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Bleach Chapter 556 : The Wolfsbane

Chapter 556: The Wolfsbane
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Shinji has taken a massive blow as his already damaged body lands on the ground he gets hit again doing even more damage.

Bambietta was still by his power but simply blasted her’bombs’ in every possible direction making Sakenada’s ability quite useless. Her ability is called ‘The Explode’. Sounds simple, but it turns out there is more to it.

She is quite surprised and pleased to see Komamura standing there. Or ‘Doggy’ as she likes to call him.


Hinamori jumps in, trying to sneak up her from behind with her Shikai ready to fire. Bambietta easily feels her coming and asks the young firl who’s vice captain she is. Her faces turns menical ready to blow her dust but Komamura stops here and pulls her down avoiding Hinamori from certain death.

Komamura tells her Tobuime isn’t anywhere nearly strong enough to negate the power of the Quincy’s explosions.

Bambietta doesn’t allow Komamura much rest showing up behind him. She jumps up into the sky again after a sword strike from the captain. She quickly rains down more bombs down on his position all of them being fired from her REishi wings.

Komamura has decked himself out but senses something wrong with the explosion much to Bambietta’s surprise. She commends his (animal) instincts.


She isn’t merely firing bombs. In fact anything her Resihi touches, becomes the bomb. So it’s turns any surface into a bomb. The bigger the contact patch, the bigger the explosion it would seem.

Now from here on the chapter gets really interesting. Bambietta start a Reishi shower. Komamura moves his body to cover Hinamori. It’s hard to but it’s obvious Komamura takes multiple hits. Bambietta seems to be having fun for the moment, wanting to see what was under the bucket.


Like me, she is very surprised to see Komamura in human form with a very pumped up left arm(I mean really pumped up… its looks ridiculous compared to his other arm.)

But yeah, he looks freaking human. The chapter switches back to a time just before the Quincy attack. This talk seems right after their fight.

The elder wolf mentions about something called the Human Metamorphasis Technique. A technique that allows the user to regain their true from that they had before they were cast into the beast realm, and with it immeasurable power. It could be that the wolf-clan was one of the big house-hold within Seireitei before they were cast out. Begs to wonder what they did to deserve such a punishment.

It has quite a sacrifice as the elder tells Komamura to rip out his heart in exchange for the sharing the technique. The elder once again mocks him and his loyalty to the shingami, though it is obvious that Komamura went through with it.

He call out his bankai. Kokujou Tengen Myouou, Dangai Joue(Heavenly Armor of Rope).

It looks quite different, The Bankai’s usually armored outfit is gone and has been replaced with the Dangai Joue in its stead. I also want to point out that the horns look the same as Ichigo’s Hollow. It seems the shape is not that unique.

I wonder if Komamura’s Bankai can take Bambietta’s attacks. This man has become a lot more interesting this week.



4 Responses

  1. @pretend3r. It was great seeing one of the re-tooled, get the best of one of he Quincies in a most surprising manner. I can’t wait until we experienced the remainder of the captains of change.

  2. What I really loved about this chapter was how TK pretty much got into my mind as a reader with the way he revealed Komamura human form. I was thinking the same as Bambietta when she wanted to see what was under the helmet. The fact that she was making references to Komamura being “doggy like” made me wonder what TK had planned for Komamura and I didn’t think he would make him human. That was a brilliant reveal on TK’s part.

    If one thing I can say for TK as a artist, is he really cares a great deal for character development as he is careful on how he develops them. That alone makes bleach a interesting manga.

    @aleriecorbray: I agree 110%!! To be honest, I’m really waiting on a re-tooled Byakuya. I’m also waiting to see how strong Ishida is, will TK make Aizen apart of the plot again, if we will see Kisuke, the fullbringers, Yoruichi, the sword person in Heuco Mundo fight, I’m pretty much waiting on a lot of things! LOL!

    @pretend3r: I love the review. You pointed out somethings that I didn’t even see like Komamura big left arm (I was stuck on his face.) Then when I finished reading the chapter was thinking, “the only thing I didn’t like was the fact that TK didn’t show any hollowfied part of Komamura,” only for you to point it out with Komamura bankai. Awesome indeed!

  3. what i cant stop thinking about is what is the price he has had to pay for this new power, i mean yaa he clawed out his own heart for that sadistic old timers pleasure, but will this affect him in the long run. will this be like his FGT and lose his powers in the end or sumn????? i certainly do hope there is a more serious price to pay!

    on the aizen issue, um actually surprised kyoraku hasn’t called for his release yet. i mean he seems like the kind of guy..after all he unleashed 2 kenpachis on each other for a death match! aizen should have a role in this fight, no he will have a role. the guy z just tooo badass for tite to ignore! and i think ishida is waiting for ichi to arrive, god i hope i live to see that fight!!!
    nice review btw.

  4. I really like Doggy’s new style but I worry about his well being. So at page 16 we find out from the big saintbernard that by casting aside the sains of the clan, they can revert back to their human form, but in order to do so they have to put their heart on a plate. So doggy turns back into human and he receives a power boost (but saintbernard said that the transformation is temporary). So question, when the transformation runs out, will he turn back into a doggy, or perhaps by taking his heart out of his body he will lose his life (chromo i thought at FGT too, but maybe in this case the price is higher, resulting in the death of the user, maybe something like the Shinigami justsu from Naruto).
    About doggy’s new bankai, I don’t know if this is the holowed version, because in a way Komamura by transforming he, took off a layer of fur that was covering the real him. So when we see the bankai, we can clearly see the armour breaking down and falling. So maybe this was what was underneath the metal.

    P.S. i like the mustache the bankai has

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