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Its Out!!!

Naruto is on BREAK this week, but enjoy One Piece and Bleach Chapter

Bleach Chapter

1159315049_visorOne Piece chapter



9 Responses

  1. @Jdogg: Good job with the pics and links. Speedy as well. 🙂

  2. Agreed. Great job :-).

  3. Thanks J-Money for the “It’s Out” that was right on time yo! I wish I could get your thoughts on the current one piece manga. I’m still trying to catch up (Currently on chapter 440 I think) but I’m closing the gap.

    One piece: The Last Don-flamingo beat law straight up gangsta style yo!! I was like dannnng!! That was crazy good stuff for real.

    Bleach: Rukia looked pretty good with that ninja outfit. What happen to Komamura was jacked up but it was still a good chapter.

    Naruto: I’m actually quite happy Naruto is on break, I kinda needed a break from it and I bet Kish needed one too.

    @Corbray and Uchiha: What’s the deal holding out on your comments for the latest chapters? Come on show Immortal some love! LOL!

    See ya on the next post Shannaronators!

  4. @Immortal: ??? I gave comments on Pretend3r’s last couple of reviews, no saving up. I can’t comment on anything but Bleach because I do not know enough about One Piece or Naruto. I have watched their anime on Adult Swim for a couple of months and read a little of Naruto’s manga. I have a long way to go before Naruto makes sense. And to be quite honest, I find One Piece far too slap stick to suit my taste. I am mostly watching it, but it is not catching my attention in the same manner as Bleach and Naruto did.

  5. @ immortal

    I don’t really follow one piece.

    I’m expecting a big change when Naruto returns. I secretly thinks Kishi is listening to his readers, and will attempt to return to old Naruto. If not, it will get to a point where it will be no return.

    Bleach is just pure awesomeness right now. Sorry to see the plight of kommamura (sp). Can’t wait to see renji and rukia’s upgrades.

  6. WTH you guys are missing out on something very special lol. I first started reading Naruto then Bleach and lastly One Piece. One Piece is the best of the three IMO. Heck I dont think there will ever be a better one. Oda is a Master.

  7. Btw, awesome One Piece chapter. I think Law is still alive. Luffy will now be fighting Doflamingo finally(cant wait). That little skirmish between Brooks and Momo is what makes Oda great

  8. @Rock lee: I appreciate and respect that there are fans of One Piece, who frequent this site, but so far, it really isn’t my personal taste. I am trying to watch the anime on Adult Swim, but so far it just isn’t that interesting. Perhaps when I am able to finish Naruto’s manga, I will give One Piece a try. However, I haven’t made a lot of progress with Naruto’s manta, because of other distractions in my life. I do want to read Naruto, and I am very curious about your discussions and about the character I see very early on Sunday morning. I realize that these long running mantas are the three most popular in the world. However that doesn’t mean that everyone will like the same scrips.

  9. Anyone, is there a means by which I can edit a comment, once I have posted it? I am communicating through a tablet, which sometimes changes my words behind my back. For example, in the second to last sentence, I typed manga and my tablet “corrected” that word to read manta.

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