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Bleach Manga Chapter 568 : Hear. Fear. Here

Chapter 568: Hear. Fear. Here
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Rukia slowly warms her body back up to avoid damage to her cells. Only having a minor cut on her finger.


Rukia notices something in her frozen opponent and turns around. She feels his power surge before we see it. Äs Nödt is still very much alive.

His mind didn’t stop as his train of thought in the last chapter continued. He comes to a conclusion. That this is not fear. The only thing he fears is the wrath of his King. To be scolded by his King. TO have his essence taken from him by his King. Compared to a fate like that, everything else isn’t scary or painful to him.

He releases his Völlstandig ‘Tartar Foras’ (Fear of God).


He looks even freakier. Longer hair, very thin(anorexic even) build, tears of blood(probably) coming from his eyes. His face pretty much looking like Ichigo’s hollow mask with the upper body stolen from Ulquiorra Chifer(Espade #4).

Rukia strikes at him but her blade doesn’t reach him. Äs said her feet are already paralyzed. She is staring directly at him. Äs notes that even if her cells are frozen and being manipulated the nerves coarsing those cells are still fully functional.

Tartar Foras works is way into its target via the optic nerve. Rukia now finds herself frozen and stuck in his domain. His eyes staring him down from everywhere. He already pierced her soul bring up her memories trying to break her mind.


His domain gets broken by none other that Kuchiki Byakuya. The man didn’t took long to get himself sorted and back down where he is needed. He seems to have gotten away with dressing less flashy that Renji and Rukia. I wonder if he even did some training up there, had a chat with the monk or Oetsu.

I am curious? Are you?


7 Responses

  1. @Pretend3r: this week disappointed me. Not your review, but the basic script. I had such high hopes for Rukia. To see her beaten so completely, and then rescued by brother, it is like she hasn’t really made enough of the right progress.

  2. Thanks for the review pretend3r. I kinda speed read through the chapter and didn’t really understand Äs power.

    As far as the chapter went, I agree wholeheartedly with Aleriecorbray with the fact that I to had high hopes for Rukia. Even though I’m glad to see Byakuya, I didn’t want to see him this way rescuing Rukia. I understand her not mastering her zanpaktou but still it would have been better in my opinion if Rukia would have defeated Äs. That would have in my eyes not only showed Rukia’s growth, but it would have been great that she overcame a enemy that her brother fell to because of his fear of her dying. See what I’m saying?

    Another thing I didn’t like about the chapter was the fact that Byakuya beat Ichigo to Soul Society. Did Ichigo take a wrong turn or something?

    Anyway I wasn’t that excited this week. Hopefully Byakuya doesn’t disappoint which may help me to forget that TK just left Rukia in the cold.

    Sidenote: I was so excited about the prospect of Rukia fighting Bazz-B but now…ehhhhh.

  3. Lets be honest here Rukia showed a tone of growth. Not only has she completely changed the way she uses her zanpakto, but she just forced the sternritter who handed her big bros ass to him, to go volstag. In previous fights we have seen full fledged captains get smoked by sternritter who didn’t have to go into their ultimate form. So Rukia obviously grew in strength big time from where she was prior to her recent training.

  4. @Telemacus: Very interesting point and well taken. Emotionally this arc had me swaying back and forth wanting to see the shinigami handle the situation that they are in a more dominating fashion. However logically the way Tk has written this arc, he shows that this enemy the shinigami face are no mere pushovers. Personally I still wanted Rukia to mop the floor with her opponent and not to be rescued by anybody. But you are right in the fact that Rukia has grown considerably. She is still awesome and apart of me wanted her to stand out even more than she did last chapter. For me it would have been cool if she would have at the end of this chapter uttered the most famous words in the bleach universe; “bankai.” I would have been floored by that. However, logically this chapter made more sense. Rukia was always strong, but she still isn’t quite “captain class” yet. Even she stated about the dangers of her zanpaktou ability and how she must master that said ability. Thanks for the comment. It help me to appreciate the chapter a little more than I did originally.

    I like to add to, the fact that Äs can survive absolute zero temperature is just crazy.
    Also hopefully Byakuya can redeem himself here. However if he gets rescued by Ichigo…………

  5. I guess a shingami really can’t beat a high level Quincy without Bankai. The biggest issue that annoyed me in this chapter was how Rukia knew she didn’t master her sword’s power and that she needed more training. Don’t understand why she didn’t stay in zero squad palace a bit longer instead of rushing into battle. She’s a zero squad elite. For her to recieve special training and can’t do anything to contribute in taking down at least one sterritter makes her purpose of going to zero squad palace pointless.

  6. nss7: You bring up a good point. When you said this the first thing I was thinking about is Kenpachi. Do you think if Kenpachi doesn’t know bankai would he actually win a fight? Personally right now I’m questioning whether or not he killed the ones he fought the first time around.

    I wonder if Byakuya got his bankai back or not? Just thinking on these things have perked my interest a little more.

  7. @immortal
    I think the ones kenpachi fought survived, or it might have just been the ones buzz b saved. But anyway Kenpachi is I think for the most part on a different level then the rest of the captains, atleast in terms of raw power . He took out two captains simultaneously both having used their respective bankais and him not even really in shikia.

    Also our new Captain commander caught a ton of flak for even contemplating the idea of having kenpachi taught how to release his zanpakto. The fact he went ahead with it despite all the objections, shows how desperate the shinigami are. Finally it is possible however highly unlikely that kenpachi could have used the technique to train up to his bankai that ichigo used, this may explain why kenpachi has been MIA so far.

    Rukia was most likely went back to simply help buy time for ichigo and possibly even her bro. As it stands the shini are on the verge of defeat, and there is no real way of telling how long it could take her to come close to really mastering her sword. Even Hitstugaya has really only started to gain a true mastery of his zanpakto and he is a captain.

    what I really wanna see is Kyoraku’s bankai, simply for the reason that if ukitake was concerned that having to many people around was dangerous, then it must be one badass bankai.

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