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Bleach Manga Chapter 566: What is your fear?

Chapter 566: What is your fear?
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After a system crash losing the entire blog post I prepared I was a bit pissed, but I am now Zen again and ready to do it again.

The chapter started with a flashback of Rukia deciding her battle plan with Renji prior to their arrival in VanderReich territory. Her plan basically came down the fact that the enemies being as strong as they are it is important to take rest after each battle to fight with optimal strength. Which is exactly what Renji did, sleep until morning.


Which wasn’t as bright of an idea in hindsight because sternritter ‘U’ NaNaNa Najahkoop ran into him on his quest to find out who beat Mask de Masculine. Now the most interesting thing he says is that he never had so much time to observe an enemy. He also calls Renji ; Red Monkey. Could be a reference to Renji Zanpaktou form(the snake/monkey hybrid). So his ability seem of a power of obersation.

To possibly read the soul/zanpaktou of his target allowing him to nullify or counter its abilities to perfection rending Zabimaru useless. It’s hard to tell what it could be. so far the letter they are assigned with is usually the first letter of their ability.


Rukia’s time to shine now. She successfully dragged the two captain to lt. Kotetsu who is seemingly the only active medic. Anyway she decides to rejoin with Renji but before she can move she feels something.

An old familiar Sternritter shows up. Sternritter ‘F’ Äs Nödt. The one who stole Byakuya’s Bankai. He feels lonely without ‘his’ Zenbonzakura.

Rukia draws her blade as Äs wonders that if he cuts of her head, that would be enough to draw out his real target. He gets rid of his robe and immediately fires of thorns at Rukia.

She dodges them easily observing their behavior as she notes a black substance coming out of the thorns. She misses another though blocking it with an Ice shield.


But it can’t protect her from ‘Fear’. As she gets hit her body halt for a moment. It doesn’t seem to faze her much at all.

Her eyes look even more scary as Äs’s. Who has she been training with up there?


7 Responses

  1. @Pretend3r: Thanks for the excellent second effort. All too often, I have had what I wanted to say, disappear because the stupid tablet has no save for chat. It takes real courage to be able to come back from something like that and do a fine job. So now , Renji is one in trouble and Rukia has gained scary eyes. Yea for her!!

  2. It’s no Unohana Scary, but it can definitely send chills down one’s spine.

  3. Rukia with no fear? She won’t be taken anytime soon. She’s probably one of those character that would go mountain climbing and skydiving for fun.

    With all seriousness, Rukia a total badass. I wonder if she can use bankai. Bankai the only weapon missing from her arsenal.

  4. @nss: Rukia with a Bankai. Now there is a thought. I wonder what form it would take. Obviously something Ice and snow. Would she become a personification of her weapon?

  5. For Rukia to overcome “primal fear” is a extraordinary feat considering the fact that even Byakuya succumbed to Sternritter F’s primal fear ability. This shows that Rukia is on another level compared to how she was before her training.

    I can’t wait to see Ichigo, and Byakuya fight just to see what training with the 0 squad can do. I wonder why doesn’t ALL the shinigami train with the 0 squad?

    Even if Renji is in trouble, there are still other shinigami out there that can help him…..Kenny anyone?

    @darthuchiha- I don’t think there is anyone that can match Unohana “scariness.” LOL!

  6. @Alerie Corbray
    Was thinking more of a bankai that would change shapes and forms like Hitsugaya. The idea would be unoriginal but her ice abilities are similar to Hitsugaya in shikai mode.

    Those who have recieve invitations have had special conditions. Ichigo not knowing his sword’s (Zangetsu) real identity and his past. Renji has no idea of his sword’s full name. Rukia and Byakuya have been inflicted with physical wounds beyond regular medical help. These are special conditions that got them the invite to begin with. The only other shiningami that would fit under this profile would be Kenpachi, but He has already recieve his own special training.

    Unohana and Rukia could be BFF. Though, Unohana would trump Rukia by a large margin.

  7. @nss7: For that matter, we do not know the exact form that Ichigo’s Bankai will take. Now with his two swords, Quincy side and Hollow side exposed, it could be anything.

    But back to Rukia, her new clothes have her bundled very warm, maybe something to do with blasts of cold air. Hitsuguya becomes the ice dragon. I hope that he finds something very visual for Rukia to use. 🙂

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