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Bleach Manga Chapter 561 : The Villain

Chapter 561: The Villain
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Kensei got hurt being thrown into the building by Mask. It’s not enough to slow him down though so he bolts right back into the fight.


Mask is extremely fast and kick Kensei right in the gut then grabs his head and rams his head into his. Kensei manages to land a punch on the Quincy but in his empowered state he can simply block it with his hand.

He breaks his arm and slams him down into the ground and finishes him off with a powerful ground stomp to boot.

Rose took this opening and slices James in half. He doesn’t seem quite proud to do it but know it’s necessary. Like Kensei he calls out his bankai. Kinshara Butoudan(Golden Sands Dance Troupe). And it looks goddamn awesome. It’s a sound-based Bankai that has the power to create Illusion. It’s requires the ‘belief’ of it’s target to actually to damage with the Water, Fire or whatever else his Illusion creates. Ie, his Bankai would crumble like a deck of cards if he ever had to face Aizen directly.


Rose could actually have won this fight if he didn’t spill the beans to Mask on how his power actually works, via sound.

The Sternritter doesn’t hesitate to destroy his own eardrums rendering Rose’s bankai useless. Mask use a new attack, a power beam-attack coming from the star on his mask.

Rose is tough enough to still be alive after the Quincy blew a hole in his chest. Mask fires another one to whipe the Shinigami from the face of the earth.



Renji arrives on the scene. He didn’t make it on time to save the Captains unfortuantly. He ‘simply’ blocks the attack with his Shikai. It’s a clear sign that shows how much he has grown in strength after training for his longs as he did in the high density reishii of the spirit palace grounds.

With a ‘strength’ based Bankai he is a decent match to fight this guy. I wonder if his Bankai will look different, being reforged and all, but I think we will see soon enough.


2 Responses

  1. Wow, bleach is moving at a very fast pace! I’m not entirely sure wether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

    Good -> It keeps the story interesting and exciting, the fight between the espadas and fraccion and the gotei 13 took a bit too long for my taste.

    Bad -> With these short fights, some captains (Rose…) look quite week and I think Kubo could’ve showed more from their bankais. I was a bit disappointed when we didn’t see much of an explanation on Unohana’s bankai.

    I’m looking forward to see Renji vs. the masked muchacho! And I’m hoping Rukia will either look for the unrevealed sternritter that beat her last time, or a match between Bazz B and Rukia. Then she’ll be able to demonstrate her own ice attacks against Bazz B. I’m also hoping for a bankai…

    Overall this chapter was nice! We got to see Rose’s bankai even though he was beaten pretty easily (Rose…you fool) and I’m loving this masked fighter more every chapter! Too bad that bad-ass-motha-foka Renji is going to whoop his ass =(.

  2. I love the chapter and I love how the story is progressing. Rose banki is awesome and it isn’t weak at all. Even though Rose told Mask about his banki, you can’t really blame Rose for his own demise. Remember Mask burst his own ear drums!! Who would have thought Mask (or anyone for that matter) would have went to such extreme measures. (Well I guess it’s not all that extreme considering he save his own life.) The only part I found weird on Mask’s part was when he asked Renji who he was, knowing that whatever Renji says, he couldn’t hear anyway. (Unless he can reads lips.)

    Speaking of Renji, that was a awesome entrance.

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