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Bleach Manga Chapter 562 : The Villain 2

Chapter 562: The Villain 2
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The short summary for this chapter is ; Renji has become a badass and the Soul Palace is one hell of a training ground.

Anyway, this week we continue where we left of last chapter. Renji blocked Mask’s star blast. Rukia jumps in behind him. Renji immediately asks her to take care of the two captains instead of helping him. He also he is more than enough to handle someone of this caliber.


Rukia acknowldges this having trained with him up there. She applies some bandages and jumps off with both captains in hand to a safer area.

Mask (still with broken eardrums) is quite surprised to see her go away again, stating that thats what villians tend to do. Renji talks back to him.

It’s about now that Mask realizes his eardrums are busted. Luckily for him the upper part of James is still alive and well and ready to cheer him onwards. And within no time at all his ears are fine.


Mask asks Renji to repeat what he said earlier. Renji actually found the healing method quite revolting to look at and speaks his thoughts aloud. Mask quick rockets toward to deal punishment for getting insulted. With his Star Rocket Headbutt hits Renji dead on.

Or did he? Renji is standing beside him and slams him into the ground with quite a bit of force. After this Mask gets angrier which also makes him stronger(what a surprise). A star forms on his hand the angrier he gets.

With this new strength he swings at Renji again with Star Killer Fist(I sense a theme here). Again Renji blocks him with his bare hand needing to take any kind of real effort. More enraged screaming bloody murder and continues to rapid-punch away at Renji until he hears a crying plea of One-foot-tall James.

The hero turns around to only to watch explode into little pieces. He screams to him. Renji speaks up explaining he decided to deal with the little guy while the righteous hero was jabbering away(Go Renji!).


Mask calls Renji coward. Renji simply answers the following way before striking him with his sword; “You of all people should know. At the end of the day, all of us villians are nothing more than cowards!”

Renji is acting like the good old days, badd-ass. Even if he defeats this Sternritter. You have to keep him mind Mask is ‘only’ ranked ‘S’. Meaning there are alot more stronger Sternritter above him.


10 Responses

  1. Great job. Thanks for being there Pretend3r. Last week when I tried to comment, the system blocked me again.

  2. That first was just a test to see if the system will let me comment. Pretend3r, I agree as far as Renji, this is closer to the Renji that we met in the beginning of the Manga. Brash and confident, and very sure of himself. He seems to have been reborn during his stay with squad zero.

  3. indeed. Being like him old self actually feels kinda fresh.

  4. This was a cool chapter with a cool character. Renji stole this chapter with simple and yet effected tactics used to depose of Mask. What I love most about this chapter was when Renji said, “prehaps this killer fist of yours isn’t capable of killing a god of death.”(pg 16) For some reason it made me think that the training Renji received kinda affirmed that he is a shinigami to the core. (Like how Ichigo had to get the same affirmation.) Maybe it’s just me but that part reminded me of old school Renji. Pure awesome.

    With what happen to Renji and Rukia, it makes me wonder about Byakuya. I really can’t wait to see what TK has in store for him after he receive his training. (And new threads).

    Good review pretend3r and I like the pic of Renji at the end

    Welcome back Corbray.

    Until next time.

  5. Renji took bad-ass to a whole new level! Glad to see his comeback! It was nice to see Rukia as well, she reminded me a bit of byakuya on the page where she looks at Mask and say’s Mask is no match for Renji now.

    Nice little detail on the page where Mask notices he’s still deaf: ”I have the feeling you said something cool.. ..but I can’t hear anything at all!” While Mask is wondering what’s going on, there’s a huge question mark ‘?’ on the spot where his star is supposed to be. When he remembers he crushed his eardrums, there’s suddenly a lightbulb!

    I see what you did there Tite Kubo…

  6. @Gaviotero: Good catch about Mask. What was strange was the fact that even though he couldn’t hear James cheer him on, he was still healed. So his “healing power” didn’t rely on hearing the cheering of James. I give it to Tite, he does know how to create characters.

  7. @Pretend3r: my impression when we first meet Renji, was that he had slick confidence, but was very aware that he had the Captain looking over his shoulder. Then when barely trained Ichigo puts him down on that city street, he was covering with endless excuses, just like his cockiness when told that this kid put down a menos grande. What I saw in this week’s manga was closer to what was seen when he went to battle with Jackie (of the Dirty boots) without drawing his sword. Then you could feel his power and strength, building on his self image. This new manga had him reaching a much higher level of sureness in his own ability, we could definitely see the changes forged in his visit to the clouds.

  8. @Immortal: Thanks for the welcome. Rukia to me almost seemed more timid. Her new clothes seem to be more protective and less confident. She appears slightly downtrodden, less eager to jump into the battle. Just as comfortable, to stand on the sidelines and watch what is happening. In the past, she was more chomping at the bit, more eager to ,prove that she was just as good as any other death god.

  9. @Alerie Corbray: Really? That is interesting. Personally I always found Rukia as more of a supporting role. In this chapter she made a quick analysis of the situation and took the appropriate action. Her and Renji agreed that dealing with Mask didn’t require her assistance. What surprised me was the fact that her ability to help the injured captains either required her ability to heal (kido) or she was going to take them to the healing barracks. If it is the former, that may mean that her kido spells are probably stronger now but that just a theory I had of this chapter.

    Sidenote: I do believe that the monk from the 0 squad is a kido master. Kido is the only techniques yet to be used or mention since this war and among the 0 squad.

    As far as her clothes, I really believe her attire is a reflection of her “ice type” zanpaktou. He ice abilities may have become so strong, she needs to protect herself from them. That would be cool. (Pardon the pun.)
    Either way this has been a great arc!

  10. @Immortal: part of the problem is that Kubo has used her too often as his number one victim. In the beginnings of the manga, she is there putting on a brave face, not totally confident, but playing her role of a first solo assignment. She has started giving signs of recovery of growing out of the shock that the whole Kaien episode brought to her esteem. Then he bats her around some more, but she grows some more and gets stronger. More recently when she was battling Riruka she was showing more strength, but then he beat her down some again. I would assume that we are not going to see her beating the boys too often, but she was able to kill the hollow ranked 9th (I believe) on Aizen’s team. She may have come close to dying, but she did beat him using her sword’s abilities. If she has gone through with the royal treatments, it must be because she is now able to contribute major. I do not believe that they would waste these fantastic treatments on a bit player. She is on the scene as a warrior, not as a healer. That said, does not mean that her skills in healing and in battle Kido should not or will not be used. In this war, any weapon may be needed.

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