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Its Out!

Naruto Chapter

Amegakure_Wallpaper_by_Magnus18Bleach Chapter

bleach__zangetsu_by_azany-d4za494One Piece Chapter



13 Responses

  1. Someone pointed this out a while back, but for the past few months this has been proven even more: this isn’t the fourth ninja war, this is a leaf village civil war. Almost all the big players( an I use that term loosely for one of them) that cause the most chaos are either former leaf ninjas( orochmaru, madara, obito,sasuke, itachi even though he was a double agent) or has been acquainted with a leaf ninja former or current(nagato, kabuto) I mean, damn, the rest of the villages participating in this war are nothing but hired guns and ninja fodder for the leaf village. The raikage only got his 15 minutes of fame being the head honcho of this alliance only to be castrated by naruto and put in his place by madara.

    Affirmative action my ass 😡

    Don’t even get me started on obito, who had plenty of opoortunties to actually succeed. You know by the time the other kages got off their fat asses and finally took action against the akatsuki (aka series of bicep flexing and finger pointing ,aka the summit meeting) obito already had majority of what he needed and the kages were still clueless as to who akasuki really was and their plans. Now about 18 years (longer really since it was madaras original plan) is about to go down the drain by this weak excuse of a villian.

    Now bleach on the other hand even though its on its last arc, has been phenomenal and its still getting better an better and I hope to God it lasts for years to come. I’m basically only reading naruto now just out of curiosity of how it will end.

  2. @darthuchiha, I agree with you, this is Konoha’s war. But really, if you’re gonna be the best, you are going to run into some hangups. I don’t think well ever know if the war/manga suppose to be Konoha-centric with supporting characters, or if Kishi wrote himself into a corner and couldn’t find a way to bring in characters/stories from other villages. I could def see some of these characters having kickass spin-off mangas where we would get to see them shine…

    Of course will probably never see that, but I can dream.

  3. @darthuchiha
    Agreed. The fourth ninja war has never live up to the hype. Everything was narrowed and failed miserably in trying to put real dramatic expression into Naruto geographic as a whole. The characters attitude never changed when stepping into the war. They acted as if they were still living inside a small community or at the Chuunin exam.

    @Immortal (from your other “it’s out” comment)
    The alliance are nothing more than cheerleaders. I Have no idea why the new chapter have them cheer “Lets go! Yeah!” when The 4th intercepted Kakashi from killing Obito. They Never question the higher ups. When one person speaks, the rest plays follow the leader and never thought about any other alternatives or even question the reason behind it. One thing we learn from the war arc is that the whole Narutoverse is not as bright as they were made out to be.

  4. @nss

    Which is another reason BIG MAGNUM left. He got tired of following leaf rules, and even he was disgusted by how the leaf had relegated his great clan to some flunkies, and that they were totally okay with it. I can understand not wanting to war anymore with the senju, but becoming senju flunkies was just overboard.

  5. Madara one of the few exception. He should close the curtains on the alliance.

  6. Naruto – that Kakashi speech was the truth, damn…!

    Bleach – this bankai is so badass I almost have no words!

    One Piece – have to give Doflamingo props though; the way he had this scheme “sewn” up from the get go with Vergo etc is genius.

  7. Doflamingo actually pulled a Luffy in that he “saved” and won the hearts of the people.

  8. Long time silent reader, first time comment 🙂

    Bleach: Awesome, as always!

    One Piece: So, Violet is Rebeca’s aunty? She’s King Riku’s daughter.

    Naruto: Too bad for Obito going beaten like that.
    Obito dream to create utopia is just as good as dream. But, Naruto idea for perfect understand is far from reality as well. Come to think, is there any absolute understanding betwen ppl in ppl can share their past memoirs and feeling?

    Yeah, i understand. This is narutoverse 🙂

    Anyway, this kind of memory and feeling sharing is similiar to Setsuna’s Inovator ability (Gundam 00). Naruto using chakra, Setsuna using quantum brain wae.

    Keep posting guys!

  9. Welcome akhcand.

    Always good to have new posters.

  10. @akhcand
    Both Naruto and Obito are morally wrong. Obito is wrong for forcing people to do things against their will and Naruto is wrong for telling people what they can and cannot do. Naruto had no right to read into Obito’s subconscious and pretend that he knew Rin better than Obito did. Naruto had no personal relation with Rin nor does Obito subconscious reveal enough of an understanding for Naruto to be able to break through to Obito. This is not like his talk no jutsu with Nagato where both the protagonist (Naruto) and antagonist (Nagato) both KNEW Jiraiya personally. For the situation between Naruto and Obito, Naruto doesn’t know a thing about Rin.

    What makes little sense is how Naruto was able to implant himself into Obito subconscious mind? Naruto doesn’t know genjutsu or mind transferring jutsu.

  11. @nss7

    No clue, but both of them being juruunki(fuk spelling) may had something to do with it. This isn’t the first time this happened during a tug o war match. Also minato was the only other person who admitted having a peak at obitos subconscious that we know of, and he had kurama inside him too.

  12. @darthuchiha
    Obito got the ultimate mindf@#k

  13. Lol father son talk no jutsu

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