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Bleach Manga Chapter 564 : Red Bristled Kings

Chapter 564: Red Bristled Kings
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Mask de Masculine is confident he has ended Renji’s life. Little James is being burnt alongside Renji but apparently James and Mask’s life are linked. James will be able to be reborn as long as Mask is alive.

But as we saw from last time out. REnji called out his bankai. And it looks different. And we also find out why.

We switch to a flashback back in the Soul Palace. Renji is talking with the Monk is a small temple.


The monk immediately drops a bombshell on his face telling the poor guy he’s been decieved. He kind off comes back to it and tells Renji than the name Zabimaru has told him is only partially true.

He continues only to say that Zabimaru does not acknowledge Renji as a true warrior yet. Obviously this puts Renji off a little but the monk is not done as he declares he will reveal Zabimaru’s true name.

Now we finally get to know what the role of the monk is. He has been appointed as the Manaka Oshou or “The One Who Reveals The True Identity”.

He is the man who decided the name; Zanpaktou, Shikai, Bankai and basicly everything that resides in Soul Society. Furthermore he know the name of every Zankapktou from the moment the Asauchi are given to their Shinagmi counterpart(as he calls it).

The monk feels that Renji has earned the right to know his Zanpaktou’s true name.


Souou Zabimaru (Twin Serpent King Tail)

Mask seems umimpressed but will soon find out how strong it actually is. He flies toward Renji who throws his Bankai’s arm to catch Mask. The hand of bones crushes Mask’s arms and flings him into a nearby building with incredible force.

Mask goes beserk throwing a tantrum. Renji replies with only two words ; “Orichi Ou”(Serpent king).

She shape of his blade changes. The seperate edges underneath(like in his Shikai and the snake’s backbone hanging out the back. Renji easily pierces through Mask’s body. He prepares his final attack a power blast called Zaga Teppou (Serpent Fang Cannon).


It’s the end of Mask(it must be right?) as his body has litteraly been turned into ashes.


14 Responses

  1. @Pretend3r: thanks for the great write up. You conveyed neatly the tale of Renji and Mask/James factually, while holding on to the exciting beat of this is why we read Bleach. I am so glad to see that the trainings in squad zero were well worth the time and effort. Seeing all of veterans so improved, will be a great wave to ride out the end of the manga.

  2. @Pretend3r. Great Post I keep coming back to the website looking to read your post. The ending of bleach should be awesome

  3. Thank you both for the kind words.

  4. Renji would make a better captain than the vizard captains.

  5. The bankai part was nice, but to be honest this chapter is a pain in the ass, and I’ll tell you why. Untill now, we thought that zampaktos were created by the shinigami. The soul of the shinigami takes a white slate (the asauchi) and puts a sould into an “empty vessel” thus making the specific zampakto (and receiving a specific name, that ilustrates more or less its power). But this chapter we found out that every sword already has a name, when it leaves “the factory”. So does a shinigami have a part in making the zampakto? It seems not.

    I don’t understand, so it seems that everything is random, Everyone receives a sword that ALREADY has a name (name= power, I can’t answer this). So the only reason why Soi Fon has the rocket thingy and Renji the snake is PURE CHANCE. It seems that every zampakto, is a Kinder Surprise, nobody knows that’s inside…

    And it seems that everything is ruled by pure chance, cause following the train of thoughts the monk said, that every sword already has a name, then Kempachi’s sword has nothing to do with him, cause it olready had a name given to it, and it was given to a random shinigami, and I really don’t understand the mechanism of all of this…

    Why ruin something that had sense? The asauchi part was nice, but this? Just for giving the monk guy a role…. After the healer, the cook, the blacksmith, and the tailor…. we have a guy that names things… that’s lame…

    Ok sry for the long post, if someone understod how things work pls enlighten me. See ya 🙂

  6. Great review pretend3r.

    Great chapter as well. Renji is awesome, the monk dude is cool (and extremely powerful), and with everything that is happening so far, I’m looking forward to see what direction TK will take this story and his characters.

    impaler: “He is the man who decided the name; Zanpaktou, Shikai, Bankai and basicly everything that resides in Soul Society.

    Furthermore he know the name of every Zankapktou from THE MOMENT the Asauchi are given to their Shinagmi counterpart(as he calls it).” -pretend3r.

    The way I took this sentence to mean was the fact that the monk knows the name AFTER a shinigami receives the Asauchi not before.

    For example. The monk didn’t know what Ichigo’s zanpaktou would be until Rukia gave Ichigo some power. Then the monk “perceive the name of the sword AFTER Ichigo received a sword. If that is the case, that monk has a great deal of power. I’m assuming as well that he knows every kidou spell that was invented, and he knows the bankai of Kenpachi even though Kenny doesn’t. (I’m speaking past tense about Kenny not knowing his bankai as he may now know it.) I hope that brings some clarity cuz that’s all I got.

  7. Nice review pretndr!
    Impaler: i think the fat bloke jus names the zanpaktou but doesnt necessarily determine what form it will take. Take ichi for example, oetsu or wateva his name is told ichi to pour his soul into the sword when he was carving it,and furthermore ichi himself chose that he will retain the quincy zangetsu as part of his arsenal. So even though the name of his sword was predetermined some what,he still chose what form it will take,to a certain extent atleast!
    What i wonder though is whether ss war potentials are those shinigami who have recieved power upgrades, ichi,renji,kenpachi,rukia and byakuya?? I doubt byakuya though coz tite definitely meant to kill him,he jus chikened out in the las minute, but the rest seem to be significantly stronger now!!

  8. @impaler.
    I don’t the monk names the Zanpaktou at all. He says he is aware of all the names.

  9. Hello Pretend3r: I just noticed that you transposed the numbers in the last Bleach title. https://shannaro.wordpress.com/2014/01/19/bleach-manga-chapter-654-red-bristled-kings/
    We are on Chapter 565, not 654. Thanks for being there.

  10. had to look up what transposed meant, but I fixed it:P

  11. @Pretend3r: Sorry, the current number is 565, and 564 was the chapter reviewed.

  12. @Pretend3r: thanks, but it still looks wrong on the web address. It looks right on the labeling, but the addressing across the top still reads

  13. Had no idea I could change that afterwards.

  14. @Pretend3r: I am glad that it worked out. :).

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