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Bleach Chapter 557: His life has already been set Aside

Chapter 557: His life has already been set aside.
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Komamura has called forth his bankai. As was obvious from last time out it is on quite a different form this time.


Bambietta is surprised by this new form, she expected to see a similar body underneath the Bankai’s armor. She launches one of her bombs at its head but the he blocks it with his hand. The hand is damaged but immediately regenerates.

Sufficed to say, Bambietta is confused. Komamura is kind enough to explain. Tengen Myouou is an armored Bankai that has life breathed into it. Dangai Joue is a form that casts that armor aside laying bare just reiatsu, just power.

He is confident her powers cannot defeat him. Bambietta still doesn’t understand and questions his explanation. Komamura continues by saying the following;

‘Something becoming a bomb and blowing apart if terrifying. Only because there is life there. If there is not life, then there’s no terror in blowing apart. Tengen Myouou’s life is in the armor. Dangai Joue is the form of Tengen Myoue after it has cast its life away.


The shortsighted calls him on his bullshit, she doesn’t believe a bankai has life to begin with it. She does know that the Bankai is linked to its owner. She blast him in the heart laughing but she is quickly silenced to see he doesn’t have a heart.

He reveals the details of the secret technique to her. It seems he might die when the transformation ends but until that happens, he is immortal.

Bambietta seems to hold no concept toward sacrificing herself for the greater good. Throwing his life away in battle would make winning meaningless.

Komamura responds that he isn’t throwing his life away. he just ‘put it on the line. Could there be any reason for me not to stake my life on the battle that Genryuusai-dono gave his life.

The way Komamura sees it.The moment he stepped on this battlefield. He made the decision to set my life aside.

With that. Tengen Myouou get a direct hit on Bambietta.

Could this be the end of the Quincy psychopath?



9 Responses

  1. Pretend3r: Great job. I love the pic at chapter 557/14, where Komamura is just hanging there with a huge hole in his chest, where his heart should be. Are we seeing the result of the hollowification of his bankai?

  2. No… he pulled out his heart remember? Hell, its actually shown in this chapter that his heart is sitting on a small plate with the elderly doggy.

  3. @Pretend3r: I guess I saw it different. From what you are saying, with out a heart there can be no hollowification involved? I knew that his heart had been removed, but somehow figured that maybe the increased power and the huge hole were the signs that some of the hollow process was involved, beyond what ever his family secret had created. I guess it that was true, would have seen him touching Urahara’s magic pill.

  4. @Pretend3r: You know that I think the world of what you contribute, but none of us are perfect. Did you realize that your main title references the wrong chapter? Everywhere else it states chapter 557, but the main hyperlinked header states chapter558. I do not know if you can correct that formating error, but I decided to say something anyway. I apologize if this bothers you. 🙂

  5. There’s a possibility that the wolf/human captain is using a hollowfication bankai. Mr hat and Clause already explained that anyone who got their bankai back from touching the pill will recieve a dosage of hollow powers. Hitsaguya had already done it with his hollowfied bankai. Since wolf/human captain went through the same process, the chances of his bankai being a hollowfication is highly plausible.

  6. So you started thinking if the new bankai is hollowfied or not? So I ask you this, is a hollow alive, cause if it is , then the bankai is not hollowfied. If a hollow is not alive, then the bankai could be hollowfied. I say all of this because doggy clearly said that the new bankai (Joe dunno how) is lifeless,

    Or the hollow part is just some reiatsu, which contaminated the raieatsu pool of doggy, resulting in temporary mixture between those 2,and by transforming now, doggy he has a cvasi-hollowfied bankai…

    It’s hard but we can’t say clearly if the answer is yes, or no, we simply don’t have enough information.

    nss7, Hisugaya had a hollowfied bankai, but Soi Fon didn’t, at least I didn’t see anything different…

  7. @alerie
    AS far as I understood urahara Kisuke’s explination. The pill he gave give the bankai a sliver of a hollow’s essence. It doesnt nessesarily have to change that much visually. Urahara says something like this in chapter 61; “…and hollowfy a bankai, even if momentarily, that bankai will become like poison to the quincy”

    So going by that, it’s only the bankai that gets altered. The torn out heart was all part of the ‘human methamorphasis’ technique of the wolf clan. It bear some similarties to what Uryuu did back in the day when he gained massive power against Mayuri at the expense of his Quincy abilities.

  8. @Pretend3r and impaler: It is all confusing, and I hear what you are saying, but I still have issues. I have reread the last two chapters. In the earlier one Captain Kormamura discusses how before they die, for their sins, how each family member is converted to an animal. They are still alive, so how the Captain can be in the Soul Society is confusing. He removes his own heart, which you would think would kill him, but instead, he is human again. Now, when I look at his new more powerful bankai form, it does have similar features to Ichigo’s hollow, as others have noted. It continues being a huge controlable kind of robot, but the link between it and the captain, no longer gives injuries, because his human body is just a Shell to serve to fight the enemy.

    Thus it is difficult to use stock terms to decide, who is alive and who is dead. To me, the huge hole in the chest and the appearance of the bankai echo the hollow form. I would be very surprised if Urahara’s pill was not involved somewhere. Perhaps her bombs are less effective because of the pill, but in reality, I am betting that it has more to do with the hollow like hole, and the appearance of his bankai.

  9. @impaler: You sent me looking for Soi Fon’s connection to the hollowified bankai. You will find the connection in chapter 553/6.

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