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Bleach Manga Chapter 571 : a Develish Perspective

Chapter 571: a Develish Perspective
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The inception episode continues! The two lt’s are thoroughly confused but what is going on. Kotetsu wondering what the fudge happened to Kusajishi.

The latter one also not remembering what happened. Sternritter re-introduces himself to the two. They two lt’s seeing this man for the first time, as far as they know.

As he said before in the last chapter, he repeats again that they will not be able to remember him by sight, or by touch. They wont be able to recal him by his very existence.

As Kusajishi tries to strike it immediately and then forgetting about him again . “v” explains his ability to himself really…


First Phase ; his form disappears. Phase two: His entire essence disappears. Whenever he uses phase 2 his form lags a bit behind creating an after image which is what Kusajishi actually hits.

Switching between the phases means he can strike his opponent without them having any idea what is going on. Kusajishi is doing her best almost hitting him a few times making him use phase three which wipes his existence from their minds.


As V as ready to introduce himself again Kusajishi immdiatly strikes at him, without thinking. This actually makes the sternritter worried as she actually manage to cut him. Kotetsu starts to lecture her about striking the unknown individual. The sternritter agrees with Kotetsu and wonders what the little girl’s reasoning is.


V is shocked by the weird reasoning but quickly starts to observe the girl quickly comparing her to an animal. Kusajishi keeps talking while V is getting angrier and disgusted by her. With her disturbing gaze she grabs her blade and unseaths it. As she releases her blade she states that she doesn’t have to worry about Ken-chan being angry even if she cuts him into little pieces.

This make V even angrier and he goes directly for her back. Kusajishi feels it coming and strikes him. V thinks he succesfully dodged the blade but it cuts him regardless.

Kushajishi says its target even if they can dodge it. Her sword is a copy-cat sword. In front and behind of her blade. Every mode she makes is being traced and copied. Anything in her field of vision, something will get hit even if she herself misses it.

She calls it out for the Sternritter to see.

Sanpo Kenjuu (Triple Stride Sword beast)

The pair really looks amazing. V is sweating beans at the sight of the thing as she strikes him.


14 Responses

  1. @Pretend3r: great job. You have such a smooth manner of laying out the author’s intention. You see each detail far better than most, understanding all of the traps he lays for the unwary. Personally I was amazed at how much the pink haired lieutenant knew about her sword’s function and wondered if this was another change brought on by Ichigo.

    I was also pleasantly surprised that she had acquired such nice battle sense from Kenny.

  2. I think the sword is pretty much a playmate for her. Considering her personality.

  3. @Pretend3r: Okay. That makes sense. I remember her playing with Mayuri’s zanpakuto, Ashi-Sogi Jizo. To her it looked like a giant butterfly, even though it was full of poison.

  4. Excellent review pretend3r!

    I wonder if the pink haired lieutenant knows her bankai? If not she may have trouble beating sternritter V for vendetta. Isane may be able to support Yachiru but ultimately bankai may be needed. Either that or Kenny would have to show up with or without Unohana. Ehh…who knows?
    It would be interesting if Isane was the one who knows bankai and helps defeat V for vendetta. What if she herself is as violent as Unohona? However I don’t even know Isane’s shikai abilities, let alone bankai.
    Strange that this entire arc and no one relied on kido spells. I guess they just aren’t as strong as a bankai.

  5. great review

    I love the little Kusajishi, she has always been adorable and hilarious. Just riding Kenpachi and always in the highest of spirits. I think Kotetsu is hiding some major sword fighting capabilities. Unohona was her captain and obviously great murderers can make great healers. Just a feeling i got.


  7. Kenpachi’s return made the chapter 20 times better!

  8. HELL YEAH!!!!! Kenpachi is here who wanna get slash!!!!

  9. The new sternritter cannot imagine how he is going to be sliced by Kenny!!!!!!!

  10. The new sternritter is damn cocky too,saying things like
    “i’d have to be a statue not to dodge that”
    how dare ya!…these are the kind of people i love to see get bloody beaten up.cheers of blood to next chapter with kenpachi

  11. My review is going to be a bit late this week. F1 racing has started again.

  12. @Pretend3r: thanks for sharing that with us. I eagerly await your review of Bleach chap er 572. 🙂

  13. Hope to see the review soon. Things are beginning to become chaotic and insanely explosive in Bleach.

  14. New episodes out guys.

    @ Naruto,

    Now this is what an old naruto days were. Taijutsu makes Madara wet his pants. Curse you Gai!!

    @ Bleach,
    Kenpachi is a beast.

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