brother sealed the other juubi in his corpse(kind of how danzou wanted to seal sasuke)

  45. @token
    Also you need to see the opening of a new storyline,i don’t think kishi brought this real history out to let blabber mouths like you(no offence)have a good time.
    I’m guessing ninja vs aliens,awesome!!!sounds lame but if kishi makes it work,we may have a dragonball reincarnation on our hands

  46. Bleach-i think the most annoying thing about this quincy is he still got his hands in his pocket WHAT THE FUCK!!!against the one and only kenpachi.now i really want he cute face bashed in and hope he gets totally raped

    P.S-and could he please open his god damn eyes,they are about to shut from acting too cool

  47. @shika alot of the information has come from madara himself, who by his own admission has read the whole tablet as he finally gained the rinnengan and was able to read all of the tablet. And yet madara himself has yet to mention the sage having a bro who apparently was similar in strength if both he and the sage had to take down the juubi.
    @gentle kishi has stated this is the last arc of the manga, after this war it ends with naruto vs sasuke… so why in the hell would he open another storyline? One that goes against what he has originally said (or not said) about the sage and his fight against the juubi.And if the sage didnt want ppl to know about the second half than y tell naruto now about it? And madara seems to know alot about the sage which he must have read off the tablet and he had the rinnengan so he probably read the whole thing and yet he never mentions the sages bro either and still talks about how the sage alone defeated the juubi.

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