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Bleach Chapter 555: The Hero

Chapter 555: The Hero
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After a while we finally get a glimpse of what has been going with Ichigo. After his new Zangetsu has been forged he has been training diligently with it.


Ichigo is all dressed up and everything. It doesn’t look like he had much issue with the tailoring skills of Zero squad member Senjumaru Shutara.

Ichigo is ready to head down again but quickly wonders where the tube he came in on has gone too. So he asks Tenjiro Kirinji how the heck his is supposed to get down again.

He has to take the scenic route. which must be the longest staircase ever… of all time.


I love TEnjiro’s face in that pic as he explains the deal to Ichigo. Telling him how long it will take. He hope Ichigo will flip out but the young man stays calm. Which kind of bums TEnjiro out.

Ichibei Hyosube comes walking in laughing loudly as he does. He then goes to tell casually and smiling brightly that Ichigo doesn’t have to bother to get back in time since the Quincy had started their attack three hours ago.

Ichigo eyes open wide and he quickly jump down the center of the stairs complaining to Ichibei why he didn’t say anything earlier. The elder basicly saying he didn’t have an opperunity seeing how he was still training.

Finally madam chef throws him a large ass rice-ball to eat when he gets hungry during the trip.

The Zero squad seem awfully uninterested in what is going on below. But they all acknowledge Ichigo has grown as a person. Ichigo calls Kisuke telling him of his situation. He ask Urahara to tell everyone else to please hold on till he gets there.

Ichigo has gotten smarter realizing that when urahara didn’t say anything about the situation it must e quite bad. He covers his face and speeds up his movements.


Bambietta has released her true power. Bambietta doesn’t respond to Shinji with words, she simply blows him up.

The other girls have all ran off together somewhere bantering to each other. Until one comments that it’s bad new when someone as strong and unstable as Bambietta releases her vollstandig.

Her strength alone would be more than enough to end this war.

I guess it’s about time for Shinji to put on his mask. Or for Zaraki to make his entrance. With all these powerfull enemies to play with, I am surprised he hasn’t show up yet. I guess the ride back up from their fighting ground takes a while.


7 Responses

  1. I understand from a military point of view why the zero squad wouldn’t be interested in what’s going on in SS (Since it’s the gotei 13 duty to protect SS while zero squad duty to protect the SK.) What I wonder is do they consider the quincies to be a threat? My theory is that I believe Yhwach will make his way to the SP to do battle the zero squad.

    You know what would be weird. What if Yhwach was Aizen in disguise? The entire time it was Aizen’s Banki at work. That would be crazy but honestly I doubt I would fully like it since Yhwach is making for a good villain so far. But just incase if on the rare instance that I am right, I wanted to put that out there.

    @pretend3r: Keep up the good work!

  2. I dont think it’s Aizen in disguise. Aizen wouldnt have a way into their realm. Also he doesnt have his zanpaktou to properly cast such an illusion. The best he managed todo was decieve Yhwach preception of time during that first attack.

  3. Nice review pretend3r! I’m very much looking forward to the next chapters!

    I am not quite sure about why the zero squad doesn’t want to attack the quincy directly. As Immortal stated, their duty is to guard the soul king, but wouldn’t it be way easier for them just to help the shinigami right now? I still don’t really trust the zero squad, they seem to have a different agenda…

    And no, I sure hope yhwach is not aizen in disguise. That would be a huge plottwist though, but I wouldn’t like it.

    One thing I would like to point out: What does everyone think about the design of Ichigo’s new clothes. More specifically: does anyone think the flower-pattern on Ichigo’s new outfit looks very similar to the pattern on Kyouraku’s robe? (new captain commander).

    My guess: Kyouraku has been to the soul palace before! I think that’s where he got his robe (kubo tite mentioned in an interview that there was a secret concerning kyouraku’s robe). Also: Kyouraku and Ukitake knew about the soul king, zero squad and soul palace and they were the ones that told Aizen. Although I’m not entirely sure Aizen really didn’t know at the time.

  4. @Gaviotero – agree, the Zero Squad seem to have a different agenda and it may have something to do with Aizen proclamation after his defeat about how Urahara can continue to conform knowing what’s really going on with the Soul King.

    As for Ichigo’s new threads; very nice and the inference about Kyouraku is very interesting! I think the size and design of ones clothes/robes has something to do with their strength level; so the layers are meant to suppress spiritual energy so the Shinigami doesn’t overwhelm everyone and everything around them…

  5. I think Aizen new this day would come and his attack on soul society was a preparation for the upcoming fight to show SS how weak they really are if they can’t even be upgraded hollows. Even the way the espadas changed forms and mimic’ed bankais was similar to what the quincy are doing. He’s the perfect candidate for anti-hero. And Ichigo has been his back up plan all alone. He only tested Ichigo to see how strong he got and to see if he would be able to beat the quincy king.

  6. *knew

  7. Pretend3r. Thanks for another great review.

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