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Bleach Manga Chapter 570 : Closer, Closer

Chapter 570: Closer, Closer
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Heyo guys, sorry I missed the last chapter of Bleach. I flat-out forgot to write a piece last week. short there was. Rukia is awesome with her Bankai. Her Bankai looks fantastic. But anyway. Before Rukia shows herself we see Äs Nödt reflect on his past. He was one of the Quincy that, in his case, barely survived the ‘purge’. With his body in and in hospital he meets the King for the first time.


The giant body crumbles for the last time. Äs has been defeated by Rukia’s bankai. We see a giant transparent (ice) blade before we finally see Rukia.


She looks very classy. Her entire body is covered and shaped by her Bankai. With the fight over we see the armor crack. Her brother comes to her side let help her ease her back down from the breathtaking and dangerous bankai “Hakka No Togame” White Mist Sentence.

Is she makes a single mistake the Bankai could easily kill her. So Byakuya tells her a very important truth about her blade especially.

“A blade wielded by fear can never be used to save someone”

With Rukia’s body back to normal they two move on to protect Soul Society.

After the chapter title we go back to Kotetsu still busy healing the wounded captains I’m sure. she is being helped by Lt. Kusajishi who seems to be out and about doing supplie runs. The latter still happy bouncing around without a care in the world.

But they do not seem to be alone anymore. A new Sternritter shows his presence. He seems to posses mind influencing abilities. Easily ‘catching’ Kotetsu from behind.


Kusajishi gets in a blow quite easily, feeling it, then wonder if she hit him, then wondering what she was trying to it. An instant later she he strikes her back. But we don’t see him knock the little powerhouse on her but.

The new enemy identifies himself as “V” Vanishing point Gwenhael. His very essence vanishes from before your eyes, and then slips out of his mind. Almost like Aizen could do.

An interesting new enemy indeed.


3 Responses

  1. Rukia Bankai is impressive. She took down one of the strongest sternritter amongst the Quincies and she fought a sternritter much stronger than the one Renji faced. Renji fought a letter S while Rukia beat a letter F. Her opponent was much stronger. All the top 5 letters would have to be fought by Kenpachi and the zero squad members. Can’t see anyone else outside that circle to take them on.

  2. @nss7: Maybe not. It is almost as though the regular Bankai isn’t strong enough for these Quincy warriors. I sorta think that the King and squad Zero knew that, which is why only they brought them up for extra extra training.

    Pretend3r: I missed you last week. However, this week you have sent us a winner. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I’m begin to wondering that quincies army are not as mighty as we think. I mean that yes, they easily wipe out SS during old man Yamamoto era. But, remember at that time most captains level shinigami cannot use their bankai as well. Later on when shinigami finally able to use their bankai (hollow version); some quincies (Chang Du and Droid guys) already beaten. Now when Renji and Rukia is coming back, 2 more sternritters is down.

    Lets just count the numbers. On SS side we still have a bunch of powerfull fighters on captain level, squad zero, including fulbringers etc while now only a few Sternritter known to us is left. Do the quincies relying much on his King? i don’t like the idea when the main villain is too overpowered while his subordinate are just a mere supporting character.

    Looks what happened on Aizen’s Vasto Lorde, all of them indeed very strong.. but in the end, none of them can take down any Captains on SS side.. which is what make Aizen angry and finally step down to do the job.

    Since this is the final arc, imho, both SS and Quincies should be taking down each others until the very end.. Ichigo, Kenpachi, Haschwalts and few strongest man is left standing on the battleground, and that is the time both Soul and Quincy King is to show up to unfolds the whole history of bleach-verse.

    Hoho.. that’s only my thought. Anyway, i’m enjoying this story. And those new Vanishing Point Sternritter, i’m just think that he was the perfect enemy of Tsukishima of fulbringer. Both of them is playing with mind, it will be nice to see them head on.

    @pretend3r : keep it on, nice review!

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