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Bleach Chapter 565 : God Like You

Chapter 565: God Like You
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This is a chapter I didn’t really see coming. But it was interesting enough. A part of the origin of Juha Bach. The King of the Quincy.

He has been quite a unique being from the moment he was conceived. Apart from a soul being in a body the baby had nothing. No sight, no hearing, no sense of touch… nothing.

Yet somehow it knew it had a way to survive. Oddly enough the people around him knew he had something special aswell. By a simple touch it would heal any trouble it had.


So whenever someone touched him a piece of his soul slipped into that other person. Also during the healing process all that the healed person experiences is absorbed into the shard of the soul present in that person.

At the moment of death of that individual the shard of the infants soul goes back to the main body. It seems however that anyone who touched the child did not have long to live. Regardless everybody flocked to the infant for its healing powers.

slowly overtime the child’s body healed until eventually his body was fully healed and he took the name the town’s people were calling him. The name of a God they worshipped. Yhwach.

The chapter switches to Ishida approaching the King’s private chambers.

Hachwalt is already there acting as a guard it seems. apparently he has been suspicious of Ishida from the start and gives him a little verbal push basically telling him Ishida has already been marked as the chapter explains better that I would.


It is nice to have confirmed why Ishida is their. He wanted to exact revenge for his mother’s death, but Ishida has been pushed into a corner without realizing it. He is now bound to the King via his soul.

Haschwalt continues to explain that the only way for the King to continue to live on as he does now is to spread his soul to as many ppl as possible and then for those people to die so his body will not fall back into its lifeless form.

So the death of anybody within the dome will fuel the life and strength of the king. What a guy….


16 Responses

  1. @Pretend3r: Great job explaining a very complicated concept. I thought that it was interesting that who ever touched the child, did not have long to live. So, I wonder, is this foreshadowing of Ishida’s soon approaching death? How do long time member of his group like Haschwalt stay alive dispute much contact over the years? Does living in the shadow prolong life?

  2. Yhwach, “the psyche vampire god.” That is one dangerous ability. Now I believe I can understand the government of the sternritter. They have no problem destroying their own since it will just strengthen Yhwach. So if a shinigami or a sternritter dies, Yhwach will gain strength. Interesting.

    There is a lot to considered though. When I was looking at corbray’s question about Ishida, I started thinking back as to how Yhwach said about Ishida having a special power that allow him to survive being killed when Yhwach absorbed the impure quincy. So perhaps that maybe the way in which Ishida survives again.
    Another point I want to make is the hollow. Can Yhwach take in someone who possess a hollow? The hollows are poison to quincy so I wonder if that goes for Yhwach?

    I tell you one thing, seeing the origin of Yhwach really makes me wonder about the soul king and his role in with the shinigami.

    BTW great chapter, great review.

  3. Yhwach background was very interesting. An infant that couldn’t see, smell, touch, hear, and feel, but depend on those around him to nurture him until he could develop all 5 senses. A clinically dead baby that grew into a person. A person that grew into a king. A king that ruled over the Quincies.

    Quincy king and the Soul king seem to have some thing in common. They both have the power to transfer special elite powers to whoever they choose. Yhwach can transfer power by touching and attaching a letter inside of a person and the soul king can transfer power by granting an individual an access pass into the Soul King’s Palace by the Ōken. From what we have seen in the pass with Aizen using the Ōken, we can safely assume that the shingami and Ichigo have both have some form of the Oken’s power within them. Thus, the Soul King can perhaps transfer power for giving them the access pass.

  4. via the Ōken

  5. A little note. No summary post for this weeks chapter. PC decided to crash before I could save the whole post I wrote. Too pissed off to do it again.

  6. @Pretend3r: I am sorry about your crash. There are times my tablet drives me crazy, losing perfectly good comments, and I do not have your obligations. So sorry to miss your take, but glad for the times that you share.

  7. A lot of character developement. Rukia finally getting her chance to shine. Vice captains and assistant captains getting the opportunity to outshine the captains for once.

  8. @nss7: absolutely and about time.

  9. @Alerie Corbray
    Much more exciting that way to. Watching the underdogs persevere rather than the elites. Rukia been sideline without powers or without any upgrades for too long.

  10. @nss7: She was still hurting because of Kaien Shiba, when Ichigo met her, but after all of that stuff with Aizen, she began to heal mentally and physically. It looks like she gained a lot during her time with squad zero. Do you think that she will ever pair up with Renji?

  11. @Alerie Corbray
    Rukia has to team up with Renji to fight the Quincy king. They both planned on taking him out together. But, If you’re talking about Rukia pairing up with Renji as soul mates, then, I highly doubt they have feelings for eachother other than being close friends. Their relationship closely resembles more of a brother and sister type of relationship.

  12. @nss: I don’t know… To me there seems to be a little something something between them.

  13. @Alerie Corbray
    I see Rukia being with Ichigo more than any other character. Can’t forget the glowy eyes exchange betweem Rukia and Ichigo the first time she gave Ichigo her powers. I don’t see Renji receiving the same glowy eyes from Rukia anytime soon.

  14. @nss7: I guess part of my reasoning has to do with the anime and some of the filler, which was not part of the original manga. For example, it showed their downtime where Byakuya has asked Rukia to perform a dance wearing a kimono that belonged to her sister. Renji tries hard to help her, and generally makes a mess, ruining the expensive kimono in the process. Rukia gets very angry, but eventually forgives him and we see him watching her do well in performing the difficult dance. Another scene is a flash back to an earlier time, just before Rukia is getting ready to leave for her short term assignment in the real world. Renji has just been notified that he has been made a lieutenant. Izuru teases him, saying with his promotion that he can now pursue Rukia again, with the inference that he can stop complaining about it to his friends.

    It was circumstances like that in both the anime and manta that lead me to believe that there may be a little something something. 🙂

  15. @Alerie Corbray
    Ichigo has fought and rescue Rukia at a time when everyone has given up on saving her including Renji. When the news of Rukia being executed was announced to the whole soul society, Renji was the first to abandon his relationship with Rukia. Ichigo however, did not. He fought tooth and nail to save her. Ichigo went as far as stopping the execution from happening. Once again, sharing glowy eyes with Rukia when he stopped the Phoenix flames from killing her. Rukia was also grieving and crying before Ichigo showed up. When death was creeping up on her, Ichigo was the one to be there, not Renji.

  16. @nss7: it is funny how different people see the involvement between two characters so differently. To me, Ichigo’s relationship with Rukia has run between hero worship and his thinking that she was a pest. In short, very much like a sister to him. Over time, he seems to have had a thing for Orihime, which someday might develop into love. Mostly, his concentration has been been taken up with trying to save the world, more so than looking for a love interest. I suspect Aizen knew that there had been sparks between them and that is why he used her to lure Ichigo away from the real world.

    You talk about how Renji abandoned Rukia, when it was announced that she would be executed for sharing her power with a human. Yes, he was all eager in his first real adult leadership position, he truly believed that she had done something very evil. After all, her brother was there beside him, the captain to bring his own sister back. But all a long, Renji still believed that he can save her. Remember him challenging Ichigo, are you strong enough to protect her? Only after he is defeated by Ichigo does the full truth sink into his soul, eventually becoming an ally. Think about it, who was there at the bottom of the structure to catch her and run her to safety. (Kinda of, I know, but that is a different story.)

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