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Its Out!!!

One Piece Chapter

blue__aokiji_by_jeannette11-d5wbc86Naruto Chapter

kisame_hoshigaki_and_itachi_uchiha_by_pieru_kun-d4rnljrBleach Chapter



23 Responses

  1. @Jdogg: Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

  2. It was this month of last year that Tobi revealed himself to be obito uchiha, thus marked the beginning of his downfall, popularity and plan wise. Those were the good old days, when he still had his Mask and was actually a decent bad guy.

    And to any Mass Effect fans like myself: HAPPY N7 DAY!!! (^_^)

  3. Hot chapters this week!

    One Piece – Doflamingo is something else! Gotta rank as one of the most diabolical villains in manga history! Lol, he “pulls the strings” a la Aizen? Will be good to see King Riku regain the trust of the people (and Rebecca become Queen after he sacrifices himself?)

    Bleach – oh laaawd! Werewolf Shinigami!? Well worth the wait and Wolf Captain has gained lots of popularity points with me. Whatshisname needs to go Vaizard Bankai so we can see these two take on “The Explode”!

    Naruto – longest talk-no-jutsu ever hahaha, but now that it’s out of the way can we get on with it??? Where are the angry forum members, we need some spice maaaan!

  4. @Dartuchicha, sorry to say but you’re wrong. I remember Tobi revealing himself as obito between august and september if memory serves me correct 😉

  5. @zub obito was revealed around chapter 599 or 600… we r at 654 right now so that is about a years time so darth is right give or take a week

  6. actually correction u r correct zub lol. was thinking about another event not obitos reveal. It was around late august

  7. Bah, close enough. I took a break from this site and the manga around that time anyway due to vigorous training so my timeline’s a bit off.

    But yea, now that obito has been stripped of the ten tails chakra, rather forcibly, wouldn’t he die like the others? Or maybe he’ll be rendered to the point that he can’t mold chakra or use any jutsu anymore. And what the hell is madara gonna do? As powerful as he is, now that obito may be permenately neutrilized he is the ONLY bad guy left (not counting possibly orochimaru or sasuke, I’m still not convinced either of them will be parrying with the ninjas alliance just yet, if at all). Without the ten tails power I don’t think even he will last very long now.

    An where’s my naruto vs. Sasuke fight? It better not be at no fucking chunin exams….

  8. Naruto- Naruto was pure junk this week. What I hated about this chapter was…..Rin. How come this side of Rin wasn’t revealed until now? Did Obito simply forget about Rin’s friendship with him? If this was revealed in the beginning, I could have possibly had empathize with Obito a little more but instead in the beginning Rin was shown as Obito’s teammate/associate who was in love with Kakashi. (Similar to Sakura on team 7).

    Also it is just wayyyyy to convenient that the tailed beast are just sitting there waiting to get sucked in by Madara. However, now that Obito is reformed via talk-no-jutsu, I’m pretty sure he will help come up with a way to stop him that will involve him sacrificing himself. One thing that comes to mind is, he could use his MS to transport the tailed beast to another dimension temporarily until they stop Madara.

    The good thing about this chapter is, at least the alliance did something…….

    Bleach-pretend3r review is out so I will post my comments later. All I can say is I agree with Tawuya and Corbray….WOW indeed!!

    One piece- I didn’t think Donflamingo could control someone from a distance like that! But considering how he sliced that building when he was fighting Sanji…well…I guess he could do the same with controlling people. Don is one crazy dude.

  9. Obito backstory very scattered. His emotions in the present is oddly disconnected from his past. Why Tobi never thought about Rin? Then, without the mask, suddenly Rin’s the only object of his obsession?

    How did Obito survive a Bijuu extraction? Any other jinchurriki like a Senju or Uzumaki would’ve have died from one. On the contrary, Obito suddenly have mastered the art of Bulls$@t?

    How did Obito control his bijuu and became a Jinchurriki a day times table? It took killer bee and Naruto 16+ years to master their bijuus. And their are still others that spent a lifetime of never being able control their bijuu’s power. While, Obito is somehow the equivalent of the sage of the six paths?

    Kishi’s making the idea of becoming a hokage and sage out as a joke.

  10. So we finally in agreement that Naruto is shit or are we still pretending it’s good?

  11. @kisuzachi – Naruto is awesome 😐

  12. @kisu

    Thus Obito story is getting all too predictable. He’s a pretty terrible villan, If you can really call him that.

  13. This*

  14. If the manga is still going on by next year I’ll make my third post in the “Top Fails of the War Arc” series I started last year.

  15. Sadly it’s been quite some time since naruto has been good… The war arc has been slow, Edo summons have made previously cool characters ( like hanzo, seven swordsman) look worse than their reputations etc. Obito being Tobi was the icing on the horrible cake that is currently naruto. Kishi is dragging out a arc that could easily have been condensed into fewer chapters…. We just had two chapters that literally provided nothing of substance and had a outcome that was predicated by most fans. To this point naruto has been a bad disappointment

  16. All, Bleach is out and we have a hole in the chest of one of the captains, and his heart is missing!!!!!

  17. @kisuzachi- I don’t think Naruto itself is a bad manga but the “war arc” is horrible. If Kish would just end this arc quickly, do a time skip, and then return to what made Naruto awesome in the first place, then he could possibly salvage the manga. However if he continues down this path and end the manga with this arc, then I think the manga as a whole would suffer greatly; even to the point where it would not be remembered once it ends.

  18. By the way I didn’t anybody do it yet, but the new stuff is out.



    One piece:

    I won’t get a chance to read them tonight so I will give my two cents later. Peace out Shannaroids!!

  19. Aww crud! The links I provided for the new chapters starts on page number two. My bad….

  20. Bleach – ooohhh Tite stowp it! Absolutely incredible chapter this takes it to new heights, I haven’t been this tickled since the Kenpachi versus Kenpachi debacle!

    One Piece – masterful storytelling, Oda deserves all the unscheduled breaks he takes hehehe

    Naruto – … Did Naruto just leave the tailed beasts unattended in the parking lot of the mall while chaos reigns??? Please don’t do a Dragonball-esque Spirit Bomb! Or if you do, let if fail and let’s see some proper one on one ninja fighting…

  21. Where is our guy Tensa? He’s been missing on the comments for quite a few chapters now.

  22. Naruto- Before I begin my rant for this chapter I do want to give props to the arguably the ONLY shinobi left in the series, Kakashi Hatake. True to the heart of the shinobi, Kakashi appeared ready to deal the death blow (kunai style at that) to his once friend Obito. And even though he was stopped by Minato (sigh), he still manage to give a cool, realistic, talk no jutsu to Obito. I liked what he said simply because it was realistic. So again hats goes off….I mean a head band goes off to Kakashi Hatake!

    Now for my rant.

    Sigh. Why oh why is the leaf village so kind to the people who betrays them? They act sooooooo surprised that a ninja from their village goes rogue like it shouldn’t happen. I would get if they treated all ninja this way but noooo when it comes to other villages, they show no mercy. The thing is, each and every time this happens, a lot of people suffer in the process.

    While I was reading the chapter, my mind fell on the alliance. I was thinking to myself after yellow flashed spared Obito if I was a member of another village I would be like, “why are they sparing someone who caused some much destruction on a global scale?” Who do the leaf think they are when they spared a person from their village who cause some much death?” If it was ANY OTHER VILLAGE, I will guarantee that person would have been dealt with even if a member from the leaf village would have did the blow then justified it.

    So after saying all that, it’s official, I HATE THE LEAF. (Save Kakashi and maybe a few others.)

    Oh I also like to add that I’m glad Kish is taking a hiatus. Hopefully he can come back with some super awesome material like back in the day.

    One piece- It will be interesting to see how the strawhats, toy story, and those faries…I mean dwarves deal with Donflamingo. I really doubt Bellamy will do anything to Luffy. Last time Bellamy received a highlight reel knockout when he tried to face Luffy.

    @UchihaTheInfamous: Yeah I miss Tensa. His comments were real and funny. I think his last post he was complaining about the Rasengan (I don’t blame him) or I think he was talking about how sexy the weather was where he was.

  23. @immortal

    I think you sre right about what tensa was saying last. Maybe he is relaxing on some exotic beach, lol.

    I agree with all you said about the last chapter. It’s just so touchy feely right now, that I don’t know what’s going on….war or the beginning of an episode of Barney and Friends.

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