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Bleach Chapter 567 : Dance With Snowwhite

Chapter 567: Dance With Snowwhite
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This week it has been kick-ass Rukia time!

Äs Nödt is busy with stretch exercises after Rukia declared she is incapable of fear and it all has to do with her Zankaptou’s true form.


Äs starts to attack her again this Rukia just block his attack with her bare hand. Äs Nödt goes on his monologue about fear, ending with the statement that fear is the very essence of life.

Rukia agrees with him.


The reason his ‘fear’ doesnt work because Rukia is clinically dead. Her Zankpaktou makes its user part of the of the blade. So anything the wielder touches, freezes up.

Äs doesn’t believe her stating the fact her body is in a sub-zero state her body will cease to function and die. Rukia has been busy training her body and mind and she has reached the point the ability her body and mind functioning by manipulating her reishi.


Äs doesn’t believe her, but he soon will have too.

Rukia strikes him in his shoulder. He doesn’t bleed from the massive cut in his body because Rukia froze the area of the wound till -18 degrees celsius. The freezing point of blood.

She continues to lower the temperature to 50 below, freezing the moisture in the ground(making it expand) causing an earthquake.

She continues on going to absolute zero. This puts a massive straint on her ability where she can only move for 4 seconds but it’s more than enough to freeze up Äs Nödt completely. The latter finally feeling fear for the first time.

I’d have to say. Rukia’s ability is awesome, but if she runs in to Bazz-B she would still be in trouble. His “Heat” can significantly outpower her. Not even Toshiro stood a real chance. Unless Bazz-B can’t heat up his own body, that guy is one Sternritter she needs to avoid.


6 Responses

  1. I am waiting for kenny….

  2. @Pretend3r: the system lost my comment again, so I will try again to express the same thoughts. I wish it would not do that.
    Okay. Great review. You did well, not only in taking us down through the lowering levels of her power, but also gave good thought on who might be able to defeat her now. The way it seems to me, that is a very low Number of Quincies. Rukia must have worked very hard to be able to reach these levels.. Yea for Rukia.
    Thanks for being there.

  3. Nice review. Wonder if anyone can even lay a finger on Rukia without dying. Not even fire can withstand a Subzero without freezing. In short, If Kubo uses real logic than Rukia subzero ability should beat Bazz-B.

  4. Good analysis pretend3r.

    I wanted to comment about my comment I made about Rukia being “hot”. What I think is hot about her is her confidence. Just like Renji who also bear that same confidence from the training they been through. I can’t wait to see how Ichigo and Byakuya have change due to their experience with the 0 squad.

    Now about Rukia. I actually did a little research on the absolute zero numbers to find out if TK went by that and come to find out he did! I like how Rukia’s ice type zanpaktou is different from Hitsugaya. While Hitsugaya gets his power from the moister in the air, Rukia actually drops her temp to absolute zero. Hitsugaya can produce ice as long as there is moister in the air making his power infinite so to speak. While Rukia has a limit of how cold she can get but it is AS COLD AS YOU CAN GET. Amazing. I can imagine her bankai would grow the effect making the range of absolute zero further away from her body. Interesting.
    Sternritter F died a horrible death. Just imagine the blood throughout his veins around the heart, brain, all over his body freezing up. Yikes!
    Go Rukia!

    Also I wanted to add:

    I wonder if we will ever see the sword due in Hueco Mundo? (Just like to remind myself so I won’t forget.)

    I agree with saud968, can’t wait for Kenny either.

    Will Chad and Orihime help in this war?

    Can’t wait until the next chapter.

    @nss7: Do you think Rukia can take Bazz-B? Rukia has a powerful ability but it does have one flaw; it is limited in power. Absolute zero is what it is…absolute. She can get no colder than -273.15 degrees. If Bazz-B is able to produce a hot enough temp (which there is no cap on heat), then he will be able to beat her. For instance, Yammamoto said he can get up to 16 million degrees. That temp is far greater than -273.15 degrees.
    Also Bazz-B only used two fingers to beat Hitsugaya (although Hitsugaya didn’t have his Bankai), he may end up using all five but I still think he can take her. Bummer.

  5. I have a thought on squad zero trainings and such. How did Kisuke Urahara know to make the healing pool like theirs, in his own training ground? Remember Yoruichi tells Ichigo that was where the idea for the healing pool that he was soaking in came from. Was Kisuke ever their guest in Squad Zero?

  6. @aleriecorbray- IMO that is hard to say. Either he was a guest or he just somehow knew of the healing pools. The reason I say this, is because it would appear that some of the shinigami some how know somethings about the zero squad either through being a guest or just receiving the knowledge through some other means.

    For example, Aizen saw the Spirit King some how. Either he was a guest or he saw him through some other means. Tenjiro, the healing springs guy taught Unohana to heal either by her being a guest or by some other means.

    What I mean by “other means” is that it may have happen in another general way.

    That is my take on your questions. It does leave a lot to ponder. Hopefully TK clears it all up for us.

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