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Bleach Manga Chapter 563 : Superstar Never Die

Chapter 563: Superstar Never Die
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Mask gets a massive cut in his stomach but somehow, again, manages to heal himself. He gets even angrier. Not wanting to let some villain defeat him. He yells out to little James who is still alive.


He truly is a unique creature to aid Mask into unlocking his full potential. From what was left of his body many tiny little bodies spawn all cheering him out. All these many cheers make Mask get even bigger and grow into his ultimate form(as he calls it)


Very charming to look at indeed.

Renji still can’t quite get used to the sight of him. It’s at this time however that Mask finally remembers who he Renji is. Renji wonder why Mask figured that out just now. Mask keep ranting on, wondering how he got so strong and considers it an honor for Renji to see Mask in his ultimate form.

Which is good for Renji. Knowing by this point Mask has a ceiling to how far his strength can reach. And that he has actually reached it.

Mask doesn’t wait long to launch his Star Lariat at REnji. An ability he can only use in his ultimate form. As he strikes Renji he explains that in his ultimate form he can reach targets standing even a mile away.


As he did before. Mask keeping hammering away sending blast after blast at Renji who has been standing throughout the barrage thus far, but as the building crumbles he falls down.

He releases his Vollständig and flies up into the air creating a star firing his ‘Star Flash Super-nova’. Likely to be his strongest attack.

For a moment he is confident in the demise of Renji but he is not that lucky.


REnji released his Bankai. Hihiō Zabimaru

And it looks to be quite a bit different from before. It looks to be a lot smaller than before. There also seems to be a blade sticking out it’s mouth. Something the old bankai definitely did not have. I believe it will require a bit more close combat fighting that with his old form but I’m sure he’ll still be able to fire powerful blasts from the Snake’s mouth.

His shikai form didn’t seem any different but his Bankai form seems to have evolved quite a bit, even after it got severely damaged he has unlocked more of its potential.

Can’t wait to see it in full glory.

Also, Happy new year to you all in advance. Have fun and stay safe and I hope to see you all again next year. I’ll be with you till Bleach ends.


12 Responses

  1. @Pretend3r: I hope you had a Merry Christmas, and the coming New Year brings you nothing but good things and blessings. That said, good job on the commentary. However, not me but nss7 had some interesting thoughts expressed on Merry Christmas!!! It was noted about the Sterritters seem to come to their final form with wings and a halo. That perhaps they can not fly without those wings. On page 563/15, we can plainly see the wings and there is that star thing on the top of his head. I did not see you commenting on this occurrence and feel that nss7’s opinion is worthy of consideration.
    By the way, I am thankful that you plan to stay until Bleach is completed.

  2. @alerie: I did mention it. The Halo and wings are part of Völlstandig.

  3. TK really left us with a lot to think about this chapter. First off, the sternritters are no mere pushovers. Even with the training Renji received TK shows that there really is no guarantee that the gotei 13 (or even Ichigo) can win this war; at least not with just sheer power. Just imagine if a “S” ranked sternritter is this powerful, I wonder how much power Haschwalth (a B ranked), Yhwach (has Yamamoto bankai yikes!), and Ishida (also a A ranked) have? Not to mention Bazz-B (haven’t seen his final form) and many others. On top of that, the only ones who have been defeated so happen to perish at the hands of Haschwalth. So technically not one of the death gods has truly “defeated” their opponent but losing a battle still resulted in a defeat nevertheless. Like I said before, the sternritter must be confident in their abilities (honestly at this point they should be) to destroy their own like that without worrying about numbers.

    This has been a great year for Bleach. Can’t wait until next chapter next year.

    One final comment, is that Renji’s Bankai? I guess I’m use to someone saying “Bankai” when they release their sword. At the end it said Renji “unsheathes a new blade” it didn’t say anything about it being his Bankai. Ehh…maybe it’s just me though.

    If I don’t talk to anyone else, have a good new years. (Don’t get to crunked LOL.)

  4. @Pretend3r: thanks I missed that.

  5. @immortal : Indeed. Yamamoto died before he could have taken Urahara’s pill. FIghts are alot about match-ups. If someone has the right abilities to counter his opponent easily, he doesnt need to be as strong.

  6. Bleach’s last chapter in 2013 was yet again great! Renji’s reaction on Mask’s new mask after his transformation really made me laugh: ”why does the shape of your mask change when you power up -__-;”. I was thinking the exact same.

    @Alerie Corbray – I don’t believe the sternritter need their wings to fly. Quincy have shown to be able to fly in Hueco Mundo (chapter 489 – March of the StarCross) and Yhwach was standing in the air right before invading soul society (chapter 490 – March of the StarCross 2). I believe they call it Hirenkyaku.

    @Immortal – It actually surprised me that the sternritter are so confident. Kenpachi was able to beat 3 of them quite easily and now they’re about to kill two of their own. Even if they are strong it doesn’t make much sense, they still need to attack the zero division as well.

    Also, was it ever proven that there is a clear ranking among the sternritters? I know that Bach has ‘A’ and the second in command has ‘B’, but I don’t see much of a difference between Bambietta (E), Bazz-B (H) and Mask (S) in strength. If anything, Mask seems to be the strongest out of all three of them. Cang Du (i) was beaten by a single captain while (S) beat two captains and puts up a fight against Renji…

    Looking forward to bleach in 2014! If it’s as good as 2013, we can expect some epic fights between Quincy, Hollow and Shinigami!

    Happy new year everyone!

  7. Its hardly if ever been clear who is stronger than who when comparing fighters in this manga. It has been that way since the beginning.

  8. Bazz-B kicked the living daylights out of Toshiro using only two fingers…. he has 8 more.

  9. @Gaviotero
    Super Star beated two amateur captains. The two vizards captains were non-captain material before they became captains. One have anger issues and reveal his full powers at the start of battle. The other captain, reveals his biggest bankai’s weakness to his enemies. And shinji (he didn’t fight super star but he is also flaw as a captain) was easily beaten by a sterritter in one move. Point is, super star fought easy opponents. Against a more experience captain like Hitsugaya or Yama, super star would’ve been dead by now.

    Vizards seem to be weak without hollowfication. All the Vizards captain were beaten first despite using their bankais. Very weak in my opinion. Also, most of them got cocky and left their guards down. They’re too immature to be captains. Hitsugaya could put up a better fight against the sterritter without his bankai than viZards can with or without their bankai. Very disappointing. Seems like Vizards are only all for show without hollow powers.

  10. @Gaviotero: I agree with darthuchiha. If you notice, overwhelming power doesn’t always mean a automatic win. Look at the case of Yamamoto. When Aizen fought Yamamoto, he had to use Wonderweiss in order defeat him. Also Yhwach used those mimicking sternritter to defeat Yamamoto. By the way Aizen wasn’t just defeated by Ichigo, but also had the help of the oh so clever Kisuke.

    @pretend3r: That’s what makes Bleach a good manga. Bleach doesn’t follow the same trend as some other mangas.

    @nss7: Personally I don’t think the two captains are amateurs; (They were captians before their exile from SS) I believe they lost simply because they underestimated their opponent. Kensei used his bankai (which Byakuya said that the sternritter are opponents that can’t be defeated without banki) to quickly end the fight not knowing about James which he found out about from Hisagi. Once Super star powered up, both captains realized they had to beat James which without any word Kensei distracted Super Star giving Rose the opening he needed. Now as far as Rose is concerned, his bankai is devastating considering the fact that it is a sound bankai. Rose didn’t expect his opponent to cancel his bankai by DESTROYING his own ear drums! That was insane! What is really freaky was Super Star didn’t have to hear James praise him in order for his eardrums to heal. Next Renji takes note of the battle then he proceeds to kill James but as you know, James can’t die by ordinary means.
    Again I say, TK is showing it takes more than brute force to win this war.

  11. Did I just miss the note on the last release? When will the next one be?

  12. new chapters are out on mangastream.com and mangapanda.com

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